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Top 5 Klaine Fanfic?

Oooh, that one is hard! There are so many amazing fics on this fandom that I would actually find it hard to do a top 100, but I’m going to try at least a top 10!

  1. Go Your Own Way by Zavocado
  2. The Anderson Rose by Missbeizy
  3. If I Die Young by BlowTheCandlesOut
  4. Everyday by WhatIKnew
  5. Wake Me Up Inside by MrsCriss2012
  6. Two Coins by Just-an-artist-pl
  7. Ride by Nellie12
  8. Sotto Voce by GSJwrites
  9. Worthless/Priceless by Captain_pinkal/Anxioussquirrel
  10. What Brings Us Closer Together by CrazedLunatic
  11. A Lucky Man’s Charm by StarGleekBelle (oops)

And I need to say that I’m not happy, we still need to talk about the Ambassadors Abroad threequel, Headway (aka the saddest fanfic ever), It’s Not Babysitting, To Save a Life, A Change Of Heart, Roses in December… Ok, you got it.

Ps: Of course there’s this special place in my heart to Little Numbers <3

Well…at least you guys got a fic rec?