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"Well... No? Did Momma Nightmare say ah wus?" Avenger is also confused, her expression mirroring the foal's.

“Well, no… Mom hasn’t really said anything about what a family is, but I read that your family is the ponies that love you. That would be Mom, Dad, you, and Uncle Starbuck…. maybe Moonlight and Lunar too, even if they’re stupid a lot of the time.”

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The supermare gently begins to brush Nightmare's starry magimane, with a lovely pink brush. She makes comforting sounds, not sure whether NMM can even feel this or not. "Y'all shoufh sleep." She says around the brushie-brush, her words muffled.

Nightmare Moon says nothing other than a vague ‘Mmmf’. It’s been far, far too long since she’s had a proper brushie, and a brushie from your special somepony is the best kind of brushie of all.

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"It'll be easier if yuh jus' kill me." She turns to leave. "This wus a stupid idea. Yuh cain' help me. Not with that bullshit."

Philemon steps aside, allowing her to leave.

“Well, if healing yourself is something you simply cannot accept, then maybe you’d like to help heal Nightmare Moon, instead. Maybe you should ask Nightmare Moon about a pony named Number One. She’ll know what you mean.”

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"Murderer. Foalphile. Crazy mare. Take ya pick, psychy." She smiles, proud of these badges.

Philemon chuckles.

“Trust me, I’ve treated worse. In any event, I suspect the murders you committed were an oblique attempt at suicide. As for your sexual proclivities, I suspect that you, yourself, are still a foal at heart.”

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Avenger remains standing. "It's 'bout feelin's. *My* feelin's. They're bein' weird."

Philemon nods.

“Let me make a guess. This involves the mare you are with, the self-proclaimed Queen Nightmare Moon, and that dashing young wraith, Snowy Dream. Correct?”

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"Ah don' want t' help yew no more, Psych. Ah HATE yew." She leaves, in a rather large mood.

Philemon just shrugs, and returns to his piano.

The Avenger, leaving through the door she came, finds herself in the same hallway. However, the blue door is no longer there.

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The superpony blinks, wondering what was so funny. "Did'ya think 'bout muh legiseranation proposal?"

Nightmare Moon nods.

“We have considered the Pink Acts, yes.

We will be passing them, two slight modifications. First, We shall exempt dragons that possess permanent citizenship from the requirement for daily passes. At present, that is nopony, but We must be prepared for this eventuality.

Secondly, We will provide an exact definition of ‘great rewards’. We are leaning towards some sort of pension, or limited feeding rights, but We are open to suggestions on that matter.”

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"Occasion..?" The filly giggles, "Don' be silly! It's me! Avenger! Ah'm always happy!"

Nightmare Moon smiles and nods, even if it’s a total and obvious lie.

“Well, We love to see you happy, so whatever has caused this is a good thing.” She bends down and gives the Avenger a quick kiss on the cheek.

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Early mornight, Avenger trots back into Moon City Throne Room, in high spirits. She makes a little curtsey at Nightmare, grinning her face off. "Even-night, Nightmare!"

Nightmare Moon smiles at her.

“You certainly are chipper tonight. What is the occasion?”

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The filly smiles sleepily, and gently taps Nightmare's helm. "Tuh monsters in Ya head, givin' Yuh those bad dreams."

Nightmare Moon nods, slowly.

“Those monsters. Yes, We would like you to keep them away, and We’d like to do the same for you.”