svt as spring things
  • s.coups: the gradually rising temperature :^)
  • jeonghan: sweet smelling flowers that bloom everywhere
  • joshua: pINK fluFFY MARSHMALLOW PEEPS !!
  • jun: all the couples that start appearing and holding hands and making googly eyes at each other
  • hoshi: the brilliant rainbows that show up after a long rain
  • wonwoo: fresh green grass and the budding leaves on trees
  • woozi: busy bees that defy the laws of aviation and work tirelessly pollinating flowers
  • dk: the sun rising a few hours earlier to brighten your life
  • mingyu: newly sprouting plants ready to grow big n tol
  • the8: peaceful rainshowers with occassional thunder and lightning
  • seungkwan: birds chirping their melodious songs all day long
  • vernon: excited puppies!! finally able to go on warmer walks
  • dino: gentle pastel colors that make ur heart all fuzzy
Billy Hargrove Imagine Requested Smut- Pretty Unconventional

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Oh my goodness!!!!! I finally got the chance to write one of the requests I still have left!  I apologize for the wait, but here is the Billy Hargrove Smut requested by @barbarairene-k hope you enjoy it and that it was worth the wait!  Also I mentioned some pretty good songs in this one so take a look!!  

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Smut and language 

*Just wanted to let you all know that unprotected sex is a definite no no!!  I didn’t mention any form of birth control (i.e condoms or the pill), but please know that is not because I advocate unprotected sex.  The lack of mention is solely to keep the flow of the writing. Please always use some form of protection!*

You sat facing Nancy’s mirror as she removed the hot rollers from your hair.  The radio softly hummed “Your Love” by The Outfield throughout her room.  Nancy ran her hair brush through your hair breaking the once large curls into smaller ones.  She took her bottle of hair spray and saturated your curls before giving you a light pat on the shoulders.  “All done.” She said cheerfully.  You gave her a smile before getting up to put your dress on.  Nancy took your place and began doing her makeup as you slid into your strapless knee length pink dress and white peep toe heels.  Nancy caught a glimpse of you in the mirror and widened her eyes.  “Wow,” she began, “Y/N, you look amazing.  I truly am a hair and makeup guru.”  The two of you laughed as Nancy stood from the chair.  “You look great to Nanc and thank you for your help.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t here.” You said with a light chuckle.  Nancy shook her head, “It’s no problem.  That’s what friends are for Y/N.”  A quiet knock reverberated from the door before it opened slightly.  “Girls?” Mrs. Wheeler said sticking her head into the room, “Your dates are waiting for you downstairs.”  You and Nancy shared a quick smile before exiting the room and making your way to the living room.

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