pinkie ring!

the signs as summers

ARIES  ∞ the humid summer: heat slipping sticky hands down the slope of your thighs// sweat collecting in your collarbones // ponytails and shirts pulled down over sunburns 

TAURUS  ∞ the tepid summer: clouds coming to gather over the lakeside// cabins and campfires// grass sliding slow through idle fingers 

GEMINI  ∞ the stormy summer: thunder threatening to crack the world in two// rain pelting the pavement, droplets lingering, sweet, on the overhang of your bottom lip// bathing suits soaked through and the air heavy with petrichor 

CANCER  ∞ the sleepy summer: ladybugs drowsing in your hair// blanket forts and bedtime stories// the crackle of the bonfire leaking lazily through the trees

LEO  ∞ the nostalgic summer: counting the constellation of scratches the season left you// polaroids strung like fairy lights across every corner of your room// sun-kissed cheeks that glow until December

VIRGO  ∞ the stable summer: part-time jobs and parties that last until the sun peeks back up over the trees// fingers laced through yours; hands smoothing sunscreen over your shoulder blades// beach towels and Frisbees that arc like shooting stars over your head

LIBRA  ∞ the aesthetic summer: white linens and lace// sundresses sweeping the curvature of your ankles// a sky freckled with stars

SCORPIO  ∞ the brazen summer: plunging necklines and nights that stretch til morning// kicking firecrackers across empty street corners// festivals that thrum through your body like a second heartbeat

SAGITTARIUS  ∞ the springlike summer: daisy crowns looped over the crest of your forehead// the air heavy with the smell of hyacinths// the sun draping itself over you like a quilt 

CAPRICORN  ∞ the renewing summer: hair trims and catching trains// the tide sucking the sand out from beneath your toes// convertible rides and laughter that that gets whisked away by the wind 

AQUARIUS  ∞ the adventurous summer: broken rules and hopped fences// counting passports like money// adrenaline beating inside you like a third lung

PISCESthe spiritual summer: smoke rooms and music festivals// fingers lazily laced together// connecting the stars with Sharpie// pinky swears and promise rings

Lance sees himself as the little finger and dispensable, but the little finger is

  • where the red thread/string of fate is popularly believed to be tied to
  • the finger used for making promises that must never be broken (”pinky swear/promise”)
  • the finger where most rings indicating affiliations to groups or circles are historically worn (pinky/signet rings)
  • (tw: mutilation) the finger yakuza cut off (yubitsume) to show repentance/atonement to their group for doing something wrong (breaking a promise made through “pinky swears/promises”—yubikiri—meant cutting off your pinky as well)
  • (tw: injury) the finger that’s often overlooked but could cost your hand 50% of its strength when lost (you will literally not be able to grip properly if it’s so much as injured)

The little finger is the finger of bonds, loyalty, and support.


Cairo’s homosexuality posed one of the biggest obstacles to securing overall approval of the picture. Hammett didn’t mince words in the novel. “This guy is queer,” says Sam Spade’s secretary as she hands him an engraved card bearing his name - Mr Joel Cairo. He speaks in a “high-pitched thin voice,” carries “gaily colored silk handkerchiefs fragrant of chypre,” and walks in “mincing, bobbing steps.” … Hal Wallis realised that American audiences - not to mention the Hays Office - were not ready for a candid look at homosexuality, which traditionally drew laughs and jeers out front. 

After seeing Lorre’s first day’s work, Wallis dashed off a memo to Huston: “Don’t try and get a nancy quality into him, because if you do we will have trouble with the picture.” Huston bent to Breen’s will. In the scene, Effie presents Cairo’s calling card to a bemused Spade, who holds it to his nose.

“Gardenia,” says Effie.

“Quick, darling, in with him,” replies Spade.

The rest Huston left to Lorre’s subtlety and the viewer’s imagination.

The svelte 137-pound Lorre who stepped before the camera seemed younger, fitter, swifter. More was asked of him and he asked more of himself. The role was the best of its kind to come his way in years and Lorre knew it.

“I’d often shoot a scene with Peter and find it quite satisfactory, nothing more,” recalled Huston - 

But then I would see it on the screen in rushes and discover it to be far better than what I had perceived on the set. Some subtlety of expression was seen by the camera and recorded by the microphone that the naked eye and ear did not get. He’d be doing little things that the camera close on him would pick up that standing a few feet away you wouldn’t see. It was underplaying; it was a play that you would see if you were close to him, as a close-up, as a camera is close. Things would flicker there and burn up slightly, like a lamp, and then dim down, and come on again. You’re watching something as if it were in motion.

from The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre -Stephen D Youngkin

Conditioned (Part 4)

(Tae wonders if he’ll ever get to experience the things you do with the men you date, only to be surprised by what he gets.)

Warning: 12,400 words of sex stuff, sub!Tae, female dom, aural voyeurism, tease and denial, or something like that

After a month of hard work on a critical project, the head of Tae’s department invited the entire team out to eat and drink on the company’s tab.  Tae enjoyed these outings, partially because he liked socializing with his coworkers and partially because he liked eating for free.  His boss was the son of the company’s owner and liked to be a show-off with his money.  He always chose places that served the highest quality meat and drink.  They were already well into the evening and Tae had happily gorged himself on hanwoo beef and upscale soju, while chatting with his work friends.

“Are you even listening to me?” Tae was frustrated from having to continuously repeat himself to his friend, Hoseok.  “You keep looking over my shoulder while I’m talking to you.  Is there something going on behind me?”  Tae started to turn his head to see what it was that had Hoseok so distracted.  

“No, stop!  You are going to make it too obvious and they’ll notice me looking at them!” Hoseok waved at Tae to lean in across the table so they could speak privately.  “I’ve been watching this couple behind you.  Something seemed odd about them and I’ve been trying to figure it out.  I think she’s giving him a hand-job under the table.”

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Takaba as a cat...

Following mangakas on Twitter can be an entertaining thing at times because sometimes you get to see what inspires them or what they create while they’re just bored or doodling.. Yamane Ayano sensei is no exception and this time it’s all about cats - which is no surprise considering that she’s always posting pictures of her beloved neko-chans.. 

So, this was the inspiration. A retweet about the origin of organized crime boss cats. We know all too well that a cat is the popular choice of pet for any aspiring crime boss:

I suppose this got her to thinking about her own organized crime boss - Asami Ryuichi-sama! Of course, being a crime boss himself, why not have Asami pose with his own cat? The result - a very sultry-looking Asami with a cat.. complete with pinkie ring for effect! But something wasn’t quite right, which left her wondering “Hmm?”


I’m sure it was then that she realised that rather than having an actual cat, Asami already has a pet of his own! None other than that koneko-chan Takaba - complete with cat ears and a tail! Haha! She knew this was the perfect match since her response with this tweet was “This one!” And I guess it makes perfect sense since Takaba is the neko in this relationship, with Asami being the tachi!


It’s nice when mangakas have fun with their creations and it’s even better when they share it with us! And I’m sure Asami would have no problem keeping this particular cat with him forever…


Fuck Away the Pain

Originally posted by luhan-vevo

A/N:…I don’t know why I keep writing smut. I- I can’t control myself.

Warnings: Cheating, Rough(ish) sex, Thigh riding, (Light)Choking, Dirty talk, Orgasm Denial, Cumplay, ya know, the typical stuff

~Admin Allie

Two forty-nine,” was all you said under your breath when you realized that Sehun hadn’t come home. You just knew he was with her, the person he called his business partner. But it was so obvious that she was more than that. The way they exchanged smirks over business dinners or greeted one another “unexpectedly” while you two were on a date always seemed so off. You would have given Sehun props if he had managed to keep it on the low, but he managed to think that you were actually that fucking dumb.  

You picked up your phone and dialed her number. He had the nerve to tell you that you should become friends with her. The closer you got to her, the more she smelled like a homewrecker that was out for the man you no longer claimed for yourself.

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The Significance of Rings

Rings add weight to the area of life that the finger represents, or could reveal imbalances. A ring placed with intent can enhance areas of your life. This can be strengthened by rings with corresponding crystals. When a ring is worn unconsciously, it more likely refers to the negative trait or imbalance that corresponds with that finger.

Left hand:
Corresponds to your personal and private life. Connected to family and personal identity or internal issues. Your left hand reflects the energy you take in.

Right hand:
Relates to your public life. Connected to work and your relation to society. Your right hand reflects the energy you give out.

Middle Finger
Considered the finger of cultural identity. It reflects how you related to justice, law, order, and responsibility. Can also signify inner security or materialism.
Consciously placed ring: Reduce anxiety, improve stability, desire for self-development.
Unconsciously placed ring: domestic unhappiness, insecurities, judgmental, lack of security.
Crystals: garnet, onyx, agate, topaz, tiger’s eye, jade.

Index Finger
Considered the finger of personal identity, how you relate to and see yourself. Associated with leadership, ambition, and self-confidence.
Consciously placed ring: Boost self-esteem, increase authority, improve confidence.
Unconsciously placed ring: Damaged self-esteem, feeling not good enough, feeling better than others, controlling personality.
Crystals: tourmaline, lapis lazuli, peridot, opal, emerald.

Ring Finger
Represents your extra-personal identity and self-expression. It represents creativity and love of beauty. If it’s a wedding ring or engagement ring, it represents success in finding a mate. But if bought by the wearer it can represent self-love.
Consciously placed ring: Strengthen creativity, express friendliness, improve aesthetic awareness.
Unconsciously placed ring: Creative frustration, concern with image, desire to be liked.
Crystals: garnet, ruby, pink tourmaline, diamond.

Little Finger
Considered the finger of impersonal identity. It reflects communication and sexuality. Also represents confidence in relationships and strength.
Consciously placed ring: Improve communication, express sexuality/sexual identity, gain confidence in regards to relationships.
Unconsciously placed ring: Poor communication, lies, difficulty with sexuality/sexual identity
Crystals: blue topaz, sapphire, aquamarine.

Your thumb symbolizes your spiritual identity. It relates to your will power, determination, and application of personal energy. It also reflects your ability to reason and apply logic. As the thumb is separate from the rest of the fingers, and a very useful finger, it also represents strength, independent thought, and freedom.
Consciously placed ring: Boost energy level, increase will power/motivation, provide comfort, increase reasoning, increase personal strength and independence.
Unconsciously placed ring: lack of energy, feeling powerless, lack of control, poor reasoning, feeling trapped, stubborn/stuck in own way, need for control, aggressive/forceful
Crystals: moonstone, diamond, amethyst.

Rings on all/many fingers
This can indicate a negative circumstance that you are being faced with. It shows a likely lack of feeling safe or secure in your world, and that your putting on a front. It can also signify avoidance to deal with issues affecting your life.


Tom Holland x Reader (Includes Zendaya and Harrison)

Word Count: 3050ish

Warnings: Suggestive themes because of the song, light cursing, Blushy!Tom, some dirty jokes, the movie Get Out spoilers

Lyrics from:   Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

                       Beyoncé – Partition

A/N: I decided to get off my lazy but and write this for @wingsanddarkness because they requested this a while ago right when my writer’s block hit. This is way longer than it should be

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Sign Language and Shatt

-Matt is hard of hearing and Shiro is willing to learn ASL so they spend the months to Kerberos learning signs

-Sam also is HOH and helps with the learning, but he lets Matt have his fun

-(this backfires bc sometimes Matt will teach Shiro the wrong signs just to fuck with him)

-Matt can read lips so he makes a great teacher

-when they met matt was too distracted by shiro’s General Everything to focus on processing words and just weakly signed HANDSOME (rub a hand on one side of the face and then the other)

-(shiro: do i have something on my face?)

-it takes a little while, but Shiro finally learns enough to communicate

-The first time Shiro really uses ASL is on a mission with Pidge

-Shiro and Pidge are stealth mode and Shiro tries to sign directions to Pidge

-This backfires when Pidge realizes Matt taught Shiro some wrong words and that Shiro accidentally signed some curse words instead of actual words

-She fixed his vocabulary later

-when they reunite matt is injured and Dying and sees shiro and just weakly signs HANDSOME

-they get matt into a healing pod and shiro over-analyzes everything and yet somehow does not come to the conclusion that matt thinks he’s handsome

-Lance knows some Cuban Sign Language and when matt finds out he makes lance teach him

-keith and shiro, watching: wow our crushes are so smart
lance and matt, signing: wow our crushes are so cute

-lance: hey buddy if you keep rubbing your face like that you’ll get acne
pidge: that’s the sign for handsome
shiro and matt: (blush)

-pretty much everyone on the castle learns at least a little but not all of them are very good

-allura would rather have a hologram monster maul her than sign camping 27 times

Bonus! -Shiro’s sign for Matt is his hand moving around his face in a grabbing motion (the sign BEAUTIFUL) but with his hand formed in a fist  with his thumb in his hand and poking out between his pinkie and ring finger (the sign for M aka Matt) followed by his index and middle finger pressed together, resting on his nose after he finishes BEAUTIFUL, and moving from the tip of his nose to the top (the sign NERD)

-Matt’s sign for Shiro is both hands resting on his chest, with his middle fingers pressed to his heart and shaping a heart (the sign for a cartoon-y heart) and then the hands move more towards his shoulders and move outwards into fists (the sign STRONG)

-alternately, both will refer to the other with their hands flat, fingers pressed together, the pointer facing their chins, and waving it outwards away from the chin (the sign for BITCH :P)

(I’m not deaf (yet, I’m losing my hearing and will be partially if not completely deaf by 30) but I’m learning ASL and deaf culture and would love to hear anyone else’s input on this! Also I asked a couple HOH people about this, so don’t worry, I’ve done my research)

Stop being so cute

Request: #42 from the Drabble challenge
Summary: You’ve been stressing over your school work lately and Peter just wants to see you smile again.
It felt like all of your teachers had come together and plotted that they want you to fail all of your courses, so they bombarded you with ridiculous amounts of work just one week away from exams.
You refused to lose sleep over any school work so your time at home didn’t feel long enough to complete any of it. You had resorted to spending every spare second at school to work on them all. With only one assignment completed, you felt so done. You were super exhausted from the stress that was eating away at your spine.
Peter felt guilty, he felt the need to help since he could see the toll all this work was taking on you. And because the two of you were inseparable, he’d come to your house every day after school. Numerous efforts were made by Peter to convince you that you needed a break, but numerous times, you turned them down. He’s even offered to do some work for you, but you needed to do the work yourself so that you’d understand it all and wouldn’t feel like you cheated by having some one else do the work.
So there the two of you sat in your room, Peter sprawled out on your bed, and you with your head in your hands at your desk looking over the many papers covering every square inch of the wooden table. Your shadow was casted upon Peter, your body blocking him from the light radiating off your lamp placed next to you.
You let out an exhausted sigh, catching Peters attention. He dropped his phone on his chest and glanced over to you with one arm propped under his head. He gazed slowly at your lips, catching on to how they’d perk every few moments, and how your tongue slipped out over them on occasion. Next he trailed up to your nose. Your nose was by far his favorite, he loved the reaction he’d get out of you whenever he would bop it. Something about the way your features lit up every time made him feel giddy inside. His eyes leaped up to yours. It didn’t matter that your y/e/c were glued and concentrated on the pages before you, they still held him captive. Every time he looked at them, he couldn’t look away, not without a struggle. He wouldn’t mind getting lost in them everyday all day for the rest of his life. Your eyebrows twitched into a scrunch, moving them closer together then apart again. His gaze traced over every crinkle on your forehead, memorizing each of them. Loose strands of y/h/c tumbled onto your forehead escaping from the messy bun that was placed strategically upon your head, were illuminated by the light shining behind them, making your hair color seem a few more shades lighter than natural.
Peter breathed in happily retracing all your features with his irises not skipping over any of them. The corners of his mouth unconsciously lifted into a subtle smile, creasing the corner of his eyes as well. He took this silent opportunity to tell you: “Stop being so cute,” and he half heartedly meant it too. His body couldn’t take it all. You had this wild effect on him that he couldn’t hide. He’ll never be able to decide whether he loves it or hates it.
Slightly confused by his sudden break of silence you replied without taking your eyes off your chemistry assignment, “What?”
His smile grew a little bit, he thought of this to be the perfect time to get you to think of anything else but your school work, “Stop being so cute y/n, like-just stop whatever it is you’re doing and just- stop it,”
“Peter..” You responded cautiously, while lifting your eyebrows slightly. Your tone of voice letting him know that whatever he’s up to now isn’t the time.
“Oh gosh don’t even lift your eyebrows at me. Nope. I can’t do it.”
You shook your head biting your lip to stop the smile that wanted to take over your lips.
“Don’t even smile y/n. You have to stay serious. Don’t even think about breaking your rock solid concentration.”
“Peter what are you doing?” You asked stealing a glance at him catching the proud grin he was sporting, knowing that whatever he was doing, he had won. You let the smallest giggle fall out of your mouth not having any control over it.
Throwing his hands up to his face, Peter covered as much of it as he could and exasperated every word he spoke, “Oh no, not a giggle. Oh now you’ve done it. You’ve taken my breath away, oh my poor heart. I hope you’re happy with yourself y/n I really do.” He peaked an eye through one of the cracks between his ring and pinky finger to capture your features that were growing happy.
Not bothering to hold back anymore, giggles were leaving your lips as you watched your boyfriend act like a fool as per-usual, “What are you doing Peter?” You asked taking a seat next to his body that laid over your bed.
“Struggling to breath. It’s 100% because of you. No joke.” He spoke underneath his hands that were still blocking you from seeing his face.
“Would it be better if I just left?” You asked teasingly,
“Honestly I think it might,”
Smirking, you stood up and began making your way to your bedroom door. Shortly after two steps you heard the familiar spur of a web shooter. Feeling a tug on your hip, you tumbled back over to the bed and fell on top of Peter. His arms your wrapped tightly around your torso squishing you against his chest, with your legs on either side of him.
“You know I didn’t really mean all that stuff right? Like I was just teasing, please keep being cute, and smile. I was just trying to get you to smile,” he sputtered with a hint of worry in his voice, he wasn’t sure if he’d hurt you but he wanted you to know he was sorry,
“I know Peter. I’m not gonna be mad at you for complimenting me in your own weird way.”
“So did it work? Do you feel better?” He questioned loosen his hold slightly and tilting his head down to look at you.
Sitting up to look him in the eyes, you lowered yourself back down, your face inches from his. Your fingers gently twirled a piece of his curly locks above his forehead, “You always make me feel better Peter, no one else can ever make me smile like you do,” you whispered delicately.
His eyes flickered from yours, down to your lips, then back up again repeating the process. Slowly, you began to lean in. Once you felt his warm breath against your lips, he whispered, “Stop being so cute,”