Finally, a bio for my Xenoblade X Cross Sunel~ (I think photosets look terrible on my blog so please click on the images ;A;)

Basic data:

Sunel || 24 || Curators || Galactic Knight

Weapons: Uses a photon saber (blue), psycho launchers (blue led ones), Ares 90 (BLACKTAR X)/ Lailah (BLACK TAR)

Appearance: Dark pink (maroon?) hair, silver eyes, has freckles. As tall as Phog.

Personality: confident, responsible but not really the serious guy, curious, chill/easy going, tolerant.

Likes: Primordia, hanging out with Phog, meeting the xenos, saying WOOHOO HIT’EM WHERE IT HURTS, music, friendship.

Dislikes: injustice, when he/a teammate triggers an enemy by mistake, Murderess, Mia.

Under the cut: more info about Sunel’s personality, how he woke up and his relationship with Phog… and you’ll also find out that he wants to create an alien band lmao (cause NLA’s hatsune miku is not enough)

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