Made a cute little zipperpet for Diadema! Its refered to as a guard alpaca by the house but its really just a glorified alarm system.

Around the family and invited guests it is fairly harmless making a faint “Aaaaa~” to the rhythm of a police car around the house. But when it comes in contact with an intruder it will let out tHE LOUDEST EAR BLEEDING ALARM and if you pose a threat it will shed its pink fur for blue and subdue you.

May even play good cop bad cop with you if no one is home. It can also turn its head a full 360 degrees for maaaaaaximum surveillance. Algodon’s design is also inspired by one of DD’s and his father’s favorite show and is a reference to it.

It’d been awhile since the party, since Seong had confused his true feelings to Dylan. Though things were still the same, he could feel how things had changed. With things still up in the air Seong had been trying to date to get his mind off it. Figuring if Dylan could see he could move on. it would go back to normal. Going on dates with a boy from one of his classes, though he had kept comparing the guy to Dylan. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to move on if he did he stopped. Trying to forget the younger when he was out with Yongin. Seong was allowing Yongin to walk him home after their most recent date. With the other’s hand slipping into his own Seong is smiling laughing at his lame joke. A shed of pink staining his face at some complement he got. He can notice someone outside his building, squinting his eyes he is almost freezing when he realized who it was. “Who is that?” Yongin asked causing Seong to look back at him. “My best friend Dylan, I told you about him remember?” Seeing him nod he’s almost ready to tell Yongin to leave when he sees Dylan looking at him. @humanmarionettes