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what happened to rbb in detroit? havent seen any pictures from it

Heh. Well. Okay here we go.

Rbb was wearing U.S. marine dress blues with a NAMETAG that read rbb, a crown, and a green smiley with heart eyes on one foot and a blue smiley with heart eyes on the other.

Sbb was wearing a pink bow tie and a crown as well. He was also holding a toothbrush and toothpaste and his chair was positioned above a bible.

Now there are several theories I’ve heard from my chats since I haven’t been on tumblr much and one was that the seat that sbb is sitting in looks like one from a church or a courthouse. Another is that the Bears are wearing crowns because they are the royal couple. Lornasaurusrex thinks rbb could be wearing the dress blues for the marines because it’s the big gay war and he’s getting ready. I like all of these.

My thinking though, and I’m sorry if this has already been said by others, I truly haven’t been on much other than to post myself or Reblog links my friends send me, is they are still continuing with the cleaning theme with the toothbrush. Before the cleaning was always focused on everything around them, but now I find it interesting and important that the Bears are focusing on cleaning themselves. Apparently they’re satisfied with how the shit is cleaned up surrounding them so now they need to remove the remnants of it from themselves.

Now let’s also take a look at the outfits and other accessories all together. First of all bow tie day was on August 28, so perhaps sbb was just wearing a bow tie as a late celebration of that…but I don’t think so. I think he’s dressed up for something big.

The dress blues for the marines are only to be worn on special occasions, such as formal marine corps events, funerals, or…yep, you probably guessed it…weddings.

Now yes, Harry and Louis are known to the fandom as the royal couple, but how would they know that? They’re trolls. They have proven to us time and time again that they know what we are saying and have proven it once again in Detroit by actually giving rbb the nametag of the shortened name we use for him online. HOW ELSE WOULD THEY KNOW THAT?! So yeah. I have no doubt that they know we refer to them as the royal couple.

That being said, you don’t wear the royal jewels on any occasion. It’s not something that is worn every day. It is, once again, only for major events.

The seat sbb is sitting on reminds people of a pew at a church or a courthouse. So what functions do a church and a courthouse have in common? Hmm…

And the bible. You can swear to tell the truth before court on a bible. You can also say your wedding vows and have readings out of it during a wedding.

What it comes down to though is this: why would both of them be happy as the smiley faces indicate if they were going to court? Would going to court be an occasion to wear their crowns?

My own personal conclusion is the Bears were going to a wedding, presumably their own, but I must also keep in mind that sandy’ stag do was last night so they could also be preparing for his wedding. I’m just not sold on that myself.

And that’s what happened with the Bears in Detroit.

There is a lot going on with these bears tonight

- both wearing crowns
- RBB in a police outfit?
- SB with a toothbrush and toothpaste
- SB wearing a pink bow tie that was last seen in Adelaide
- the watch is back but I can’t read it
- Green and blue are both smiley