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All the girls were shocked to hear this…well, except for Keira of course. She already knew that.
Rainbow Dash: You mean that snaggle-toothed snake had Keira’s element before? How and why?

Keira: Rainbow Dash. Never mind how Discord got it. Just know that he was almost part of the Elements of Harmony. And speaking of Elements,Twilight’s right. If this problem is going to get solved, it’s the only way.

Applejack: We getcha, sugar cube. It’s just going to be hard giving up a symbol of our friendship so easily.

Twilight: But you said it yourself, Applejack. Friendship isn’t just about having the elements. We all know our element without crown or necklaces. We will always be the embodiment of our Element. Nothing will ever separate us so long as the Elements keep us together. Not physically, but in our hearts. That can never be taken away from us, no matter what.

Rarity: She does have a point. We’ve had so many adventures and learned so many things, even without our Elements.
Fluttershy: We’ve learned to stay true to ourselves, no matter what.
Rainbow: We’ve always been there for each other when we needed it most and we didn’t need the Elements then either.

Pinkie: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get rid of these plants and save a tree!


Applejack: “Ah admit that ah was just a bit cautious at first… But Pinkie and Twi seem happy together, so who am ah ta say no to ‘em? Plus, it’s nice ta have some friendly competition in eatin’ contests!~”

Rainbow Dash: “Oh, Pinkie and Twilight? Well, Twilight wasn’t exactly the best athlete to begin with, but she and Pinkie seem okay with it. And hey, I could always use Twilight as a weight for exercising.”

Rarity: “Aren’t they simply marvelous together? Such a breathtaking image of a young couple happily in love~ I certainly get a lot of tailoring and sewing done between their wardrobes!”

Fluttershy: “…They’re certainly nice to go out to dinner with…~”