The One with the Giant Poking Device

Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - An awkward moment while sharing a bed leads to an interesting morning.

Word Count - 5864

Warnings - Swearing (duh), injury (very slight),smut, oral sex/face riding (female), fingering, unsafe sex (remember irl to wrap it before you tap it)

A\N - This was written for mine and Jill’s Hubba Bubba Birthday writing challenge. Thank you to @sis-tafics for reading through and encouraging me. And a special thank you to @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog for betaing. You ladies are the absolute best!

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Long, calloused fingers grip you tightly, digging into your soft curves as his hands pull you flush against his body. The heat spreads, radiating from him to sink into your bones, flowing through you to settle heavily in your center. The strength in the arms wrapping around you, the firmness of his chest against your full breasts, the gentleness of his hands as they caress you, all of it makes your breath slow, your heart race. You can’t hold back the low whine in your throat when you feel his hardening length pressing against your lower belly. He dips his head to nuzzle into your neck, his warm breath fanning over you. He nudges your head back further, the scruff on his jaw a delicious burn on your skin. Soft sighs catch in your throat as his lips glide over you and you can feel his cock twitch against you in response.

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13 going on 30 Spider-Man AU

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so I had this idea in my head for a while and just thought that this would be really cool to write about

And I’m really sorry. English is not my first language

if you haven’t watched this movie yet PLEASE WATCH (it’s my favorite don’t even get me started) 

SPOILERS AHEAD // hope you like it <3

Ok, let’s start then (this starts in the 80s)

  • so you and Peter have been best friends since ever 
  • started with you being next door neighbours and outcasts at school
  • Peter was this really skinny nerdy boy and you were awkard and really smart  
  • you had this habit to share sweets (RAZZLES) and to greet each other in another languages
  • “Arrivederci”
    “Au revoir”

  • your relationship was based on mutual trust and weird stuff that only you two understood
  • seriosly you could almost talk telepathically
  • Peter had this hobby to take pictures around and sometimes he even took them for the school paper and some of you 
  • you have ever wanted to work on your favorite magazine (Poise) editorial and you have like all of their editions
  • the story really starts when you had the yearbook shoot in your 13th birthday and turns out B A D
  • but you don’t get too sad ‘cause Peter said that it looked good 
  • “don’t worry Y/N, it can’t be worse than mine. I actually sneezed!”
  • six girls walks down the corridor like it was a catwalk and stops right in front of you
  • oops, forgot to tell you that Y/N really wanted to be popular and those girls used her for homework and projects
  • Peter knew about that and tried to warn you but guess what, you didn’t listen
  • the leader of their gang (Tom-Tom) usually approached you two to make fun of Peter and you used to follow her lead, laughing together
  • shitty habit i know
  • and on that they she told you that her group and your crush Flash Thompson wouldn’t come over to your party unless they finish their group project 
  • so you say you would do it for them ‘cause you’re too naive to see bad in people
  • when you come home you start to get ready for your party, doing your makeup and picking a outfit that would fit better with the mean girls even putting some tissues on your top to look like you have boobs but nobody needs to know that
  • so while getting ready you read the last edition of Poise magazine and saw a story saying that the 30s are the best years of your life and claims that you want to be 30
  • 30, flirty and thriving.”
  • then you go down to your basement where the party would be held and put your jam on
  • I’m talking about Thriller ‘cause you know the whole choreography
  • when Peter arrived he just watched you dance because he is so fuCKING CUTE AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED
  • then he gives you the big box with a pink lace on top that is your present 
  • “You know how you always wanted a Barbie Dream House? Well, I decided to make you your own Y/N Dream House”
  • you just stare to the big doll house that he built by himlsef and made just for you, showing all the rooms and faces from old pictures cut and glued to little dolls 
  • then he sprinkles wishing dust all over the little roof and you close your eyes to make a wish by the time the doorbell rings
  • you began to panic and put the house away like it meant nothing and Peter just looks at you with his big doe eyes and feels his heart starting to break
  • the party starts and all of your guests are in the basement 
  • Tom-Tom starts to be mean to Peter and you again follow her lead so he goes upstairs 
  • then again, Tom-Tom comes into scene and suggests to play 7 minutes in heaven and says to you that Flash is dying to kiss you, but doesn’t closes the closet door before asking you where is her project and puts a blindfold in your eyes
  • Tom-Tom’s gang and Flash’s friends starts to leave the party and Tom-Tom finds Peter and says that you were waiting for him in the closet
  • so when he opens the door he sees you with a smile eye-to-eye and his world lights up
  • “I thought you weren’t gonna come”
  • he’s just so happy to hear that that he entrelaces your fingers together and leans in for a kiss, never making it because you called him “Flash” 
  • it all goes downhill when you see that it’s Peter and everybody is gone and you started to blame him and locked yourself on the closet
  • you slides down the shelf where the Y/N Dream House is and starts to hit your head back, making the whole shelf move and some wishing dust to fall on you while you keep saying:
  • “I wanna be 30“

  • Here’s where the shit goes REALLY crazy
  • You wake up in a bed that isn’t yours and a flat that isn’t yours either
  • you find a mirror and sees that the reflection isn’t the same too
  • then you find a weird nude guy calling you sweetbun
  • you leave your flat in your pajamas after you saw his thingy and finds a blonde woman standing in front of a car and screaming at her phone and telling you to get in
  • so you starts to find out a lot of things about you and it comes to your mind that your wish was fulfilled. You are now 30 and were the editor of the Poise magazine, best friends with Tom-Tom (now you call her Lucy) and prom queen with Flash as prom king.
  • but then you starts to miss Peter and wonder where he is, so you ask your secretary to find him
  • when she does you leave the office and runs across the city to find his flat and knock on his door
  • “You’re not chinese”
  • you just stares at him and realizes that Peter isn’t a skinny nerdy guy. Now he’s tall and strong, with abs showing on his shirt and his wavy hair is now pulled back giving a whole new and hotter look.
  • then your panic comes back when he tells you that you’re not best friends anymore and you find yourself sitting in a bench while holding a fluffy pillow and drinking a glass of water
  • when you calm down you two go back to your apartment and you find your yearbook seeing the pictures of prom and Tom-Tom’s gang that you turned out to be their leader
  • “This is incredible, I can’t believe that I got everything I’ve ever wanted”
    “Yeah Y/N, you got it all. Congratulations.”

  • You receive a call telling you about a Poise party at night and you invite Peter to come and he says that he’ll think about it
  • by the night you starts to get ready ala 80′s style and find thongs in your HUGE closet
  • Can you tell I’m wearing underwear? ‘Cause I totally am”
  • when you get to the party you find Lucy and asks for a drink
  • I’ll have a Pina Colada, not virgin. Wanna see my ID? Totally have it!”
  • then your boss comes to you and starts to panic about people starting to leave so you get an idea and go to the DJ
  • Thriller starts to play and you go to the middle of the dance floor, doing the choreography
  • starting to feel uncomfortable alone, you find Peter in the crowd and your heart skips a beat, your feet in a hurry to get him and making him dance with you
  • and literally everybody starts to dance too and your boss is so happy
  • but Peter says he need to leave and you hold hands for a second and your whole body heats up, having a weird sensation by the time he lefts
  • time passes and one night you’re outside a restaurant with Lucy and you see Peter walking by and ask what he’s doing there
  • then a beautiful ginger girl appears on his side and he introduces her as his fiancée, Mary Jane
  • your heart breaks a little and you feel numb for a second
  • you come back to your reality when the naked guy appears on your side and started to talk to Peter and his fiancée
  • Peter then leave and Lucy tells you to go to the naked guy’s (Alex’s) flat to play games
  • when you get there you suggests battleship and he starts to kiss your ear and you don’t know what to do while he keeps flirting
  • then he starts to striptease and do a weird dance and you look away trying to hide your shame
  • Put your penis away, I don’t want to see it again!”
  • as the days goes by you start to realize what an awful person you’ve become on this alternative universe. You found that you have been screwing your coworkers husband and things that you never knew you could do
  • feeling bad, you go to Peter’s apartment and ask him if he wanted to go for a walk
  • you start to talk about the future and his wedding plans 
  • then curiosity strikes you and you finally ask him about what happened to your friendship
  • you watch the pain in his eyes while he tells you about your 13th party 
  • he says that you threw the Y/N Dream House that he spent 3 weeks building at him and never talked to him again
  • you feel awful
  • you became a monster after all
  • after that night you crash into your parents house and locks yourself in the same closet from your birthday party and realizes that the Y/N Dream House isn’t there
  • so you hit your head purposely on the same shelf and your parents find you in there
  • the morning after your mother makes you pancakes with blueberry eyes 
  • If you were given one do over anything in your life what would it be?”
    “But did you ever make a big mistake… a
    huge one that could change your life… what about that?”
    Well, Y/N, I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I don’t regret any of them”
    How come?”
    “Because If I haven’t had make them I wouldn’t have learned how to do things right.”

  • going through the pages of your yearbook you see that Peter was the one who took the pictures and a huge idea comes into your mind
  • you hire Peter to do a photoshoot with people recreating those pictures and have lots of fun while doing that
  • he can’t take his eyes off of you and his hearts melts a little whenever you laugh
  • you even dance together under the fake snow while doing the winter dance shoot
  • he even gives you a white peony while doing the class of 2004
  • later that day you two started to talk about the past and you two get Razzles and go for a walk 
  • Hey Peter, tell me something. What color is my tongue?”
    Is red, I don’t know… red?”
    Red red or Razzles red?”
  • then you two started to compete who would go higher on a swingset 
  • it was beautiful ‘till you two fell
  • and it was beautiful again when you landed on his chest and his hand started to caress your bare sholder sending you chills on your spine
  • Hey, you got arm hair”
    “Never got quite that reaction before.”

  • then you two started to smile at each other like the two dorks you were in the past and he leans in to kiss you
  • it was magical, every second of it. You just wished you could stay like that forever
  • when the day of the presentations came, you were super nervous to show your ideas ‘cause you were afraid about the opinions
  • so Lucy presents first and it wasn’t very well
  • and when you present your project, everybody go crazy about it and loving the idea of the class of 2004
  • but Lucy wasn’t very happy and goes to your office to find out that you were the one that was selling Poise ideas to Sparkle, the rival magazine
  • Peter goes to your office to talk to you and finds Lucy, who said to him that you changed your mind about his pictures and hired someone more professional 
  • so you decided to go to his apartment to tell him that everybody loved his photos and you find Mary Jane wearing one of his shirts
  • the special one that he was wearing when they kissed on the playground
  • and she tells you that she will tell him when he gets back from picking up his tux and that they’re getting married on the next day
  • your heart completly breaks
  • the next day when you go to work you find out the whole floor empty and everybody packing from their offices
  • your boss tells you that Sparkle published your story and you find out that Lucy did it and she throws in your face all of the bad things you have done and how you sold all of the Poise stories to Sparkle
  • feeling worse than ever you decided to go to Peter’s wedding and calls a cab
  • later on you find out that the cab driver is actually Flash Thompson and just jumps out of it running like crazy
  • when you arrived at Peter’s yard you entered the house and ran to his old room, finding he knotting his tie while looking at the window
  • he looks at you and you can swear you saw a sparkle in his eyes
  • and you did
  • so you tried to tell him that Lucy was talking about a person that wasn’t you anymore
  • It doesn’t matter what Lucy said. I stopped trusting her after she stole my poprocks on the third grade.”
  • you can’t help but smile at him and his dorkness
  • Peter, I have to believe that if you knew that… if in your heart you really really knew that, you wouldn’t be getting married to someone right now, unless that someone were me”
  • he doesn’t look at you and you begin to panic already regretting but feeling like going on.
  • you started to miss his eyes and every blink looks like an eternity
  • Y/N, I’m not gonna lie to you… I’ve felt things this past weeks that I didn’t know that I could feel anymore.”
  • you feel a smile forming on your lips but disappearing right after he completes his sentence.
  • But I’ve realized in this past few days… you can’t just turn back time”
  • when you question him about it, he said that he’d moved on and you had too. And when he mentions Mary Jane you think about how good she is to him and can’t feel comfortable about the view of him wearing that tux and being ready to say “yes”
  • so you started to cry
  • then he opens his closet and you see the Y/N Dream House, feeling a knot involving all of your internal organs and or fingers start to tremble
  • you cry even more
  • it still have the wishing dust all over the plastic roof and you feel your heart warms at the thought of him putting it all over
  • he gives it to you and you hold the dream house in your arms, trying to feel it like one of his hugs and smile at him
  • I’ll be fine, go on! I’m just crying because I’m happy… I-I want you to be so so happy”
  • talking a deep breath, your voice starts to shake while he gives you a sad smile
  • I love you, Peter. You’re my best friend”. 
  • when you put your hand on the doorknob he took an audible deep breath
  • Y/N, I’ve always loved you”
  • and your mind lingers on the word loved” 
  • he loved you, but now he loves Mary Jane
  • so you go down the stairs and sit in the front yard, still holding the Y/N Dream House
  • the wedding music started playing and every melody sounded lower than your heart breaking a little more while your chest felt so heavy that it could send you to the ground in a blink
  • you started to play with the objects in the little rooms on the doll house and the wind started to blow against your face
  • you didn’t even care, your mind was only focused on how you wanted to be with Peter
  • and suddently there was wishing dust all over the ar, flying around you as your eyes were closed, trying to fight against the tears
  • you started to hear a song that wasn’t a wedding song and tried to open your eyes, being stopped by a blindfold
  • as you took it off, you saw that you were back again in that closet in your 13th birthday party and a warm feeling was all over you
  • Peter opened the closet door and you attacked him with a hug and kissed him
  • on his lips!
  • “Wow, you really know what you’re doing!”
  • you smiled at him and grabbed his hand, leading him upstairs and found Tom-Tom in the middle of it
  • you saw the group project that you did by yourself in her hands and ripped it appart, smirking at her and running again
  • C’mon Peter, we’re gonna be late!”
    For what?”
    You’ll see!”
  • as the years passed, you and Peter only grew stronger and loving each other even more
  • the wedding music was now played for you two while you walked down the aisle and find his marvelous smile waiting for you
  • soon you two moved to a brand new house
  • Y/N and Peter Dream House

@percyyoulittleshit prompted: Cinnamon, a welcome sign, a well worn leather jacket

Summary: Percy welcomes Annabeth home after some misadventures travelling

He’d wanted to stay up until she got home, but figured out that he’d failed to do so after being awoken by the soft WHUMPF of a body flopping next to him sometime around two in the morning.

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GOOD KITTEN- Jimin pet play smut (requested)

REQUESTED- Jimin pet play smut…u nasty ;);)…but I hope this is what you were looking for bc I had no inspiration

Genre: smut just pure porn dudes
Word count: 4.6k

You had always been best friends with Taehyung. Close enough that his college friends soon became your own.

You met Jimin your freshman year, Tae’s second year, at a frat party. There was too much alcohol and smoke clouding your senses to really get to know Jimin that night.

But being the sweet boy he was, he invited you to their dorm. He roomed with Tae, and another, Jungkook. You spent many hours in their dorm, playing video games, eating food you’d be sure the boys would be fat from by now, and helping them with their majors. Watching Jungkook and Jimin dance, listening to Tae’s honey voice.

Time spent at the boy’s dorm was always something you valued. And outside wasn’t any different.

The clubs, the parties, the random locations, the road trips, and even the midnight pranks you all partook in.

You recalled one specific night when you and Jimin were alone.

Taehyung and Jungkook had gone to buy eggs, a vital ingredient in Tae’s new cake experiment. You sat on the kitchen counter, legs dangling over as your bare thighs touched the cool marble surface.

Jimin had emerged fresh from the shower.

“Where’d they go?” He asked simply, making his way to a cabinet. His wet black hair shone under the kitchen lights. He reached in for the cereal. “The store. Tae wants to make some massive cake thing or something.. I don’t know.” Was all you replied. You didn’t detach your eyes from the magazine in your lap.

You legs swung back and forth, your heels occasionally hitting the wood cabinets beneath.

Jimin poured his cereal. “For fucks sake, (Y/N), can you put some pants on if your gonna sit on our kitchen counter.”

You sneered at him, still not looking away from the glossy pages. “Oh please like you don’t enjoy me pants less in your own house.” Jimin only rolled his eyes as he finished putting the boxed cereal away. His bowl sat on the counter, filled of milk as he made his way to you.

His warm hands suddenly gripped at your knees. You looked up from the magazine, your head flying fast. He kneaded them slightly as he stared into your eyes. The hands slowly began sliding up your cold thighs. His body heat spread up your legs, making you shiver from the contact.

“Jimin.” His eyes were twisted shut as he rubbed circles into your upper thighs with his small thumbs. “Yeah?” He sighed. His lips were dangerously nearing your collar bone. The large t-shirt had been down far enough to cover your crotch, but not your upper neck area. “What’re you doing?” You asked in an annoyed tone. The bitterness in your voice quickly faded as he attached his lips to your collar bone.

The thick, plump lips made their way around your bone. Sucking, licking, and soft bites. You gasped against his touch. Your hands gripped the magazine. You thought you had ripped the pages.

His assault on your thighs never ceased. He only dug harder, your gasps fueling his fantasies.

Your hands flew up to his hair. Your fingers tangled into the black locks as you searched for purchase other than the magazine. “Jimin-ah.” You moaned this time.

Jimin pulled away, surprised by the sudden moan and your fingers encompassed in his hair. You pouted slightly as you wished for the contact back.

The boy only smirked as you sat, waiting.

He dropped to his knees, his head just barely above the counter. He smiled against your thighs as he peeled the long, black t-shirt up. The fabric slowly exposed the purple lace panties underneath.

Your legs threatened to close as you struggled from the anticipation.

Your breath hitched as his breath neared your, now, dripping core. “Ah. Ah..Jimin please.” You cooed, your voice no longer angry. All of your defenses gone. You couldn’t lie against your attraction to the sweet boy.

He smiled against your heat, as his lips made contact. Your clothed clit pulsated under his touch as breathy whines left your mouth, a silent plea.

He pulled away suddenly. He sighed as he turned back to the cereal bowl lying, neglected, on the counter across from you.

“Naughty naughty.” He sang as the bowl was cradled into his hands. He began walking past you and out into the dorm living room. “Maybe next time, kitten.” He whispered darkly in your ear as he passed.

You shivered at the name. Your heat quivered beneath you, the pool in your panties and the irritation in your lower abdomen, left vacant and unsatisfied.

You had spent your whole next saturday shopping in the main city near your campus.

You ventured in and out of several malls. Searching for the store that had just what you were looking for.

You stumbled upon a smaller mall, one you were skeptical of its availability because of its size. You entered anyways, desperate to find the perfect one. The mall was the second to last on your list, and the day was growing late.

Darkness set in as you found the shop you were searching for.

Your hands swept across the racks of clothing, colors and textures ranging from black, to pastel. Lace, to silk.

A woman, looked to be in her fifties, approached you. “Do you need any help miss?” She asked sweetly, her tone much more welcoming than any of the other chain stores you had entered.

You perked up at her. “Yes, in fact.” You spoke, matter of factly. “What do you have that screams "kitten” in a kinky way?..And.“ You dug into your store bag from an earlier purchase. "Some thing that matches this.” You said as you held the pink collar in your hands. The leather was dyed a pastel pink, the middle clasping together at a metal heart shape.

The woman smiled gently. “Interesting.” She said. She only gestured for you to follow as she made her way deeper into the store. There was a hallway leading to a smaller room you were previously unaware of.

“This.” She said, waving her hand over the room. “Is where you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

You gazed at the wide array of pastel colors. From blues, to grays, to pinks. Each clothing item hung from within your reach, to up high on the walls. There were numerous toys around. Collars and leashes and ties. You smiled at the collection.

“I think this’ll be perfect. Thank you.” You bowed to her. “One thing.” She suggested.

You followed again as she led you to a corner of the room. “Tying up acceptable?” She asked calmly. Her demeanor was extremely professional. “Yes.” You said behind her. She reached onto a higher shelf, grabbing another pink leather item.

She spun around on her heels. She held the item out to you. “Leather handcuffs. Matching your collar.” You smiled taking the toy into your hands. “I think this will be more than perfect, thank you.” You bowed yet again.

She smiled warmly back at you. “I’m sure you’ll find anything else you’re looking for in here. Let me know if you need anything.” You nodded as she left the room. She entered the main floor, leaving you behind.

You weren’t expecting to find toys in a mall lingerie store, but you were more than thrilled, to say the least. The pink handcuffs remained tight in your grip as you searched the seemingly endless racks of clothes.

You finally picked out the cutest one you could think. You were permitted to try it on, the fabric hugging your curves perfectly. The dull, lace pink matched well your other mischievous items.

“Have fun.” The elder woman said with a subtle wink as you checked out. You smirked at your devious plan, carrying the bags out of the store and towards your home.

You pulled the naughty outfit of its bag later that night.

The pink lace top was tied tightly around your shoulders, forming little bows on top of them. You also tied the pink and white corset against your waist. It sucked in your abdomen, making you appear skinnier and curvier. Your breasts hung out through the cutouts. You slipped on the matching panties before clipping on the straps that connected to the stockings from the bottom of the corset. The stockings reached up to your knees, the pink sheen fabric easily see through.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, admiring your curves and shapes. You felt scared, excited, yet strangely confident at once.

With a final glance, you exited the bathroom, grabbing a robe on the way out.

You entered into the living room. You sat on the old couch, cuffs and collar sitting on the table nearby.

You waited anxiously on the worn leather couch for Jimin to arrive. You asked Jungkook and Tae what their weekend plans were. “Some more cake stuff.” Tae said smugly with a wink, referring to your instance with Jimin. You only told them to fuck off, and not to come back until way later, or the next morning. You didn’t care which, only wanting Jimin to be all to yours for the evening.

It was nearing eight now, the city skyline in the distance shone brightly through the window. The dark sky sat peacefully. Your thumbs twiddled nervously as you waited, hoping he’d come home.

He was said to arrive from dance practice anytime between seven-thirty and eight. Now being the butt of the time, you worried he’d stayed later. Or had other plans.

Your fears were put to rest, however, when the front door was unlocked and opened. It was eight-twenty two.

“It’s about time, Oppa~” You sang in the same sarcastic tone he had back in the kitchen. You heard things being dropped and items moved around. “(Y/N)?” Jimin’s surprised tone rang through the hall. He rounded the corner, eyes peering straight at your figure on the couch.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked as he walked to the front of the couch. He sat down on the same one as you, only leaving a seat between the two of you. He faced you, one arm resting across the back of the furniture.

You sat, crossed legged, facing him as he faced you. The velvety black and red robe hung over your crossed legs.

“Just get out of the shower?” He asked, hands gesturing to your gown. You shook your head. Your fingers twirled around nervously as you contemplated what to say next.

“(Y/N)?” “Yeah?” Your slightly anxious tone betrayed you. “Are you.. okay?” He asked cautiously, afraid of your emotion.

You took a deep breath, swallowing back all of your fear. Sucking in the cool air that gave you a new sense of bravery. Your confidence began to peak through as you attempted to appear sexy. A smirk appeared on your lips.

“Oh.. I’m perfectly fine.” Your tone was seductive, and mysterious. Jimin’s breath hitched slightly, as he uncomfortably shifted. His hand gripped the back of the couch. The fibers curled beneath him.

You leaned forward, your crossed legs remaining in their previous position as your upper half neared the boy. Your cheek nearly rested on this shoulder as your lips curled up to his ear. You placed a small kiss behind the shell, before licking around it. “I think you’ll be one who’s not fine.” You growled into his ear before pulling away.

He gasped lightly as your actions. And at the flash of cleavage along with a slight view of something pink as you pulled away. The robe was betraying you.

You sat back upright in your original position. Your smirk remained.

You then brought your hands to the tie of the robe, half way down your torso. The velvet ties came undone in a smooth motion as your hands moved slowly. Once open, you easily slid the cover off over your shoulders, exposing the ties of the naughty outfit. Your hands still clutched the robe to your breasts, not exposing them yet.

You sat up on your knees, kicking one leg out. Your stockings along with the ropes that attached just to the bottom of the corset were revealed. The pastel pink panties taunting Jimin’s eyes.

You smiled. “You said next time. Well..” You leaned forward again, yet keeping your head a good distance from his. Your hooded eyes looked back at him from the nearer proximity. “Here’s your next time, I’ve been a good kitten.” You cooed sweetly, sounding innocent, yet so dirty. Jimin’s swallowed as his throat became dry.

“You’ve been a good kitten, yea?” He asked through his lust filled eyes. The dark pupils even darker than they usually appeared to be. His bangs hung low, sweaty and sticky against his forehead. They hung into his eyes.

“Mmm yes.” You hummed as you closed your eyes. You wagged your ass in the air behind you at you placed your hands down on his large thighs, now being on all fours. The robe hung open, your exposed breasts barely visible. Jimin tugged at the edges of the fabric.

“Let’s get this off, kitten.” He groaned. You complied silently, a quiet whimper escaping your lips.

He gripped at the black, tearing it down your shoulders. You helped him the rest of the way by sliding it off your back. It was soon easily discarded on the floor nearby.

Your pastel, laced, pink outfit was fully exposed. Jimin drank in the sight of your body. As you sat on all fours, ass high in the hair behind you. Your breasts hung down through the cutouts. The corsets slimmed you and made your hips prominent. He ran his fingers along the fabric of your sides, caressing from your hips to the sides of your breasts, and back down again.

“You look so nice for me kitten.” He praised you. You shivered again like in the kitchen at the nickname. Something about the pet name excited you unlike anything before. You dug your fingers into his thighs as you begin sliding them up and down the large muscles.

“Be a good kitten and suck daddy’s cock for him, yea?” He asked in a strangely polite manner as he stroked your hair. He tucked few strands behind your ear.

You simply nodded as you leaned down further. Your ass moved higher in the air, giving Jimin the perfect view.

You unbuttoned his pants, and began unzipping them. Eager to touch him, you neglected any teasing, going straight to rip his pants off.

The denim fabric was pulled down to his lower thighs. His boxers being the only obstacle left. You could see his length straining through the fabric. You palmed him lightly, feeling the already extremely hard muscle.

Your fingers looped in the waistband, pulling it back with a snap before pulling them down. His erection sprang free against his lower abdomen as you moved the fabric lower to meet his pants.

Once all obstacles were removed, your fingers danced their way back up his thighs. You stroked lightly up his length with one single finger. A single stripe from the base to his tip. You swirled the finger around the top, swirling the precum with it.

“Come on kitten, open your mouth.” He demanded in a sing song tone. You complied, sticking your tongue out and copying the same motion you did with your index finger.

Once at the top, you swirled your tongue around his tip. You could slightly taste the precum as you spread it around, lubricating him further.

You opened your mouth, stretching it wide for him. His length was a stretch to fit inside, you struggled to take him all the way.

You bobbed your head back and forth, taking as much of him as you could. His tip brushed against where your throat began. It threatened to gag you. You kept at a teasingly slow pace, flattening your tongue and licking stripes you you did. Occasionally your tongue would swirl around his length while you hallowed your cheeks.

He threw his head back in pleasure. Loud moans of your name rolled off his tongue. “Ah..ah fuck, (Y/N).” He cursed, gripping into your hair.

He pulled roughly as he guided your head. He quickened your pace forcefully. Tears formed at the edges of your eyes as he pushed faster, and began thrusting as well. His tip was now forcing its way down your throat as he fucked your face.

Your nose was hitting against his lower abdomen as you struggled for air. He finally pulled away, fingers leaving your hair and cock leaving your mouth. But not for your gagging or choking, but simply because he was close.

One thumb stroked along your cheek bone, rubbing away a tear. “Mmm.” He sighed. “You’re so good kitten.”

His arms had then reached to pick you up. He grasped around your waist, fingers digging into the pink lace covered flesh. Your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. Your arms also came to wrap around his body, as you settled on his neck.

He carried you toward his bedroom of the dorm, all while deeply kissing you.

His tongue ravaged your mouth. Easily dominating your tongue, searching and exploring every part of your mouth, and leaving you breathless with his little teases. The licks, the lip bites, the gasps.

You whined at the loss of contact as he threw you onto his bed. Your back arched up as you bounced back from the mattress under you. You laid, watching and ready as he peeled off his shirt. His pants and boxers that were already falling down, also removed.

His toned chest and abs flexed as he moved above you. Your fingers ran along his skin, shiny with sweat. He glared back at you through his lust hooded eyes. His facial features were dark and mysterious, or maybe that was the lighting in the room.

“I love the way you look in this kitten, but I’m sure you’d look even better with it off.”

You only nodded in approval as he began untying the bows on your shoulders. Easily, they came undone, releasing the pink laced top from your body. He threw it aside as it landed somewhere in the dorm room.

His fingers slowly trailed down your sides, tickling you, as he reached for the back of the corset. One by one he undid the its ties until the tight material loosened. You took a deep breath at the new found freedom. He unclipped the strap connecting to your leggings. He also discarded that item of clothing, leaving your entire upper half completely bare.

He caressed your thighs next as he moved his whole body down. His fingers looped into the pastel panties, pulling them down with him as he continued moving downward.

The panties were slid down your legs as your raised them to assist.

Another piece of your lingerie set carelessly discarded.

He stared at your pulsating heat. His tongue darted out, licking his lips as his face was just inches away. “I bet you taste great kitten.”

You squirmed at his words, silently begging him to just do it. You so badly wanted to rub your thighs together in attempt to relieve any sort of pressure. But you knew Jimin would not allow.

His fingers gripped into your thighs as they had back in the kitchen that day. Small circles were rubbed into your flesh, reminding you of how this all started. His face neared like before.

He took one finger, rubbing it up and down you slit, just as you had done with one finger to tease him earlier. You gasped, throwing your head back at the pure pleasure. It wasn’t enough to satisfy you, however.

“Jimin, ah … Jimin please.” You begged.

His finger only slid down further, suddenly circling around your entrance. Your hands gripped at the sheets, knuckles white as you burned with anticipation.

He slowly entered his one finger, thrusting it in and out just as slow. His tongue came to lick flat striped against your clit. The sensations sent your mind into a flurry, but not enough to make you orgasm.

You pushed your hips up, causing more friction against his tongue. “Jimin-ah please.” You begged louder.

He threw his free hand up to your hips, placing his palm flat against you. “Don’t move kitten, or you won’t get what you’re begging for.”

You groaned as you threw your head back against the pillow. Your hips settled down, listening to Jimin’s commands.

He entered another finger, this time a little faster. His tongue now swirled in circles around your clit, rougher than before. The combined pleasures were enough to make you scream his name.

You were just thankful the other boys weren’t home.

He gradually picked up the pace of his fingers. Thrusting in and out and in and out. Occasionally hooking the digits upwards, searching for your spot. His tongue remained the same, the rough onslaught to your swollen clit.

Your pants were loud, louder than the explicit slurping noises from beneath you as Jimin drank in your taste.

You could feel the knot forming low in your stomach. Your walls began clenching around his fingers as you whined. Your moans became louder and louder, mixed with begs for him not to stop.

You clenched your eyes shut tightly as your release neared. But of course, he pulled away.

You practically screamed at the loss. Your release so close, you were right on the edge. You shook, feeling empty and unsatisfied.

“Jimin.” You protested, angrily.

He leaned over you again, only to flip you over. You strattled him, knees held on each side of his. His hands roughly gripped your hips. “That’s daddy to you.”

You looked back at him, annoyed with his previous antics. But you complied knowing it was the only way to get what you wanted.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I’ll be a good kitten from now on I promise.” He placed your entrance over his tip, forcing your hips to swing back and forth. The friction caused you to snap your head up. Sinful moans escaped your lips. “Then be a good kitten and tell daddy what you want.”

“Ah.. I-I want you to f-fuck me, daddy.” You rolled your hips down slightly further. You both hissed. “Please.”

He suddenly forced your hips down. Your body slammed against his as you sat, his whole length inside of you. You placed a hand on his chest to steady yourself and grow accustomed to his length. The stretch was a little much.

You nodded against him, telling him to move. His grip on your hips remained as he thrust up into you. You helped, using the strength of your thighs to bounce yourself up and down on him. His thrusts met halfway with yours, intensifying the pleasure.

Your hands dug roughly into his shoulders, leaving bruises for sure. He moaned against your chest, as you moaned his name. His hips snapped up into yours roughly.

You suddenly began slowing down, remembering your true purpose. He pulled back, opening his once tightly shut eyes. His confused gaze stared back at you.

“I-In the living room.” You gasped between deep breaths. “I have something.” He only nodded in confusion and excitement as you removed yourself from him. You groaned at the empty feeling once off, but you knew it would be worth it.

You returned into the room seconds later. Cuffs in hand, collar around neck.

Jimin watched your naked figure saunter back into the room, your hips swaying delightfully. He didn’t notice the new items until you spun the hand cuffs around one finger with a smirk on your face.

You moved up to straddle him again. His fingers looped inside the metal heart, pulling your neck against him. His lips attached to your skin. He sucked harshly, leaving multiple marks.

“Daddy?” You sighed. His lips ghosted over your skin lightly. “Yes?” You deepened your tone to sound more seductive.

“Tie me up.”

His lips were removed from your skin as quickly as they had attached. He flipped you off him, laying you down on your back. You raised your arms above you, waiting eagerly for him.

He loomed over you once again, placing the pink cuffs around your wrists. The metal chain connecting the two cuffs was placed behind a post of the headboard to restructure you. You leaned forward, only to be pulled back by the restraints.

He moved down, placing himself right at your entrance. His hands ran up from your hips to you breasts, his fingertips tickling you lightly. You whined as he kneaded your breasts. “You’ve been such a good kitten for daddy.”

His words trailed off as his fingers also slid off your breasts. His hips had suddenly snapped against you, forcing himself inside. You gasped loudly, nearly screaming at the sudden stretch.

Soon the moment of pain faded as he pounded into you. The immense pleasure washed over your body as he thrusted into you. His tip brushed against your g-spot ever so lightly on occasion. The split moment when it did made you scream louder.

Your fingers curled as your wrists strained against the leather. It was exhilarating to have you hands bound, letting Jimin have his complete way with you.

His fingers curled around the curves of your hips. He dug deeply, surely to leave bruises.

His hips relentlessly pounded into yours as screams and moans and pants filled the room.

Your walls closed around him as you felt your release nearing yet again. “I-I’m cl..ose.” You said in a strangled voice.

Jimin’s thrusts became rougher, faster, deeper. You screamed out as your head twisted in all directions. “Please.. l-let me come daddy.” You begged as his torture on your lower half continued.

He only grunted in response, focused on chasing his own high.

His hips continued to roll into yours deeper and harder. The pace making you scream. Your walls continued to clench around him. He moaned your name. “You’re so tight and so.. ah fuck (Y/N).”

You arched your back off the bed, straining the cuffs so hard you were sure they’d break. A white filter covered your eyes as they screwed shut. You entire lower body shook as your release hit you. You came hard around him.

He moaned loudly as your walls squeezed him tightly. He continued thrusting. He chased his own orgasm, sending you into overstimulation.

You gripped handcuffs tighter, the overstimulation pain too much to handle.

A few thrusts later he groaned as his release spilled inside you. You sighed at the end of the thrusts. You relaxed, tired and exhausted.

Jimin pulled out, rushing to the bathroom to grab somethings to clean you up. He helped you undo the cuffs, handing you the tissues. You thanked him, cleaning yourself up as he hid the toys and lingerie before anyone else came home. You put the robe on, tying it tightly around your waist as you sat on the edge of the bed.

Jimin entered in the room again, the objects hidden. “Uh..your collar.” You reached up, unclipping the metal heart. You threw it across the room to him. He caught it in one hand, rushing out to hide it with the others.

Once everything was taken care of, he closed the door behind him. He took out a new pair of boxers and loose t-shirt. He put on the sleepwear and slipped into the bed.

“Come.” He patted the pillow next to him. “Cuddle with me.”

Isaac Lahey

(So, this is my first post on this blog and my first ever fan fiction! Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I still don’t know what fandoms and characters I’ll write for as of yet, but I’m actually quite impressed with how this turned out and I hope whoever decides to read this, enjoys.)

Who Knew

The first time you met Isaac Lahey, you were running late for class.

Your best friend Scott had woken you up since you had slept through your alarm. You ignored him as he tried to wake you and groaned “Five more minutes.”

Well, five more minutes turned into thirty. You honestly thought only two minutes went by when you heard Scott yell that he was leaving. You let out a little “okay.” and quickly went back to sleep for what you thought would be a measly three minutes. You finally began to wake and as you turned to face the alarm clock on your dresser… let’s just say you sprang into action now noticing you would be very late for first period. You were amazed at how fast you showered, got dressed and shoved all the books you needed for the day in your bag before sprinting out the door.

As soon as you arrived at school, you ran to your locker to lighten the weight of your book bag as you desperately tried to hurry up and not make yourself even more late than you already were. You were moving so fast that you ended up dropping a few of the books you were trying to cram into your overstuffed locker. Silently cursing to yourself, you saw someone quickly come to your aid as they bent down to pick up your fallen textbooks. “Thank you.” You muttered as you still tried to jam as much as you could into your locker. You were so focused on trying to get everything to fit, that you didn’t notice the person as they stood up to hand your belongings back to you. It wasn’t until after what felt like a century of rearranging and moving items around that you finally turned to the stranger. You weren’t expecting to be greeted by a pair of beautiful blue eyes and a smile that made you weak in the knees. “Thank you.” You said again to the tall boy standing in front of you. “Sorry, I had you standing here so long to hand me my books.” You quickly said as you realized you probably made the guy late for class because he was being polite enough to help you. “Don’t worry about it.” He said with that beautiful smile still on his lips. You retrieved your books from him and threw them into your locker quickly closing it and locking it before the books could fall out. You’d deal with your locker later, right now you just really needed to get to class. As you walked past him to head to your first period, he called after you. “I didn’t get your name!” You turned and gave him a smile. “Y/N.”

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otlht  asked:

Wolf AU Touken...? Seriously, look at my profile pic, I would die of happiness if you posted it, if you have it of course.

Mod K:

She covers herself up and yells that she wanted privacy. She looks at the point of distress too, so Akira rounds up the women and they all leave her be.

“Clothes are over there,” Akira informs her, pointing at a pile of pink lace and furs on top of a straw barrel. She really felt sorry for her, it doesn’t seem like this poor bunny girl would fare well with a camp of predators.

Touka gets up from the murky waters after a long time. The women had scrubbed her clean and cleaned her hair but Touka was more than a little distressed at the fact that she was going to be living amongst them now. She missed her friends and family – but this was a risk she had to take. She couldn’t risk the wolves hurting her people.

Thankfully the clothes she was given was covering her skin. A fur cloak on top of a creamy pink tunic and shorts.

She finds one of the girl’s waiting for her outside of the baths. SHe leads her to dinner where Touka watches them gorge on animal flesh and other foods she’s never ate before.

She makes a face, frowning and lowering her long black ears in disgust. Though luckily, Akira, the nice fox girl from earlier passes her a plate filled with vegetables and freshly baked bread. Touka sighs in relief and thanks the woman, who nods. “I’ve heard that rabbits are vegetarian,” she says, “So I told the chefs to prepare different food for you.”

“Y-Yes, we are,” Touka confirms, looking at her plate and feeling somewhat miserable as she thinks to her family. They probably had no idea where she even was or what had happened to her.

It wasn’t like she had been able to say goodbye. If she had tried to explain, they would’ve tried to stop her.

Her uncle would’ve tried to fight the wolf alpha, and probably would’ve died. The idea along makes her feel sick. Akira touches her shoulder sympathetically. “I was also taken from my home,” she shares as she sits beside her. “A long time ago. I was offered up to the wolf tribe along with other women in exchange for mercy. My father had long since died, so I was given because I was unattached.”

Touka frowns. “That’s awful,” she murmurs, and Akira only shrugs.

Her hands ball into fists. Who did these wolves think that they were? Taking from people – and demanding from them? It was awful –

But her thoughts seem to quiet the moment that the alpha, Kaneki Ken enters the room. He was bigger than all of the other male wolves, who were already huge, and he’s followed from a playful looking blonde wolf who sits as his side, and a dark haired purple looking wolf, and a brown wolf with sharp eyes and glasses.

Ken looks at her and beckons her closer.

Imagine- Hey! Could you do a Hayes imagine about a trip to Disney for the day? you guys have a great time. but you are the most popular couple. so you meet a lot of fans. but you still have a great time on rides! thanks!!

Request from: @mia-giannakoulis

Warnings- None.. ?

A/N- Thanks so much to all my followers ! I know i was super inactive for… well awhile but I’m back with your favorite ships and imagines :) Send em in if you got one !

You let out a loud groan and shoved your face back under your pillow bringing your comforter to over your head.  
Another groan fell from your mouth as you peeked out of your pillow dome to check the time.It read 5:40 am. Who in their right mind when even think it was okay to bother you at such an ungodly hour? Everyone knew you were hell to deal with in the morning, especially after having to drive a long way to Florida for the boys show.
You finally reached over toward your phone and Hayes picture ID flashed on the screen. Of course, HE would be the one to unleash your morning wrath.
“Mmm ?” You groaned through the cell phone now propped up by your ear. You were still laying on your stomach with your blankets sprawled on you. You heard a light chuckle on the other end making your stomach flip.
“Good morning beautiful” The other end replied to your audible response. “Get up, Now”.
“You’re hilarious”
“No, I’m serious. Up. Now. i have a surprise” He sing sang that last part and suddenly you had an idea, a smile spread across your face.
“Okay,” A sweet smile plastered on your face.
“Good, see yeah in a few” After you heard you phone click from disconnect you set your phone back on the table side and rolled over into the mass fortress of comfort. He’ll probably be there in about in hour so you could get a little bit more sleep, besides it early. Too early.
You groaned yet again and rolled back to answer the phone again.
“Yes?” you hummed already knowing who it was.
“You really think i didn’t you would just roll back into bed the second i hung up? Seriously get up” A loud sigh tumbled from your mouth and you finally sat upright in your bed, or temporary bed at the hotel. Outside the window, you could still make out several stars. It was still fairly dark out, though, the sun wasn’t expected to rise for another hour or so.You stretched as much as you could while holding the phone to your ear.
“i can hear your up so get dressed ill be there in” he paused for a moment before continuing “Say 30 minutes?”
“Alright,  and to what occasion and i getting dressed for?” you questioned.
“Something you would wear to get ice cream and walk around the beach” He replied before hanging up. So you were probably going to be getting ice cream and going to walk on the beach, he certainly kept it a surprise. Why so early, though, are we sign to watch the sunrise you thought.You walked into the bathroom that connected to your room and you were greeted by a glowing yellow as the lights turned on. You turned the knob to the shower and let the water cascade around you in a warm waterfall. After you finally finished your shower you were determined to find the right outfit. You finally decided on a pair of high waisted shorts, a pair of brown sandals and a pink lace crop top. Your hands went to work to set a fluffy braid that ran down your back. s you did the finishing touches you heard the soft knock of Hayes at the door. You opened it balancing on the wall to put your other sandal on; Hayes lets a small laugh tumble from his mouth when greeted with such a sight.
“You might want a pillow” You groaned and turned to grab your favorite pillow pet, a giraffe, off your bed. Finally, you were both set to go as you both set out to the direction of his car. You gave him a quizzical look, the beach wasn’t that far, it was within a walking distance but you didn’t protest.”So it’ll be a couple hours until we arrive at our destination..” Hayes said as you both entered his car. So it must be a nice beach was all you could think? But you set you head against your pillow and quickly fell asleep thankful that Hayes made you grab a pillow.
You were greeted with the rich smell of coffee when you awoke. You shifted in an upright position reaching for the caffeine filled drink that was in the cup holder closest to you. As you brought your knees your chest, sipping your daily morning drink peacefully Hayes began to speak.
“So I know that coming to all our showings can get pretty boring, and Since today is a free day I wanted to show you how thankful i am that you come to them anyway” He let out a small smile in your direction before putting his attention back to the road.
Squeals and laughter filled the air as Disney Land came into view. Then it suddenly hit you, you didn’t get up early for a basic walk on the beach, you got up for Disney land! With Hayes!
“You didn’t” You gasp, your eyes searching the new setting frantically. You probably looked like a little kid who got offered a new puppy but you could’ve cared less. You were at Disney land!
After multiple rides and you met all your favorite princesses, Hayes was convinced you needed cotton candy. So you both got in line for the pink sugar-enriched cloud. You noticed a few girls to the side whispering but you were determined to just focus on getting a cloud. Hayes pulled you to the side holding the huge elephant sized cloud, must to your protest about wanting to hold it.
“Hayes give me a piece” you let a whine/giggle.
“Your wish is my command” he laughed as he tore off a piece and held it to your mouth, you let a small smile before using your mouth to eat it. The pink sugar immediately dissolved in your mouth to nothing.
You heard a snap of a camera focusing in to take a picture which was caused by two squealing girls. Hayes smiled politely at them but you didn’t show the same reaction towards them.
“OMG it’s the HAYES GRIER” the first girl squealed.
“I cannot believe it1” the second one practically shouted. They were a bit too excited for your taste but they probably meant no harm. Two phones were handed to you to indicated a picture was to be taken of them with the infamous Hayes. You gave a small smile as you snapped a billion pictures of the moment. As you were starting to walk away though they stopped you.
“Um we wanted a picture with (Y/N) too!” they sad as they handed Hayes their phones. Confusion reached your face, you didn’t use to getting attention from them, it was normally all directed toward Hayes. You never really minded but this was something new. You gave a big smile as Hayes snapped the pictures, they both smiled big and went on their way.
You looked down at your phone to see someone mentioned you in a tweet. You opened it up to see both girls posted the picture with you to twitter. Not Hayes, just you. A grin just like on Cheshire cat reached you face as Hayes dragged you to the next ride.
Throughout the day, you were both greeted with fans asking for pictures with both of you and a lot of tweets were mentioned with the hashtag #(SHIP-NAME) #Hayes+(Y/N)forever. You both were becoming a pretty famous couple and the hashtag was even starting to become a trend.
After the day finally ended, Hayes took your hand linking his fingers through your own. Once you were both seated in the car he turned to you.
“So was that a good day?” He asked a smile was permanently set on your face as you leaned in to give him a small kiss in a response. His lips finally reached yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You both broke away for air but he rested his head on yours for just a moment.
“I’m glad you liked it” He smiled before turning around to start the car leaving you to think how lucky you got to have a boyfriend like him.

Fem! Luke

Words: 2.3K

Warning: Real Sub! Luke

Summary: Luke likes to wear make-up and more girly clothes, you make him feel like a pretty princess. Because fuck gender roles. (I think about this a lot) Pic creds: @niwisdoodles This is my last Luke smut for a while.

I had just arrived back from college walking into my shared apartment with my boyfriend Luke. It was a simple flat, walking into the front room straight away taking off my shoes and walking over to my room. Luke was stood in a long knit pink sweater which had brown arm pads. He had black kitten tights on and a black choker around his neck. His blonde hair mostly curly, with his long fringe. He no longer had his lip piercing in which left his glossy pink lips. It didn’t go untouched to me and his best 3 mates that Luke like wearing more girly things, but that didn’t matter to me. I loved Luke no matter what. I was always quite a tomboy girl, so I would wear jumpers and sweats and Luke was the one who would wear the pretty dresses and skirts. Today he was in more comfy gear and so was I if I’m being honest, I loved my grey jumper and black jeans they were some basic things that I wore to college.

“Hey Lukey” I mumbled. He stumbled over his own feet knocking over a few of my lip sticks and looked at me.

“What are you looking for babe?” I asked, throwing my bag on the bed and walking over to him. He sat down on the stool and folded his sweater around his hands giving him sweater paws. He looked up at me as I stood up the couple of lipsticks he had knocked down and got onto my knees, sitting in between his legs. Which were covered in black tights, the bottom of the tights looked like stockings and had kittens on them, I had bought them a while ago thinking they were cute, but as soon as Luke laid eyes on them I knew he would enjoy them more then I would.

“I was looking for the make-up that make’s my face shiny”

“Highlighter?” I asked

“Yeah, I like the way it makes my face pretty” he blushed. I opened the top draw and grabbed my powdered highlighter and powder brush by technique. I opened the lid and swiped the brush along the highlighter. I shook the brush off and looked at Luke, who had his eyes shut and his face was rested. I slowly brushed the highlight over his pale cheeks and he gave me a small smile, showing off his dimple. I dabbed the brush into the highlighter and then over Luke’s nose. I made sure not to make it to over the top and made it look sparkly and natural. He was a masterpiece.

“You’re so beautiful” I smiled. He opened his blue eyes and looked in the mirror. He stroked over his face, his lip tucked in between his teeth as he placed his hand on the desk looking at my make-up.

“Could you do my eyeliner?”

“Yes, of course I will Lukey” I giggled, I grabbed the liquid eyeliner as Luke shut his eyes once again, leaning back onto the chair. I leant forward resting the palm of my hand on his cheek an I swiped the liquid against his eye lid. I made a perfect wing and filled it in, when I was finished I blew on it watching likes eye twitch slightly. I moved around to the other eye, doing the same and not fucking up. When I do make-up on Luke I never seem to mess up, its more of if I do it on myself. But then again I hardly wear make-up only if i’m going out.

“All done, baby boy”

“Thank you” he stuttered out. “I missed you today” he said shyly, looking down at the floor.

“I missed you too, babe”

I leaned in and kissed over his lips, I stroked over his cheeks and swiping my tongue against his lips. Luke tasted like cherry, the lipsil making his lips glossy and smooth. He let out a wine as I interlaced my fingers in Luke’s and pulled him up from the chair and over to the bed. I kissed over his face and pushed him on the bed. I sat over him as his hands came to my waist. I kissed his neck which was a beautiful shade of white, compared to the light pink colour of his sweater. I sucked down on a spot, swiping my tongue over it and kissing it before realising it from my lips. I saw the skin of the hickey turn a red colour and I swiped my thumb over it. I slowly grinded onto him as he let out a small moan of my name. I bunched up his knit sweater just above his waist and ran my fingers under the hem of his tights. I pulled down his tights, rolling them off all the way and placing them on the floor. He had lacy panties on under his tights that he tried to cover up by putting his hands over his bulge.

“Don’t hide from me Lukey” I mumbled against his lips, kissing him, reassuring him that its ok to be who he is around me. I reached down for my grey jumper pulling it off my body. I unclipped my bra and threw it across the room, Luke reached forward grabbing my breasts in his hand as he slowly stroked over them, I never had big boobs but I knew the Luke liked the small perky boobs that I did have.

I moved up to sit on his thighs and I stroked over his pink lace panties. I pushed his sweater up his body as he pulled it off his head dumping it on the floor. He was wearing a small pink lace cami top which matched his lace panties. I smoothed my hands over his tummy and I kissed over his pale collar bones, sucking a hicky onto it watching the shape of it turn like a love heart. I smiled sliding the straps of his cami top down his arms, he pulled them out as I rolled it over his head. I latched my mouth over one of his pink nipples sucking onto it. My boobs were resting against Luke’s crotch as I sucked onto his nipple. His pink nipple going hard at my touch. I sucked onto the other one, rolling it between my fingers and gently blowing on it.

I pulled down his pink panties, his hands were twitching on his stomach as he tried to hide himself. But he knew that I would take away his hands and give him a disapproving look. I placed one of my hands onto his interlaced ones circling my thumb over him. “Such a pretty dick Lukey” In my other hand I stood up Luke’s dick running my thumb over the vein. His hips slowly thrusted upwards as I swiped my thumb over his tip, collecting the small dribble of cum that had leaked out. I stuck my thumb in my mouth, tasting the salty pre-cum run down my throat and I made eye contact with Luke. His baby blue eyes started turning a dark blue colour as his thighs shook beneath me.

“You’re such a good boy” I praised, I leant down swirling my tongue around his tip, remaining eye contact with him. I wiggled my tongue and squeezed the based of his dick with my hand. Pumping it slowly up and down and I licked over his tip. I sucked down further onto his dick, making it hit the back of my throat. I looked up at Luke who was biting his lip, not letting out any moans. I took my mouth of his cock as he let out a quite whimper.

“Lukey, what have I told you about holding back moans?” I questioned, slowly pumping his cock in my hand.

“N-not to hold back moans f-from you”

“Thats right, so please don’t do it baby” I half growled going back to his cock, running a line up his dick and sucking over small spots. I got back to the tip, edging down onto it bobbing my head. Luke was looking at me and letting out whines, his pretty highlighter making him looking like a angel in disguise. He shut his eyes and fell back onto the bed his head nestled in the pillows as I held onto his hand.

“F-feels so good” He whined. I pushed down, the farthest I could go hollowing my cheeks around him, making sure to swirl and nuzzle my head. I slightly choked coming back up his dick and spitting saliva around him, spreading it around his dick with my hand. I ran my fingers over his balls, squeezing them along with the based of his cock. His hips started to grind into my mouth and I felt his heartbeat in his cock. I pursed my lips around him, making sure to run my tongue along him whilst sucking.

Luke let out a raspy moan of my name as I let go of his cock. He went wided eyed at me and I raised my eyebrow, asking for him to complain. He just laid there and pouted at me.

“I’ve been a good boy” he whispered, almost to himself. I almost felt guilty before I realised I had a pool of wetness running down my thighs and I needed to take care of that. Pleasuring my baby boy always gets me feeling some type of way, especially when Luke is wearing pink. I stood at the end of the bed and took off my trousers, pilling them at my feet. Luke was watching my every move as I took off my black boxer shorts.

“You want me to ride you, baby boy?”

“Yes please” he smiled, I climbed back on the bed, over him and sat just above his hard dick. I ran my fingers over my folds, feeling how wet I was. Luke placed his hands just in front of my pussy as he shyly tried to touch me. He ran his index finger down my slit and he slid it into my entrance. I circled my finger over my sensitive bud rolling it between my fingers. Luke took his finger out of me and moved it towards his face as I slid back down his body. He put his finger in his mouth, shutting his eyes showing off his beautiful eyeliner. He moaned around his fingers as smirked, sliding my pussy onto his dick.

“Fuck” He moaned, opening his eyes and parting his lips. It took a minute to get used to his size but due to my pussy already being wet I started to bounce. I felt his cock stretch me out, his wet dick sliding against my walls. I leant down kissing his pink lips and his button nose. He smiled as I touched his choker that was around his neck. I licked over it and looked at his white skin contrasting against the black item. I put my hands over the choker and pressed down, still riding Luke but watching his reaction. He moved his hands above mine and pushed my hand down harder on his neck. I raised an eyebrow at him as he thrusted up into me.

The only sound in the room was skin slapping and the sounds of Luke’s breathy moans, which I felt against my hand. I rubbed circles on his neck as I grinded into him. I moved my free hand towards my clit twirling my fingers around it and I let out a moan. Luke looked exhausted his blonde hair matted to his face and his face flushed.

“I’m not going to last” he said hiding his face in his hand. I tore them away from his face as he started letting out whines and he tried to grind up into me. I placed his hands on my boobs as he pinched them, shutting his eyes.

“Cum for me baby” I groaned. Luke squeezed my nipples as I felt him cum inside me, his face glowing and his eyeliner slightly smudged. His hips thrusted upwards and I felt his thighs tense.

“Y/N” he moaned out. I smiled as I bounced on his dick hearing him whine sent shivers down my body. I knew he was sensitive when he looked at me afterwards, he looked down at where we were connecting and moved his hands towards my pussy. His finger rubbed figures of eights over my clit as I felt my high approaching. Luke clamped his mouth around one of my nipples sucking onto it. I ran my fingers through his hair, pushing him closer to my chest.

“Please cum for me Y/N” Luke said in a hushed tone. My pussy quivered as Luke’s baby blue eyes looked up at me through his eyelashes. My body completely shut down as I came around his cock feeling every inch of it pound against me.

“Oh Lukey” I moaned, squeezing my thighs around him. I bit my lip grinding out my high. Luke had let go of my nipple and now was lying back on the bed. I got off Luke, whining as I felt empty and I climbed off the bed. I walked slowly into the bathroom, my legs feeling like jelly and I grabbed a flannel and soaked it in warm water. I walked back into the bedroom and sat on the bed, running the flannel over Luke’s cock. I know he didn’t like it sticky in the morning.

“Thank you” Luke mumbled. I kissed his forehead and threw the flannel in the wash basket. I climbed under the duvet where Luke was now snuggling as I became the big spoon. I pecked his cheek and laid my head on his, wrapping my arm around his waist.