Power Rangers (2017) costume team: Billy will have a cute blue sweater and Jason a subtle red flannel and Zack will be dressed in all black and Trini will have a yellow jacket and an iconic yellow shirt aND KIMBERLY WILL HAVE MULTIPLE PINK BRAS……. LACE, PUSH UPS, STRAPPY BRAS POKING OUT OF HER TOP AT ALL TIMES *intern in the background* maybe one of her tank top could be pink-  YEAH WHATEVER KAREN JUST MAKE ALL HER BRAS F U CKEN PIN K. I WANNA SEE SOME FUCKE N PINK BRAS IN EVERY KIMBERLY SHOTS. ALL. OF. THEM.


Steve x Reader

Summary: What does the color pink stand for?

Word Count: +2.8k | Rating: R

Warnings: SMUT. Oral sex (f receiving), one nsfw gif (directly under the cut) UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap your wang before you bang, bitches)  

A/N: so, i wrote some kinks that Steve may have and i just had to write this down, ugh. show me some love, give me some feedback. and this is my first time writing steve x reader smut, so go easy on me

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