pinkand yellow


The moon smelt of Desperado
like your skin, oh a taste of Eldorado 
You found sand, in your ribs I hid
lamenting the highest bid

Yellow grass - - - the sun melted
pink horizon - - - choked and belted

I don’t know me, who shall I be now?
you squeezed my heart to curaçao
once was mine then went to no one
don’t stop me, it can’t be undone
I departed over, over, over you
but your kiss deathly blue.

Enough  it rang, it  echoed
all your bruises on me, mellowed
These lungs tasted hostility
the air of you, not a reality?

My abandon  words whistled
my bones ache for you, they bristled.

Your endless sky of blood pink
and Tickseed yellow, shudder to think

Where to circle you
when this heart of mine had no clue?

Perhaps only my bird’s lullabies
can conquer your sky of disguise

D C de Oliveira