Good morning all! I’m just betting that this’ll be another tiring day, but hopefully I’ll get to continue my Reign marathon after all that is done! In the mean time, here’s the #pinkbooks tag tagged by @paperfury, thank you! 😊💗📚👍🏻😍👏🏻📖

#bookstaBingo May•••


Hello bookstagram! I am SUPER EXHAUSTED after doing a lot of cleaning, plus giving baths to our five dogs, whew! They’re all sweet and adorable though so it’s fine 😊❤️🐶 Anyway I thought I’d do one of the prompts for @bookslayerreads’ photo challenge and I chose the prompt ‘Pink’ which is pretty obvious. I love how this little sea of pink books turned out! Also #pinkbooks tag tagged by @paperfury, thank you! 💗💗💗