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missionmudpie he was posing for you.

He’s still in shed but he’s not blue anymore so I wasn’t able to show you how that looks. To make up for it I shall provide you with science.

Before snakes shed they secrete a liquid between the old skin and the new one. This is why they end up with a blueish coloration. 

Newt goes blue but some of my snakes just end up looking duller than usual. Vold my snow corn snake just turns pink. 

Right before shedding (about 24-48 hrs before) they reabsorb this liquid. That’s why Newt looks normal in this pic even though he hasn’t shed yet.


Spring is a bouquet from a dear friend; spring is cherry blossom bath; spring is daily bath after playing in mud puddles; spring is little warm treats with a touch of pink sensation; spring is shedding, shedding, and shedding, and endless shedding; also, spring is a book named ” lullaby” in Vietnamese and “little stream ” in French.

This fan given to me by delightful designer Dina D’Argo is pretty. But I’ve had it for nearly 2 decades now and it is starting to shed little pink downy feathers #pink #burlesque #fashion

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Since Pinkie Pie is pink, you'd think shed be the girliest and most feminine of the characters.

Cause a color is what determines a personality and gender role.