On Wednesdays We Wear Pink:

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sarah Gadon as Dido Elizabeth Belle and Elizabeth Murray in “Belle” (2013).

Directed by Amma Asante, costume design by Anushia Nieradzik.


[This is literally self-indulgent crack.]

I imagine Adam going off to college and being exposed to new tv shows, movies, music, culture; just everything.

He dislikes the pop music that some of his friends listen to, but he’s really come to love the 90s era rock that his roommate blasts when he’s in the shower.

Homework keeps him from binge-watching films and shows like everyone suggests, but after a lot of complaining and guilt tripping, Adam finally takes the time to watch Game of Thrones. He texts Ronan at 4am one morning, to tell him to get caught up so they can watch it together when he comes to visit. He gets a middle finger emoji in response.

His clothing changes too. His loose jeans and oversized t-shirts are fitted now. He even wears pink on Wednesdays, though he hasn’t seen the movie the campus tradition comes from.

A classmate of his is a hair stylist on the weekends and gives him a modern trim she says his boyfriend will love. She says something about a taper fade, but Adam doesn’t know what that means, so he trusts her to do what she thinks looks good. It can’t be any worse than the mess he already has and he’s right; it looks great. He sends a photo to Ronan and almost instantly there’s an incoming text that has heat rushing to Adam’s cheeks.

College changes a lot of things about Adam.

But when he goes back to the Barns, goes back to Ronan and Opal, none of that matters. Ronan still kisses him stupid any chance he gets, they still go on late-night drives in the BMW, they still talk about Gansey and Blue and Henry and Noah, and they still spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing in each other’s company.

Ronan embraces Adam’s changes, loves them with the ease that always came with loving Adam Parrish.

“Ronan,” Adam starts. He’s laying on the couch in nothing but a pair of sleeping pants, head on his boyfriend’s lap. “Did you get caught up on Game of Thrones?”

Ronan puts down his magazine.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” he sighs. “I did. I’m actually a season ahead.”

Adam sits up abruptly, looking offended.

“You fucking asshole.”

The Kuroshitsuji characters as college people:
  • Ciel Phantomhive: Probably the genius who is rumoured to be the youngest student entering uni
  • Sebastian Michaelis: That hot af professor who you never want to miss classes with. As a student I bet he'd be the good looking heartthrob kind of guy who was not interested in any of the attention given to him
  • Balrdroy, MeyRin & Finnian: That monster trio who would always cause trouble everywhere and always get detention by Professor Michaelis
  • Elizabeth Midford: Most likely Karen Smith from "Mean Girls" who would always be interested in other people's lives and ALWAYS wear pink on Wednesdays
  • Alois Trancy: It's safe to assume he'd belong to many fandoms and be that one guy who's always clingy af, desperately seeking for attention and even go to extremes to get it like the attention whore he is
  • Claude Faustus: He'd easily be that secretive, silent and weird af professor who would avoid contact with each and every student except for those he considered special. As a student, although he'd seem calm and collected on the outside, he'd probably be a huge geek who has merch of every fictional character that has ever held his interest and having anime marathons every night
  • Undertaker: That creepy old headmaster who laughs at every little thing and everybody is scared to be alone with (maybe not the girls though *wink*)
  • Grell Suitcliff: I can't imagine Grell as a professor, but as a student she'd definitely be the Regina George from "Mean Girls" aka a total diva from head to toe. She'd often Argue with Elizabeth Midford about whether they should wear pink or red on Wednesdays
  • William T. Spears: Boring ass professor who makes every lecture a pain. Prob the professor who no student would like (A/N: except for me William, you're awesome!). As a student, I bet he'd be that huge nerd who's always first on class and always hands assignments at the given time. Hates overtime though
  • Ronald Knox: We all know that one guy who's always pumped up and flirty with every living thing that is female. Well, I guess that would be Knox-y for you. But as a professor, he'd be that very young one who's always close to his students and always tries to solve their problems with the weirdest ways
  • Madame Red: Probably the motherly type of professor who's always there for her students and doesn't get mad when assignments don't get handed on time. As a student she'd be mostly the gossip queen of the campus who would know about everyone and everything happening inside and outside of the dorms
  • Prince Soma & Edward Midford: Most likely those rich spoiled kids who always come to uni with their own sports cars and attract many girls even though this doesn't interest them. They are also probably best friends
  • Agni: He'd probably be that nice coach of a certain club who's always tending to his students needs and is loved by everybody. As a student he'd still be the guy who tends to everyone and also be the one who'd make the best of friends of you get to know him #RIPAgni