Sorry about the potato pic but I’m tired afer re-dressing three 60cm+ dolls. My Pink Fantasy/mybayer2008 order arrived today and I’m over the moon. All the tights, stockings, and underwear I got for Kat (left) fit her great. The knee-length leggings were a bit snug in the thigh but they look great. Their 1/3 tights are made out of a wonderfully forgiving fabric and I need more colors of them. The fishnets are great too. But I wanted to try the DH stuff on her so she’s basically wearing what Ana was the other day. It suits her fantasy head and claws nicely.

Drake (middle of the three big ones) got new pants and a new old man sweater. The fit is good in the legs, and he looks like he’s ready for a flood in his fantasy feet, but they’re quite tall. Human feet would look better. I also tried these on Kat. They went on, but didn’t hug her hips right bc they’re guy’s pants.

Ana (right) just got new pants, on an experiment. I’d say it was a success. There’s the perfect amount of stretch in the fabric around her thighs. I need to shorten these a bit (they’re rolled inside her boots), and I might make them skinny jeans while I’m at it because her magnificent calves need to be shown off.

Overall, I highly recommend this seller! They do great stuff! Sure, most of it can be gotten on taobao for cheaper, and sure, a lot of it isn’t that elaborate but the quality is awesome and it looks great. Everything from my order is accounted for, which is a step up from last time when they sent me the wrong wig. They were quick to correct the error, though.