Round Up for January 18th

Just a quick note. Lots of good stuff posted this week. Looking forward to next installments on several.


cazasow posted After Sway part 2.6, part 2.7, part 2.8, Moving Beyond – Interlude in 5 Parts,

Moving Beyond – St Maarten

chaksforever posted this for her anon part 9.5, part 10

chaksforever posted Right Place – Wrong Time

dragonturgy posted Her Rhythm

iceandwood posted Thick of It (on AO3)part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

pinkcupcake81 posted Rebel Without A Cause part 3

thisismaksyl posted Life Next Door part 5


ultragreakyfangirl posted Popcorn

The "Please Forgive Me" Roundup (June 18-26)

Sorry for the lateness of this roundup. I had some things come up and needed some time to deal with them.  In truth mrs-meryl-chmerkovskiy had a lot of it done for me a couple days ago, so really all credit goes to Sage for this one.

I know this is a lot to take in (93 in total if I counted right), but it really is worth it to dive in and find the ones you may have missed. I’ve just read through all of them and there isn’t a bad one in the bunch.

Just a quick parting note. You know I love all of you, but could we try to be a little bit nicer when leaving me messages? I know you’re frustrated with the lack of roundups, I am too, but coming back on to see some of those messages is a little disheartening. So maybe just tone it down a little bit, and I’ll do my best to update more often. Deal?

Love to the fam. <3

Round Up...August 1-31 (Finally!)

Well, it took me a lot longer than I ever expected…to even get started. It won’t be nearly as hard next time…I know more of what I am doing. If I missed your fics, please let me know and I will add them to the next edition (hope to do this every day or so…weekly, at least). Also, if you tag yourself on all of your fics, please send me a message and let me know what tag to search for. Enjoy! (WARNING: I just realized that I didn’t mark which stories were smut. I will do that next time. For now, open carefully!)

pinkcupcake81 posted Two Halves of a Whole, chapter 7 here (links to all previous chapters are here, as well)

irish1812dollface posted Online Shopping,

iceandwood posted Three, There, Like-Us, Promise, Tomorrow,

livelifeskating posted For_Now (all parts are on this page)

infinite-reciprocity posted Forever,

laceyeb posted a lot! She put all of her fics together (thank you!). If you go here, you will find them. The first 35 are her most recent.

Simoneandmeryl posted Maks Meets The Boyfriend

dragonturgy posted Fifteen Minutes

queen-meryl-davis posted Breakfast in Michigan, Ambrosia, My Everything and Halloween

melimelrockswell1204 posted drabbles here, here, here, here, here, here, here,

meryl-chmerkovskiy posted Before (a companion to You Again)

emmygrace2014 posted Water

loveisthewordhateisthebomb posted An Italian Adventure, chapter 4 here (links to all previous chapters are on this page)

youarefedorable posted a drabble

4always7caskett posted Too Much, First Day and Puppy Love here, Condoms,

socialcyanide posted several more chapters of Unexpected, which you can find here

chaksforever posted a lot of good things. You can find them here

sailorsugarcoatedpeach posted I’ll Never Hurt You Again, Come What May, Don’t Grow Up Too FastMissed You, Markers, Shall We Dance Rehearsal Fic, Memories, Feeling-Better

Wow, a Roundup that is sort of on time! (June 10)

Well, it would have been more on time if it hadn’t taken me a couple hours to get it done. Anyway, let’s get to it!

Thank god I didn’t wait to make this a two-day roundup. You guys are machines. And 6 new writers today? Go show them some love fam.

Don’t forget to check the maksylprompts. We definitely need more of those filled.

Shamelessly plugging my Thank You giveaway.

Love to the fam. <3