I was in Los Angeles for the first time as an adult, by myself, and I was in a mall and it was really sunny and I couldn’t see because I have really sensitive eyes. And I went to a kiosk and the first sunglasses I saw, I was like, ‘Oh sweet pink! Those are fun!’ So I got those, and I just wore those around and they just took on a life of their own.
—  Darren Criss on his signature pink sunglasses (
Bringing this Back..because well...I can. =)

Your boy can sing and act? Great.

My boy can sing 

My boy can act

He can hold a guitar

He can play the guitar

He dance to polka

He can rock a suit

Actually, he can rock whatever he wears.

Or whatever he doesn’t wear.

Speaking of which, my boy’s also a desert warrior.

A schoolboy

And a wizard

My boy doesn’t judge you

Our boy honestly loves us

And amongst all his success, he’s still the same boy we saw a couple of years ago.

He’s still Darren Criss.

 =). My Guy is TOTALLY AWESOME! =)