i can’t believe these last few days were real like,,,

  • louis’ selfie with the twins
  • louis’ spicy food eating contest with daisy
  • louis being with his family in general
  • harry finishing filming
  • harry’s fan video
  • harry in pink
  • he’S GAY, PETRA

so blessed. so moved. so grateful. cant believe this is my life. never going to take it for granted. always going to give back. thank you.


WINDS OF PLAGUE - The Impaler. Taken from the album “Decimate the Weak”, Century Media Records, 2008


2013 pink (first drawing of him) and late 2014 pink

He had more interesting facial features back then even tho he looks like He’s eaten 1000 lemons, but I’ve fallen in love with Pinks new, softer features (and personnality) I SUCK AT KEEPING SHARP LOOKING GUYS LOOKING…SHARP

On Wednesdays we wear pink

There’s a story to this… Back in the day startswithhope posted this beautiful piece of domestic CS fluff in 99 words 

And these were my tags: oh baby  i loved it but there has to be a part 2 where she actually tells him a shameful secret can we make it something terribly domestic and overload cute like i don’t like to iron my shirts or i have to use pink lace panties on wednesdays or something utterly ridiculous that he can tease her over and over and i swear i cannot stop 

This lead to the “You have to write me a pink panties on Wednesdays story”, which she never did… and I know I was not the only one asking. (some anons were very interested on that story :P)

So once again love… this is what happens when you deny me stuff... I have to go write them. And after our talk today, beneath the cut is what happened. Once again, all your fault.

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