Black Tie || Lucissa

Lucius straightened his dress robes in the mirror and took a deep breath. His hair had been combed to perfect, and beyond that; his robes had been charmed so that, whatever he did, they wouldn’t look anything other than their best; and his shoes had been shined so well he could see his reflection in them. Narcissa deserved nothing less than perfection. He turned in a circle in front of the mirror, making sure there was not a hair out of place, before he picked up his champagne pink corsage and pinned it to his lapel. The color was laced into Narcissa’s bouquet, draped over the tables at the reception, and lining the aisle that his fiancée would be walking down. Unlike most Pureblood weddings, Lucius and Narcissa had had quite a bit of say in the planning. Lucius wanted their accent color to be such a light pink because it brought out the coloration of Narcissa’s cheeks and pout. It made her look like a goddess. Narcissa had insisted on the corsages as a tribute to the ones they had worn to the Yule Ball. They had hand-picked the flowers for Narcissa’s bouquet together, and helped to arrange them. This was their wedding, there was no doubt about that. However, Lucius was nervous. Not to marry Narcissa, of course not - he had been sure about that since their first kiss - but because it was strictly against Pureblood tradition for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. Lucius had required it, though. If he cried when he saw her for the first time, in front of their family and friends, he would never live it down. He had to keep up appearances, even if that meant breaking a few rules in the process.


  • Natsu:so like Lucy
  • Lucy:hm?
  • Natsu:would our kids have pink or black hair if I had the dominant gene
  • Lucy:Bruh
  • Zeref:Bruh
  • Natsu:Zeref you got some explaining to do because Mendel isn't here to do it