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tagged by: @olympiccrying
sign: Libra
height: 5′3″
last thing googled: “Where Did You Get That Hat?”
favorite music artist: DAVID BOWIE, also the Beatles, etc etc
last TV show watched: Red Dwarf 
what am I wearing right now: a pastel pinky-grey jumpsuit and sweater
when did I create my blog: April 2011
what kind of stuff do I post about: everything…Sherlock Holmes, Red Dwarf, Newmann, Bowie, soooo many things
do I have any other blogs: @newmannheadcanons, @drrichardclarkson, @egonsquadawesomeness, @seatownpublishing
do I get asks regularly: somewhat…often anons asking if I’m ok
why did I choose my url: I wanted one of those “Miss-something” I’m misanthropic but I love people too…a walking conundrum 
gender: a woman  
pokemon team: I accidentally chose team valor cause I didn’t know you couldn’t change it
favorite colors: pastel yellow and black…also navy blue
average hours of sleep: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
favorite characters: Hermann Gottlieb, Mina Harker, Milton’s Satan, Christopher Tietjens
dream job: Novelist and uni professor 

I TAG: @jamieaiken919, @starbug1988, @thislady, @gryffinewt, @virginia-woolf-is-my-wife, @crabbymcfanmer and anyone else who doesn’t usually get these things


soap and glory primer: 8
ud naked brush: 23
nyx contour palette: 18
loreal lip gloss: 6.99
house of Fraser mirror: 12.80
ud vice lipstick: 15
nyx liner: 12
uo ribbon hair bands: 4 each, 8
uo hair bands: 6
uo card with cassette: 7
uo glass cat mug: 10
uo black lace body: 15
uo pinky-orange body: 10
uo grey sleep body: 22
uo white top: 8

total: £181.79 // $245


Ocean Blue. Okay, so if you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been kind of obsessed with these blue gradient/glitter overlay nails and this post is just another testament. I kept the colors consistent to unify these mixed prints and not make them too overwhelming for Rachel, who was a nail art virgin. I’m so proud of her for trying! I hope you like your nails, Rachel! I know I love it! ;)