treat me.
today i had violin from 2 - 3 p.m. and of course because it’s me; someone had taken the book were i have my songs and moved it somewhere else (which i specially asked not to do). even still, i got to my class on time, (it’s like a private session with me and the teacher cause i’m an amateur…) and so i had to wait on the room alone because the dude hadn’t showed up yet.
.. ten.. fifteen… twenty… thirty. thirty of the sixty minutes i had for class went by when the lady at the administration walked in and looked at me with the awkward; ‘i fucked up for the fourth time’ face. so when she finally explained me that for FOURTH time she hadn’t remembered the teacher i was there, she left. (yep, four times in a row.). i called my mom and they went to pick me up and our way back home they called the driver and the teacher told him; “why’d she left? well, anyway we wouldn’t have class cause i would be busy with something else” (or so).


anyways, enjoy!
-your pantless (favourite) hero, carl

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