MePhone 4 Receives this strange virus that transforms him into this lovesick monster, hearts, ribbons and flowers all over him. He has glass eyeballs, and inside of him, his heart is transformed into a sugary coated candy heart. He infects both Toilet and MePad, and now the three decide to start a brand new season of II with all season 1 contestants, season 2 contestants, and season 2 contestants who were eliminated. This includes Apple and Marsh. So, they all compete in a challenge as usual. If your eliminated, then, well…you get the virus. But this is different. With MePad recording the process the entire time, the eliminated contestant gets their eyeballs replaced with GLASS EYES and their hearts are replaced with CANDY HEARTS. They pass for a moment, letting the ribbons, flowers and hearts grow, until the come to. And that’s when they are infected.
And there’s another twist; if the object has a significant other who is infected, and they get eliminated, they get to get infected by their significant other. (Like, OJ is infected, and Paper gets eliminated; OJ gets to replace Papers eyes and heart and stuff)
So while this is happening, Taco is trying desperately to help Mic and find a cure, and all she has with her is both Bow and Dough. Bow is real depressed, while Dough is just; Dough.
With time running out, Taco is becoming more and more stressed, losing sleep and sanity day after day. Will she make it? Will she make a cure? Or will she become infected?

I CANT COLOR THESE IM SO SORRY! My arm is in bad pain, I’m sorry ;;
But if you want to draw any of them, they’re all just the same colors as they usually are. The swirls, ribbons, flowers and hearts are either red, pink, or white.
Only difference is:
Test Tube is a mix of pink and green; pink on the bottom of her and green on the top of her.
Apple is half green, half red.
Yin is pink, and Yang is red.
And Marshmallow is pink.

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