The signs as art hoe style

aries: black crop top, distressed mom jeans, burgundy beanie

taurus: cobalt blue dress, yin-yang choker, doc martens

gemini: starry night socks, mustard yellow cardigan, black beanie

cancer: grid print skirt, lavender crop top, white sneakers

leo: large glasses, floppy black hat, yellow striped dress

virgo: floral button down, birkenstocks, denim skirt

libra: circle shades, patchy jean jacket, moon choker

scorpio: red and white striped top, black high waisted shorts, blue converse

sagittarius: pineapple shirt, pink skirt, doc martens

capricorn: overalls with one strap undone, sunflower top, choker, black socks

aquarius: black and white striped top, vintage high waisted shorts, daisy crown

pisces: plum cardigan, mustard yellow crop top, white converse


Guys, remember this? My still current AnimeForum covergirl is now in anime form! Rinne-chan gets much hawter when she moves. Although I don’t think the anime will go for her game ending (but who knows I may be wrong!)

So far the anime version has mostly kept faithful to the game in places, only changing what should be changed (in the game, Azumi is a swimming instructor for shotas, but grown boys in the anime), and I hope we’ll see the female doctor in the 2nd ep!