Prize  [ E.P ]

Hiiiiii! Yes, I’m back and I’m not dead lmao I’m so sorry for not having anything up in so long. 

Also, this is my first piece of writing for Narnia that I’m going to be posting on this blog and I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time but I’ve finally gotten around to actually doing it. The whole Narnia series (books and movies) holds such a large part of my heart to itself and I’m really excited for more of these to come!

Pairing: Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Summary: Edmund challenges reader to a friendly duel. Reader is a fighter but only so in hand to hand combat because of a large dislike for sharp objects. The winner gets a prize from the loser at the end of the match. (Lmao I suck at summaries oops)

Word Count: 1350

Warnings: None, really

You stare at the sword in your hand, contemplating your next move. Should you take him up on his offer to a friendly duel or should you return to pretending to read while watching him train on his own? By no means are you unable to fight because you have always been more than capable to do so. But merely in hand-to-hand combat. Swords and bows and arrows and whips and all were never correct for you – they just never worked well with you.

That, and you have an undying fear of things with sharp edges just like this one. 

“Are you afraid of hurting yourself with that sword in your hand, love?” Edmund smirks, “Just like last time? When you managed to half-impale your own forearm?”

“I’m not afraid of hurting myself, Ed,” You roll your eyes. If it weren’t for the fact that he was the one who’s unknowingly stolen your heart, you would have not even thought of saying yes to the fight against him. But you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front the man you had grown such strong feelings for. 

“Then why are you not accepting the challenge, Y/N?”

“I–um,” You stuttered, not wanting to admit your dislike for swords. After clearing your throat, you blurt, “I don’t like sharp objects, Your Majesty.”

“Is that all?” Edmund chuckles at your teasing use of his title, “It’s merely a friendly duel. I won’t let you get hurt, if that is what you are afraid of.”

With a sigh, you nod your head as if to tell him that you will. He sends you a small smile–one that’s barely there. It’ a smile that few get to see but it’s a smile that many remember. Edmund hands you a sword, his eyes running across the armory as he readies his own. You flash him a mischievous smirk, swinging your leg out to hit his calf lightly. You decide it’s time to toughen up and use the bloody sword.

“Hey,” He says, his eyes looking into your own as he quickly moves out so that your foot never touches his calf. Edmund’s orbs glisten with a sense of cheekiness that you knew could only mean he was enjoying this more than he should. “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

You roll your eyes at him, watching as he swings his sword around twice before he pushes it forward. You quickly move to the side, watching as the tip of the sword pierces the air beside your shoulder. As quickly as the first, Edmund strikes at you once, the clash of your own sword being heard throughout the silence of the armory.

It’s difficult for you not to just stop what you’re doing and stare at him as he moves. In your eyes, there is nobody that holds more beauty than Edmund Pevensie. His raven hair falls over his eyes, a slight blush on his cheek from training for so long before now.

“If you cut me with that sword of yours,” You mumbled, loud enough for him to hear you as you both repeatedly swing at each others with the freshly sharpened weapons. “My veins will haunt you. That’s a promise.”

This time it was Edmund’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Honestly, you’re kind of weird.” Edmund grunts, blocking another one of your hits. His eyes meet yours once more, his gaze piercing your own through the gap between your swords.

“Took you long enough to figure that one out,” You smile. This time your leg actually hits his calf with so much force it sends him to the floor. It was a simple trick (if it could even be called a trick) that Edmund would have seen coming if you were anyone else. But he had his guard down more than his usual. “I mean, really Edmund, we’ve known each other for years!”

“And yet this is still the first time you’ve managed to have almost beat me,” And he pounces back up, quickly swiping the side of your sleeve with the end of his sword. You glare at him as he twists the sword out of your hand, causing it to fall to the floor beside your feet before he’s holding the tip of his own at your neck with a devious smile playing on his pink lips. “I win.”

“Bloody hell, Ed,” You groan, picking up your sword and handing it back to Edmund to put it away safely. “You could have at least let me win. Just this once.”

“Maybe next time. But,” A sly smirk crosses the King’s face as he steps toward you, crossing his arms over his chest. “What do I get for winning, hm?”

You open your mouth as if to say something but you abruptly shut it, holding a single finger up at Edmund’s face before you run to the bag of vegetables that you had picked from the garden. You pull out a carrot, quickly running back to your closest friend with the orange vegetable in your hand.

“Here.” You stick the carrot in his face as if forcing him to eat it right then and there. He just stares at it with an eyebrow raised before he lifts his hand, grabbing the carrot in his hand. His expression is unamused yet amused at the same time, his eyes scanning the carrot as if it were a clue to some long unsolved mystery. But really, it was just a carrot.

“A carrot?”

“Yeah,” You nod, jutting a thumb behind you in the direction of the gardens. “The salads they grow in the garden are really good. The carrots are especially scrumptious, I bet you would love this one.”

“Do I look like a bloody rabbit?!” Edmund exclaims. He quickly regains his more senseful train of thought, his eyes falling back to yours.

“What? Do you not like it?”

“I mean I–yes, I like it. I love carrots.” Edmund trips over his words, not wanting to offend you in any way. Truthfully, Edmund hates carrots. 

“Oh,” You smile. “It just seemed like you didn’t–”

“There was just something else that I had in mind, that’s all.”  And taking advantage in his sudden boost of confidence, he pulls you into his chest, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with the softest touch his fingers could manage.

Both you and Edmund don’t fail to notice the speed of your individual heart rates increase from the proximity and you silently hope that he can’t hear the beating of your heart because of how close you are. He bites his lip once he notices the blush that tints your cheeks. In fact, you were pretty sure they’re on fire.

He touches his forehead to yours tenderly, his hand loosely placing itself on your warm cheek. The feeling of his thumb caressing the soft skin sends shivers down your spine, your breath quickening as his face slowly grows closer to yours. You can feel each and every one of his breaths on your face which you found seemed so very intimate for someone like Edmund.

He looks to your eyes for permission, silently learning the answer you choose to give him. Edmund notices your eyes already falling to his lips. He shuts his eyes, his hold on you growing tighter and more intimate than ever.

And within seconds his lips are on yours.

The kiss starts of slow and gentle but it soon turns towards a more heated and passionate direction. His lips are as soft as clouds against your own lips, sending small shockwaves through your bloodstream and you could feel in every inch of your body, exactly how Edmund the Just feels about you.

He pulls away much too soon for your liking, once again resting his forehead against yours.

“I loved the carrots,” Edmund says, his chest rising and falling as he regains his breath from the kiss that has left him panting more than any war that he has fought. “But that kiss was a prize that I liked much much more.”

Mark's egos are taking over my life....

So I was thinking while looking at all of your posts about Mark’s egos (mainly Dark and Will) and it got me thinking about two things…
What if they were love birds?
What if they were best friends?
(they could most certainly be both though.)

Love birds:
>Dark, being a ‘dark’ ego, dislikes all of the pastel yellow and various pinks decorating their apartment, yet doesn’t have the heart to tell Will.
>Will secretly having a photo album of Dark sleeping. (Does Dark sleep? or does he just fuss out like the old tvs without reception?)
>Dark trying on Will’s bow-ties. He prefers the dark pink ones, but finds the hot pink ones make for better 'glitching’ effect
>Will accidently washing Dark’s white shirts with his pink ties, inevitably dying them pink. Making the other alter egos laugh/question Dark
>Dark finally making Will and himself some dinner, since he can’t stand the constant, bland, ramen noodles. Will, in his defense, tried making a nice dinner, but accidentally set the inside of the oven on fire. Oops.
>Dark holding Will as he cries over the movie Marley and Me
>When Dark gets upset at someone/something, Will rubs circles between his shoulderblades. This calms Dark.
>Will’s past isn’t the best, and although Dark doesn’t know it, he tries his best to distract Will when he gets too caught up in his past. Buying him a new tie usually gets him to snap out of it
>Will’s stash of ties, are actually mainly purchased by Dark
>Will, knowing how stressed Dark always is (always dealing with Mark and his antics and all) tries to make a 'special’ night. This includes:
*Chinese takeout (oven still broken)
*Vanilla icecream
*a nice bubble bath
Bonus: It isn’t Will that gets embarrassed when getting into the bath, it’s Dark that gets embarrassed. *Innocently whistles*

Best Friends:
>“Bro, Which Tie looks better?” (Will) “They’re all pink….” (Dark)
>They help each other juggle the other egos
>Will is the natural leader, while Dark makes the plans
>Dark trying to explain to Will why he can’t seem to get a girlfriend as pretty as Mark’s
>Will trying to explain to Dark that he could literally have anyone he wanted
>Will setting up boobie traps in their shared apartment
>Dark putting tacks on Will’s alarm clock. Dark takes pranks too seriously….
>Dark secretly prefers the pastel pink tie over the hot pink tie
>Will winning a bet that the Host and Googlplier DID go on that date that they claimed didn’t happen (Idk, I think it’d be interesting)
>Dark, losing the bet that he calculated incorrectly, is forced to wear a pink suit. He luckily stopped Will from dying his hair pink.
>Dark tripping Will at the office
>Will doing a sick ninja roll, making Dark look stupid
>Will getting self-concious over the fact that his first impulse is to kill now, ask later in all situations
>Dark not knowing what to do, explains how he has faults of his own. Like how he doesn’t want to harm Mark, he simply wants the freedom that he has
>Will is actually not as confident as most egos think he is, but only Dark knows it
>Dark is actually a huge fan of hugs, but only Will knows this. This is often used against him as Will will (haha) often use this secret as blackmail

Sorry the list is so long…. But man, this was fun! :D Hope you like it, maybe add some of your own (speaking to both @markired and viewer)


icons e headers nao sao meus desculpa nao achei os creditos pq faz tempo q fizzzz

Black Pinks gets their second win for “As If It’s Your Last” on Inkigayo !!!

Sam and Dean going to a fair in town while John is on a hunt. They run around the dirt lot, Dean chasing after Sam. They play games and Dean wins a pink bunny and gives it to Sam who rolls his eyes but carries it around. They eat cotton candy and hold hands and ride the Ferris wheel and every time they reach the top, Dean leans over and kisses Sam and Sam smiles against his brother’s lips.

Color Soulmate AU - Calum 5SOS Imagine/Preference

Prompt: “your soulmate’s hair color is the color of your eyes. the color of your eyes also changes to match the color of their hair if they dye it “

For the past couple years of your life, your hair and eyes had been completely normal. Your eyes were dark brown, and your hair was always a natural color. You knew that would make it harder to find your soulmate, but you enjoyed knowing that they weren’t going crazy with the color. You woke up one afternoon and decided to stay in your pajamas all day since it was your day off. You lazed around the house, ordered a pizza, and stayed in for the day. You got up to go to the restroom and when you looked in the mirror you noticed something, a light streak in your eyes. You peered at the mirror and realized, that was a blonde color. That asshole of a soulmate ruined your perfectly normal eye color and put a blonde streak through it. You quickly got dressed and murmured under your breath, “That jerk. We go our entire lives without changing our colors and suddenly they ruin it. I’ll show them - hah - yeah I’ll show them.” 

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