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Teach a Mann to Fish

Father’s day sucked. It always had.

While Scout’s classmates were busy talking about the gifts they had gotten and the events they had planned for their dads, Scout had been busy making up stories about where and who his father was.

He was a fisherman out who was going to catch a whole whale all by himself” He had said in third grade.

“He was a scientist that was trying to bring back dinosaurs” He had said in fourth grade.

He was an athlete training for the Olympics in secret” He had said in fifth grade.

“He was just a little busy and he’d be back really really soon,” He had said in sixth grade.

And by seventh grade he had stopped trying.

He hated this day. What was it good for anyway? You didn’t get the day off from anything because of it. All it was there to do was remind people that didn’t have father’s right in their lives how much it hurt.  Why couldn’t it have been just another normal day?

Father’s day sucked on ice.

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