pink prints


My Steven Universe Prints that I secretly work for FanExpo 2018

I really want to do more like last year
but ohhhhh boi I literally have no time to do it ; - ; )// 
I’m really super happy with the result tho :D

I really like these Pearls and Diamonds, I hope you guys like them as well ;)  

Ps. If you guys has a chance to go to FanExpo,
feel free to say hi at my table A68


I updated my etsy shop with PRINTS!

Larger prints are 8.5x11″ b/w gold foil and the mini postcards are 4.25x5.5″full colour. All prints are printed on heavy matte cardstock (110lb)
You can check out my instagram to see videos of the shimmer on these babies :3

All prints are PREORDER and will be sent out September 1st, 2018. If you order a pin with your order, they will be shipped at the same time.

First 100 orders will receive a free mini Beemo print C: 


Day Dress

Girolamo Giuseffi


The appliquéd and cutout stylized flowers—either peonies or plum blossoms—are drawn in an Art Nouveau style, which was prevalent from 1890 to 1914. The dramatic sleeve silhouette along with the great amount of ruching and hand pin tucking throughout the bodice and skirt make this a very expensive garment, perhaps part of a trousseau.

The period from 1900 until the outbreak of World War I in 1914 was an era of beautiful, extravagant, and ultra-feminine clothes. The high-collared bodice and the soft, draping trained skirt were worn over an S-shaped corset. The corset pushed the bust forward and the hips backward, creating an S-curve in the silhouette of the body.

Indianapolis Museum of Art