This was a super adorable and simple DIY kit. The package was super cute with a very princess-like Hello Kitty, lots of gems and filigree and plenty of pink! Just my style!
Inside you get the mixing powder (also in a very pretty package) a straw and a cute little cup! There are two designs and I got the one with Hello Kitty sitting in a heart which is the one I wanted.
To make the kit you just fill the cup with water to the line marked on it, pour in the powder and stir. The drink turns pink and foamy! I initially thought there may be something wrong with mine because it didn’t foam immediately but if you keep stirring it will happen eventually.
The drink itself was a sort of foamy peach soda. It was carbonated in addition to the foam and for the most part it was super sweet! The foam part had some tartness to it, but the drink was just a lot of sugar with a somewhat peachy flavor. That’s not to say it’s bad! I have a major sweet tooth so I actually liked it! But if you’re looking for a refreshing drink this isn’t for you.
Overall, very cute! I washed out my cup and I’ll probbably make pudding or parfait in it eventually. Definately a kit to try if you like Hello Kitty