pinkie pie party

ask-purple-power-ranger-pony  asked:

Today is my birthday, But I told Pinkie Pie no Parties, Because I won't demorph and eat Chocolate Cake. Do you think I should have a normal birthday with friends? Instead of having one alone?

Well, you can have a normal birthday with friends, I mean I usually have a birthday with my parents back in Canterlot and still enjoy the birthday moment.
*He thinks: “A power ranger pony that won’t demorph to eat a cake? That’s wierd since the helmet can be designed to only demorph the part where the mouth is.”*

She is a party/wedding planner who throws the most elegant balls and celebrations. She makes & decorates the desserts for them too. High class but in an inviting way.

Parties can be a little overwhelming, sometimes, but Pinkie always makes sure there are plenty of soft places to curl up and little things to stim with, so all of her friends can have a good time.