svt as spring things
  • s.coups: the gradually rising temperature :^)
  • jeonghan: sweet smelling flowers that bloom everywhere
  • joshua: pINK fluFFY MARSHMALLOW PEEPS !!
  • jun: all the couples that start appearing and holding hands and making googly eyes at each other
  • hoshi: the brilliant rainbows that show up after a long rain
  • wonwoo: fresh green grass and the budding leaves on trees
  • woozi: busy bees that defy the laws of aviation and work tirelessly pollinating flowers
  • dk: the sun rising a few hours earlier to brighten your life
  • mingyu: newly sprouting plants ready to grow big n tol
  • the8: peaceful rainshowers with occassional thunder and lightning
  • seungkwan: birds chirping their melodious songs all day long
  • vernon: excited puppies!! finally able to go on warmer walks
  • dino: gentle pastel colors that make ur heart all fuzzy
Easter out-takes.

The more props you have for a photo, the harder it is to get the shot you’re looking for.  Then again, bunnies being bunnies is always worth a smile.  Here, River has dramatically taken out green and blue peep with a single ear swipe. 

“I choose you!”  Simon really felt a connection to purple peep and decided to claim the little bun as his own. 

Simon realizes what push-overs yellow, orange and pink peep are.  They went down like dominoes.  It was super fun!

In the end, I got a decent photo and the bunnies acquired 6 new toys.  It was a good day!