Thought I'd post a story for once c: It's short but, I like it c:


“Ugh. My head” Garroth groaned. For the first time in his life, Garroth had gone to a bar the night before. His friend Dante told him it would be a blast but he doesn’t remember what happened when he was there. Well, he remembers him ordering a shot of Everclear. From then on was a blur and a pain.

Looking around, everything in sight was ALSO a blur. He could make out a few objects though; Dresser, bed, door, bedside table, alarm clock, TV. Wait… Bed?! Watching as many movies as he does, he knew where this was going. Turning to his left he saw what he dreaded. Someone turned away from him, sleeping. Their back was bare so he could only imagine what was under the covers.

Sitting up, he held his head in his hands and blinked multiple times. Things started to become less blurry so he could start making things out better; A navy blue fleece blanket, picture frames of people, 9:02 on the Alarm clock, and all together: A room that was not his. He looked to his left again to see the person turned towards him, staring at him with drowsy, blue eyes. Apparently he was in the same started as Garroth was because he shot right up and held his head.

Garroth coughed and looked away, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry about anything I did last night…” They said in unison. Looking at each other, they chuckled slightly.

“You first” The blonde said.

“My female friend Cadenza said it would be a great birthday… She blind folded me and drove me some place. She leaded me in and sat me down. Then she ordered some polish thing and may I remind you, I am still blindfolded. She handed me the shot, I downed it and from then on is just a blur. Now, here I am. Oh and, my name is Laurance” The light brunette replied. He got out of bed and stretched. Luckily, he was wearing pants.

“My friend Dante just said he was bringing me to a bar and well, he ordered an ‘Everclear’. Taking it and chugging it, I don’t remember a thing. My name is Garroth”

They smiled to the other and Garroth stood up as well. He was wearing a pair of pink yoga shorts? Laurance erupted in laughter.

“What are you wearing?!” He was still laughing hysterically.

“I-I… Have no idea!” He laughed even though he was blushing tomato red.

“It looks good on ya though!” Laurance winked and did the finger guns.

“Same to you! Wait… Crap… Um…” Garroth stuttered. This only made Laurence’s head hurt now and laughing increase. While laughing he was holding his head and Garroth noticed.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah. My head just hurts. I have a really bad hangover” Laurance nodded.

“I thought I was the only one.” Garroth smiled.