askashyfireguy asked:

For Fia: BELLFLOWER: Gratitude CARNATION (PINK): Protectiveness DILL: Lust GERANIUM: Respect IRIS: Inspiration PANSY: Loving thoughts ROSE (ORANGE): Fascination ROSE (RED): Romantic love ROSE (PINK): Friendship SUNFLOWER: Admiration SYCAMORE: Curiosity TUBEROSE: Pleasure VIOLET: Loyalty, For Ani: BEGONIA: Warning CARNATION (YELLOW): Disdain LAVENDER: Distrust LILY (ORANGE): Hatred PETUNIA: Anger and resentment

"The next time we meet it will be in combat and nothing less! Get you and your stupid pet out of my sight at once!"

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Here, have some flowers: pink Carnation, Geranium, orange Rose, pink Rose, Violet

((Ice queens have feelings too.))

((Drew this because I got a ton of how many people really don’t like Ani whoo boy. So ofc this one stuck out. And it got me right in the kokoro))


third years & [more] flowers