pinkie pie 4th wall

Huh? How long have you been there?”


Just a fast doodle of Pint Pony practice I did on a whim. I didn’t have much of a plan for it but I guess it developed into me playing around with Pinkie’s ability to break the forth wall. I know she does it in the show, but for all of her 4th-Wall breaking, I’m almost surprised the dev team didn’t have her wink at the audience at some point or even directly talk to them, as in addressing them instead of talking at them. I thought it’d be a cute idea, so I decided to throw this in photoshop and make most of the image transparent, with her placing her hoof on… whatever could constitute as the screen to the 4th wall, I guess?

I dunno, but I like how she came out. I hope you do too! :3