great moments in cinematic history

1. When John Waters shows up in Alvin and The Chipmunks 4: The Road Chip, insults Alvin and then Alvin references the dog shit-eating scene in Pink Flamingos (1978), a movie that the target audience of young children have presumably never seen 

2. thats it 

"Dean Winchester Completes Me" - The Jilted King of Hell (A look at the Deanmon/ Crowley "b(ro)mance" in 10 part 1

As I’ve written elsewhere, the opening credits of 10x01 setout the subtext for the season – Dean is a “heart-breaker”, his three male loves – Sam, Crowley and Cas, arranged around him. See:

Season 9 saw Dean’s slow manipulation by Crowley towards the taking of the Mark of Cain. And if you’re in any doubt that this was couched in the language of seduction? See:

Season 10 finds Crowley, having achieved the demonization of Dean, looking forward to a long reign of adventurous wicked bliss together.

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so apparently in the alvin and the chipmunks movie that came out the same weekend as star wars alvin is on a plane with JOHN WATERS and is like “I saw Pink Flamingoes”



this movie

who in charge of rating this pg movie skipped reading the wikipedia description for the movie being named dropped as something that their cute fluffy child protagonist has watched?

i’m not even outraged i’m just very confused what a time to be alive