• Me:*has to dress up for awards*
  • Me:*wears a dress that's a glorified black t-shirt with a bright pink and black sports bra and black exercise shorts underneath it *

Traveling has prevented me from posting earlier, but I think I had a 2 hour out of body experience at Barclays Center on Wednesday. A handsome British man let me stand in front of him IN THE FRONT ROW DIRECTLY UNDER PETE’S MIC!! They looked and sounded fantastic!! If any of you were there I was the one who threw the pink bra onstage at the end of the show which ROGER PICKED UP AND PRETENDED TO WEAR!! Caps lock can in no way do justice to my feelings regarding this concert. Best night ever!!

Look For Less from one of Nicki’s looks from The Night Is Still Young music video. I added the white crop top because I didn’t think any of you would wear a bra and skirt like Nicki lol. But I put a similar bra in anyway. Submit some Look For Less looks and I’ll do them!

THE SKIRT -–pencil-skirts/light-pink-luxe-ribbed-pencil-skirt-670829?sem=1&cmpid=PLA&istCompanyId=28d3cba5-6749-43eb-904c-61b8cc01cf80&istItemId=rqmrllwrt&istBid=tzpq&gclid=CjwKEAjw-ZqrBRDt_KjhjcbzhhISJAAlRGvlo2Ju1nVCrza-sgmbRva-1WVAV4afPYY5m8_HtEpr5xoClF_w_wcB