-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List C Edition

Carbokinesis - Control Carbon

  • As someone who happened to buy a lot of coal, I end up with a lot of diamonds.
  • You know those carbon filters in fish tanks? I never have to change mine now. I just sort of wave the guck out? It’s an easy chore.
  • Don’t forget, there’s carbon in steel. If I take it out, this whole city’s going down.

Cardiokinesis - Control Hearts

  • I don’t know why you think this has to do with love. Hearts are organs that only pump blood. I mean, I guess if your heart beats faster, you feel like you’re in love.
  • I spent years in medical school specializing in heart surgery just so I could discretely fix people’s hearts much faster than they should be able to. But whenever anyone asks me what my secret to fast and perfect surgery is, I have to lie and it’s eating me inside.
  • I can see everyone’s relationships, but sometimes it gets really distracting. All these fibrous lines keep obscuring the cinema screen.

Caelestikinesis - Control Celestial Bodies

  • Is it weird I can tell you’re an aries? I’m getting that you’re an aries. 
  • Okay, so making the night sky spell out “will you marry me?” was awesome but I think I ruined a bunch of aliens’ homes. I really hope they don’t know I did that.
  • Being a god of the stars is generally really boring. Nothing’s ever been happening. But this little planet seems to be starting something… Better get closer to watch.

Caelumkinesis - Control the Sky

  • I can hide as anything that flies. So if you happen to see a bird in my room, don’t chase it out with a broom. 
  • If you’re going to be like that, I can make sure you always get rained on.
  • The world is so boring. I finally found out how to make dragons and I’m gonna take the initiative and just making this happen.

Chemokinesis - Control Chemical Substances

  • If it’s on the periodic table, I can mess with it. People generally aren’t ready for their oxygen to become iron.
  • The hero can’t come and vanquish me if I’ve given them depression.
  • Now that I’ve trapped you in my moat… It’s acid.

Chromokinesis - Control Colors

  • A magician’s biggest trick: Turning the entire performance center blue.
  • I have a grudge against someone who somehow muscled their way into my personal art show. I’ll makes sure they never see color ever again.
  • So I can fly… But it’s very… Flashy. Yeah, it’s a rainbow.

Chronokinesis - Control Time

  • So, even if I manipulate time, I can’t manipulate space. And Earth moves, so… I kind of killed most of the population. They’re either in space or the mantle. 
  • I’ve been stealing time from everyone and it’s all stored deep underground.
  • I’ve tricked a constuction crew through a time-portal and now they’re building me a castle in 16th century France. I’ll be king and my castle will never fall.

Cibumkinesis - Control Food

  • You don’t even know how much pretentious people like to eat my ‘innovative’ foodstuffs. Milk jerky is as weird as it sounds and only comes in 2%
  • I’ll win every cooking competition, no matter how much I mess up. 
  • May your harvest be blighted and your water poisoned. Think twice before crossing me again.

Cthonikinesis - Control Nether

  • Powers adapt to new meanings for the word. I’m gonna send you to minecraft hell.
  • Your nether regions are so fucked.
  • How do you feel, facing your own late father in battle?

Cukinesis - Control Copper

  • When NYC falls into peril again, someone with the ability to manipulate copper calls upon the ultimate defense… The statue of liberty.
  • Yeah I can make a shield, but it’s gonna be copper. Sorry I can’t do anything else. 
  • I’ve gotten into the habit of driving by old neighborhoods and making all the copper wiring and pipes be sucked into my truck. It’s only slightly villainous. 

Cogitokinesis - Control Thought

  • If you’re going to be so angry about my favorite song, enjoy it in your head forever.
  • I make quite the racket erasing unwanted thoughts. Where those thoughts go though is only for me to worry about. 
  • My robots seem too mechanical. I should steal someone’s thoughts to give them a bit of personality. 

Cognikinesis - Control Perspectives

  • Most of the time I just force video games to let me play first person, I’m not sure what you expected.Forcing people to look at what they’ve become is a lot like judgement day.
  • When people make me upset, I like to make them see my actual point of view. 
  • It doesn’t matter how far away something is, if I can see it, I can touch it.

Comakinesis - Control Hair

  • My stage production of rapunzel is the best in the world. How I found a continuous 20 foot braid is anyone’s best guess. I’ll never tell.
  • I’ve created a new breed of naturally pink poodles. I’ll be in the lap of luxury for all my days.
  • No I only have one of these wool sweaters. I can just change it’s color because it’s technically hair.

Combokinesis - Control Combat

  • Any battle goes may way, from a simple argument to an election. I’ve become the most influential person in the world.
  • My personal feelings are always above any actual evidence of winning, so seeing that I may be wrong is terrifying. What if I was wrong before?
  • Now that you’ve shown me what your attack will be, let me eliminate that possibility.

Coronakinesis - Control Corona Energy

  • Yes, it’s basically like that one godzilla. No, I’m not secretly the kid of godzilla. 
  • You think you’ve seen global warming? You’ve seen nothing yet. 
  • Stars tend to move with their corona, so don’t mind the new stars. They were already there before.

Corrokinesis - Control the Power of Corruption

  • I really don’t like corruption, so I keep combing the internet for instances of corruption to take it out, hitman style.
  • I’ve condensed corruption into these special bullets. I want you to shoot all this list, no matter how nice you think they are.
  • Wait, I can basically make this into a hell-dimension? Awesome. Sin for everyone.

Cryokinesis - Control Ice

  • If you keep annoying me all the liquid in your body is gonna freeze.
  • I’ve got the polar ice caps fixed, Antartica is looking good, and I’ve got enough snow cones today’s day at the park. 
  • You’ve gotta believe me, officer! The icicle just plain fell on them! It skewered them!

Crystallokinesis - Control Minerals and Crystals

  • My modern witchcraft store is stocked full with crystals and stones. And it’s all homemade.
  • If I really tried, I could get my crystal healing techniques to go towards a doctorate.
  • You picked the wrong mineshaft to battle me in. You’be basically given me the battle. 

Cytokinesis - Control Cells of Organisms

  • My friend wanted to be a cryptid so we brainstormed for a while and they decided on their form. We still chat when I’m in town.
  • Even if I’m terminal, I can just fix it. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to fix you too.
  • Changing what shape my cells take is the ultimate camouflage. No one suspects the dog.
poodle emoji reviews


one might say this is a pretty…. standard poodle!! (absolute silence) no, heh, get it, cos like…. (silence continues) there’s three sizes of poodle, right, and standard is one of them, and… (silence grows deafening) ahem. so he’s got the trademark gradient shading and soulless eyes of an apple emoji, but you know what? he’s not hurting anybody. 3/5 this muggle of a poodle is a-okay


AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! JUST SPLENDIFEROUS! a proud pink boy, with the absolute best nose in tonight’s lineup. i love how his eyes peer out inquisitively from underneath the forehead puff. however, somethin’s buggin me here. the face, which is not covered in poodle fluff, is white. shouldn’t the bare parts of the legs and tail be white too? 4.87/5 for slight artistic inconsistency


hmm. i’m not gonna lie, this poodle is imperfect. the thicc microsoft border is clearly in evidence, and the tail looks kinda like a mallet, and the ear is too small, and that ever-so-slight tuck between the tummy and the hind leg just isn’t workin for me. but look at that happy lil tongue! 2/5 i’m not gonna tell him he’s ugly, are you?


oh my! this boy is shaped like a friend! there is such shyness in his expression, even in the tiny pink nose. i love how his poodle puffs look like little clouds. i will say that while the lowkey gradient-ish shading works for the puffs, it’s not quite so flattering on the rest of his body; but overall, a solid poodle. 4/5 keep it up buddy!


oh…,, oh dear, y- you poor little thing. is, is there any way i can help?? can i get you some nice juice maybe? 1/5 unfortunate


is it just me, or do HTC emojis always look kinda like zoo pals plates? 1/5 blease… go back to the early 2000s commercial whence you came


pink appears to be popular among poodle emojis, but who am i to decry it when it works so doggamn well? this boy is quite alright! the cel shading really accentuates the fluffiness of those spectacularly rosy poodle puffs, while also emphasizing the smoothness of the bare areas. the face and head/neck/chest puff could use some work, though… i ain’t quite diggin that shape. 3/5 pretty in pink


this is it, folks! the most handsome poodle of the night! and he knows it. his face is radiant with the good-natured confidence of a guy who’s popular because he’s not just attractive and charismatic, but also kind. the shading is fantastic, and while i’m still partial to pink on poodles, the blue is a nice change of pace. 5/5 best in show


not a bad minimalistic take on the classic poodle. i’m not a fan of how the face and legs are shaped, but the choice to hide his eyes under the forehead puff is interesting. it makes him look mysterious and gruff, like an anime character. 3/5 intriguing


this is just the facebook poodle with awkward-looking feet and a profoundly menacing ambience. there is also something very heterosexual about him. he looks like that possessive jerk from every romcom ever who keeps his frightened girlfriend from the man who’ll treat her right. 2/5 she doesn’t love you marty

emoji one:

AAAH!!! 1/5 stop starin at me with them big ole eyes


normally, the punchline of every emoji review post is the shitty emojidex specimen at the end. here? not so. the kinda sickly, yellowish tint of pink and the sloppy linework leave a bit to be desired - but this boy knows how to accessorize! that’s the smile of a benevolent pal who’s trying his best. 4/5 hairbows never go outta style

Eurus: Say hello to the poodle 

Mycroft: I’m not saying hello to a pink poodle! 

Eurus: I said hello to the poodle, you say hello to the poodle

*poodle growls* 

Mycroft: *says hello to the poodle*

Preference - Leaving the egos home alone


 When you leave Dark alone it’s usually because you physically cannot be around him at the moment. The constant high pitched squealing and pressure in the air causes you to have headaches and need a moment out. While you are away Dark likes to set up mind games he will play on you later. His personal favorite game is to move objects from their designated spot to an area they have no place being causing you to search high and low because fuck you that’s why. He is also hella petty. Dark will do things like: make a giant pot of pasta, knowing that you wanted to make spaghetti for dinner. Rip a hole in your favorite pink sundress simply because he doesn’t like you in pink, and erasing the story that you have been working on for the last three weeks just as you are reaching a major turning point in the story arch. Needless to say you are not a happy camper when you get home. 


 Let us all be honest with ourselves for a moment. Google would simply power down while you are away. BUT, for the sake of all of your entertainment, we will say he doesn’t.

 You left to go shopping for for some much needed groceries and some plastic plates. On the way out the door you gave google a small list of chores saying as you walk out the door “After you are done, you can do whatever you want” Let’s just say that mistakes were made. 

 After finishing the small list of tasks you had given him, which included doing the dishes (google simply throwing them in the trash while muttering to himself that there is no need for dishes since he does not eat) and ripping apart your bedding after asking him to make your bed. He smiles to himself, a sinister smirk indeed. “Whatever I want…” he says. 

 Hours later when you get home and finally connect to some wifi, you discover that your Facebook has been hacked and someone has thought that it would be funny to share links to pornhub and other terrible things on your timeline. This person, or as you would soon find out, android, had also gone as far as to tag your mother in these links. Thank you Google IRL! Not only has your day been ruined, but your reputation. 

 *two weeks later* 

You have now learned to be more careful with what you say to your google unit. You also do not want to speak with your great aunt Meredith for at least a year after having to explain in great detail what exactly a furry was and how, no, you are not one…. As stated earlier, mistakes, had been made.

Wilford Warfstache

 Again… Wilford would probably go off and do his own thing, or come with you to do whatever you are planning to do. BUT, let’s say he is just gonna hang out at your house/apartment for the day… ok?

 You were off to work, one of the only places that Wilford could not follow you because you would get fired for bringing your very excitable, very loud, boyfriend to the workspace. You know this for a fact, seeing as these were the exact words your boss had spoken to you the last time he had followed you to your place of employment. 

 So instead, Wilford is stuck at home, wondering what to do with all of his free time. He scans the room, his eyes eventually landing on the TV. Warfstache decides that a suitable pastime would be to watch some shows on your netflix account. He quickly finds the Recently watched by (Y/n) list and clicks on the first show to pop up. Because Wilford is a being that can consist outside of our dimension, he was able to binge watch all of your shows whilst you were away. 

 Throughout the day you continue to get texts like (SPOILER ALERT! MINOR SPOILERS TO DOCTOR WHO WITH DAVID TENNANT) 




 By the time you got home, you were all to prepared to rip Wilford a new one for spoiling your show. However, as you walk through the door you are greeted with a lot of barking and the deep laugh of your boyfriend. Looking around the house, you find Warfstache in one of your back rooms with a three legged, one eyed poodle, that somehow had been recently dyed bright pink. 

 “Wilford….” you say, trying to keep your voice calm. “What the hell is that” 

 “(Y/n)!!” Wilford shouts, “This is Chico! I saw this add on YouTube for a nearby dog shelter and HOW could I not adopt this little guy.” 

 “And who will take care of Chico while you aren’t home?” You state in a monotonous voice. 

 “Why you of course!” 

 And that is the story of how you got a pink poodle, that there is no way of rehoming because Wilford would never let you do something like that to his precious Chico.


qj34124  asked:

Hey have you played sonic forces yet if so what did you think of it

I beat Sonic Forces in two days, and I enjoyed my experience with it.  I thought the gameplay was a lot of fun, and of course creating a custom character is the best part, especially after you unlock more stuff.

A lot of people complain that the stages are too short, but I feel like short stages are a lot more fun than long stages.  Plus, having short stages makes it easier to S Rank them, and you need to S Rank all the stages to unlock more customization options.

People like to complain about the story, too, but despite its weird writing flaws (like Chaos getting brushed aside in the first act, Null Space being useless, and Sonic coming back super early into the story), I feel like it’s a lot better of a story than…say…Sonic 06.  Sonic 06 took itself seriously all the time, despite it’s confusing twists and turns, and that was ultimately its downfall.  Sonic Forces, on the other hand, knows when to take itself seriously and when to make things more lighthearted.

And yes I did make SNT, because of course.  Here’s a pic I took of her when I finally got the hair I wanted. She’s in a school uniform because it’s cute

Also when you beat the story you can make more characters, so here’s my second character:  a fluffy pink poodle named Cotton Candy

In conclusion, I don’t think Sonic Forces is as bad of a game as people are trying to say it is.  It does have it’s slight flaws in the story, but the three styles of gameplay are fun, and the controls work just fine.  And I had fun, so I feel like that’s what matters the most.

You can probably expect a video related to Sonic Forces in the future.