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Playlist For Imagine.

A/N: I just thought of Peter having a sister to be kinda cute and I decided to write it. So the song choices might not be for everyone since I basically went on YouTube and got 22 random songs, but I hope you at least find them a bit danceable!

You and Penny were in her room, doing homework, since the two of you shared a lot of your classes at Midtown. She was easily your best friend and has been since the school’s production of Grease in freshman year. You had a running joke of reenacting the show when any song came on.

It was getting rather quiet for once until Penny started giggling and turned up the music from her phone. You couldn’t hear it at first, but soon realized that it was You’re The One That I Want from Grease. You looked at her pleadingly, but Penny simply pulled you to your feet. “You gotta do it, Y/N/N! Let’s not forget my terrible rendition of Cha Cha’s dance.” You laughed at the memory. Limbs were everywhere!

Reluctantly, you began dancing with her to the movements the two of you learned in freshman year. It was very spastic and messy since neither of you could remember it well. You twirled into Penny, laughing your head off. The dancing ceased as the two of you tried to calm down.

Homework was forgotten after that. She put her phone on shuffle and the two of you wildly danced to new songs from La La Land or old songs, like Let’s Hear it for the Boy. You thought you might have heard a door open, yet you brushed it off as your imagination.

Your dancing ranged from simply shaking your hips to actual “choreographed” moves, like in Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Some slow songs came and you and Penny just soulfully sang through all of them.

About ten minutes in, Valerie by Amy Winehouse came on, resulting in poor rendition of her singing and jazzy yet funnily sultry dancing. You actually tried to properly sing along. “Since I’ve come home, well, my body’s been a mess and I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress. Why don’t you come on over? Stop making a fool out of me?”

Penny joined in, “Why don’t you come on over, Valerie?” The two of you grabbed hands and danced around the room.

When you looked at the door, you almost screamed when you saw a pair of brown eyes looking back. Penny saw your shock and turned around. “Hey, Petey!” She giggled to her twin.

Peter looked embarrassed about the nickname and looked at you for a second before excusing himself with a barely audible response. His cheeks remained red as he left to retreat into his room. Penny shrugged while lowering the music. “Must have come to complain about the noise,” she reasoned.

“That was odd,” you mentioned as you glanced at his closed door.

“He’s been acting weird for a while now,” Penny explained, “Aunt May says that it’s probably a teenage boy thing.”

Shaking off the weird feeling, you smiled. “Yeah, probably. We should probably finish this.” The afternoon was full of homework with a few jokes here and there. Penny was studious despite her carefree personality. You think it was because of Peter being her twin, since he was very intelligent for a sophomore.

When you were leaving the apartment for dinner at your home, you ran into Peter in the living room. You smiled as you made your way to the door. “I never knew you were a dancer,” he said from the couch after mustering his courage.

Redness flooded your cheeks at the thought. “Oh gosh, how much did you see?”

Chuckling slightly, Peter stood up to face you with a shy smirk. “Only the last song,” he reassured, “It was very good, I mean. I didn’t know you could sing that well.”

“By well, you mean horribly?” You joked, “Thanks, Peter.” The two of you stood there in silence, both with pink cheeks. You checked your phone. “I got to head out or my parents will be worried. See you, Peter.”

Before you could leave, Peter plucked the last of his courage for one daring move. “Are you free this weekend? To see a movie or something with me.”

“That sounds lovely,” you responded with an excited smile, “I’ll text you later and we’ll set up a time?”

“Fine by me,” Peter laughed nervously. Finally, you walked out the door of the apartment and Peter fell on the couch, letting out a sigh of relief. He froze when Penny came back into the room. “Did you just ask Y/N on a date?” She asked with enthusiasm.

“Maybe,” Peter replied before heading back to his room, feeling too shy to discuss his feelings towards you to your best friend, even if she was his sister.

“Get her tiger lilies!” Penny shouted from the living room, “They’re her favorite!” In his room, Peter made a mental note to bring tiger lilies to the movie and shouted back, “Appreciated!”

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Late Night Thoughts (NamjoonXReader Smut)

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut. Just Smut. 

Warnings: masturbation, toys, dirty talk, etc.

Words: 2,848

Summary: When Namjoon gets bored he decides to ask you dumb questions, and tonight he has decided to ask whether or not you get off to the thought of him.

A/N: I was scrolling through my BTS folder earlier to see if there were any works I started and wanted to finish and found this one. I apparently started it on Halloween of 2015. Finished it today, because why the fuck not.

You awake from your nap when your phone buzzes angrily. Rolling over, you see that it’s a text from Namjoon and squint your eyes to read the message on the suddenly too-bright device.

Disaster Namjoon:

Late night question? -9:34 PM

Oh great, you think, and sigh. It’s past 9 already? Now your sleep schedule is gonna be fucked up.


Shoot. -9:35 PM

This always happens when Namjoon is bored. He’s constantly trapped at the studio working on some new track, and when he gets tired and wants a break you’re his go to because you actually respond in a timely manner, unlike some of the other members.

Disaster Namjoon:

So I know you masturbate—you roll your eyes. Oh great—you never should’ve admitted that to him.—but do you ever get off to the thought of me? –9:37 PM

Wait…what? What the fuck?

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Feels Like Home - Calum Hood One Shot

this is for @5sospank and @alreadymissings roommate!5sos blurb night !!!

summary: you’ve sort of always had a thing for your roommate, calum. never thought he’d feel the same, though. (also the other boys r ur roommates too n its a jolly good time) ((((no its not this is full of angst but im a HOE FOR ANGST it has a happy ending tho i promise))))

word count: 7.8k

warning: some swearing + he eats u out l o l

a/n: i…… dont know what this is who am i ……………..

You can barely remember how it happened. A flyer pinned to a bulletin board, asking –nearly begging– for a roommate that could move in before the semester started. That was during your first year, and you had quickly made the decision that you did not like dormitories. They were too crowded, and you could often smell weed coming from other rooms to yours. Besides, your roommate was awful, and she barely showered.

You had taken a picture of the fluorescent pink flyer with your phone, and dialled the number as soon as you’d gotten out of your class.

The deep voice that picked up on the other end was not what you were expecting, but whatever. Who cares if you lived with a guy? People in college lived co-ed all the time. No big deal.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, I’m calling about the roommate ad?”

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  • Namjoon: Jin, I-uhm-really need to tell you something
  • Jin: //blushes// What is it?
  • Namjoon: //Inhales, Exhales// I...I...I l-
  • Jin: Yes? //flips hair//
  • Namjoon: I literally broke your pink flip phone and I'm sorry
  • Jin: biTCH WAHT

Prompt:  “I’m trying to take a stalker picture of you to explain how attractive you are to my friend but oh shit I didn’t realize that flash was on!???!!”

(from @abeautifullanguage)

“Oh my god,” you murmured as your eyes followed a tall frame of a man as he walked past the table you were sitting at. When you realised that your mouth was open, you quickly clamped it shut and averted you eyes from him. 

You had never seen him before and you knew every face on campus. It may be a creepy special talent, but you used it to your advantage. 

Even though you appeared to be intently reading whatever was on the screen of you laptop, your eyes were watching the man just over the rim of your laptop. He sat down a couple of feet away from you, took out his own laptop and waited until it started up. 

A waitress approached him, asked him what he wanted to eat or drink and was gone in just a couple of seconds. Whatever he was doing here, he had everything planned out. His moves were like they were rehearsed. Or maybe, he’d just been in college cafeteria’s for too many times?

Whatever it was, one thing you were sure of: that man was smoking! And you needed to let your best friend, who happened to be late, know what she was missing. Slowly, you took your phone out of your bag and held the lens out, facing him. Without watching the screen, your finger tapped the button to take a quick pic. 

The whole cafeteria lit up with a flash, catching the man’s attention.Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned bright pink. Quickly, you lowered your phone and turned back to your laptop, pretending to be typing like you were running out of time. 

You hoped to god he hadn’t seen that it was your phone that flashed when you decided to be a stalker and take a sneaky pic of a total stranger. Sure, he was a hot stranger, but still.Suddenly, you felt a presense next to you. 

Oh hell no.

“Hi,” slowly, you turned to look up at the man who was now sitting next to you. His hazel eyes shone with amusement, his lips pressed together in a smile. You opened your mouth to say something, but only a sigh came out,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know my flash was on. Screw that, I shouldn’t have taken a picture of you in the first place! I mean, how creepy is that? Like, I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to sue me for invasion of privacy or something. I don’t know, I’m not a law student,” you smiled awkwardly and threw your hair over your shoulder. You could feel your cheeks burning, so you looked down at the ground.

“It’s alright,” the man laughed quietly, making you look up with wide eyes, 

“I’m Sam,” he held his hand out for you. Slowly, you took it, 

“I’m Y/n, a history major,” you laughed and he soon joined in.

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Jennifer Wilson and the phone/heart metaphor

I made the “mistake” of watching ASiP a few days ago after reading this post. And so a few things came together.

  • A Study in Pink is basically about a pink phone
  • pink is used at least since the early 20th century as a colour code for “queer” (in a negative and positive way)
  • there is this fandom theory of Jennifer Wilson being a mirror for John due to her initials

So here’s the study of a pink phone/queer heart using gender neutral pronouns and “JW” for a multiplied way of reading it.

Sherlock immediately deduces, that JW’s appearance is pink/queer. And he knows that he has to find their phone/heart and take a close look at it to solve this (pink/queer) case. He also deduces, that JW would never leave their heart anywhere or give it to anyone. They would always keep it very close, because they had a lot of affairs. And the content of their heart would have blown of this lifestyle and their relationships.

Sherlock is actually the only one who cares and finally manages to find the pink case as well as the phone (body and heart?). But he doesn’t want to “use” the heart, because he might give away to much of himself. Therefore he calls John to handle this heart. 

To unlock the full functionality of JW’s heart, Sherlock has to enter the name of their unborn/stillborn child. John has to follow JW’s (his) heart to rescue Sherlock (via GPS) in the end. 

Sherlock seems to keep JW’s heart, but doesn’t “use” it. Because after Sherlock dies, Lestrade picks up JW’s heart with other stuff Sherlock obviously stored in his office and brings it back to John. As soon as John receives JW’S (his) heart, the doorbell rings and he maybe opens it to Mary

Arguing With Bae Alycia Debnam Carey/You

Prompt of Anonymous: You and Alycia are fighting. You’re both mad at each other but still do cute things for another. Fluffy!

You love the color green. 

It’s the color of the leaves in the spring.

It’s the color of her eyes and you see them every time you shut your eyes.

 However you don’t really suit the color green.

 It’s your favorite color but now it’s the color of jealousy, of envy and you feel like you’re drowning in it.

“Honey, I’m home,” Alycia calls shutting the door to the apartment.

You almost smile. 

Technically it’s hers but she calls it ours and a fluttery feeling starts at the bottom of your stomach warming your heart and your cheeks every time you hear it.

 It’s sour now and you feel slightly sick after seeing the interview.

Alycia was smiling when she came in brown curls bouncing with every step. 

She stops when she sees your face. 

“What’s wrong? Did your favorite character again? Was your show cancelled? ”

Your cheek quivers as it holds in a smile at the sound of her accentand how much she knows you..

She bends down to her height going on her knees and watching you all concerned like she doesn’t know. 

Alycia watches you from underneath her eyelashes the green standing out like twin beacons. 

The guilt, anger and love at the very sight of her are a nauseating contradiction.

“You tell me Leeshy,” you mock and cross your arms when Alycia takes a step back her lower jaw swinging from left to right.

“Don’t start. ”

She slowly rises heading for the kitchen and you follow. 

“Your best friend is Bae on your phone,” she says it with her back to you heating up dinner. “She calls you wifey. Everyone thinks you two are dating but I don’t say anything. ”

You’re still behind her when you speak.

“Leeshy, Leeshy, Leeshy,” you retort moving to the left when you see the dining room plates on the highest shelf. 

You’re still standing right next to her when you start  jumping for the plates.

She grabs your waist mid jump lifting you onto the counter without a sweat. 

You don’t even blink grabbing her hand and kissing it with a loud mwah.

Alycia doesn’t turn fast enough to hide her smile. 

You don’t hide yours and some of the icky feeling that settled in your gut dissapates.

It’s habit that makes you hand her the two plates.

It’s care on her part that your food doesn’t fully touch. 

You’re odd like that. Sometimes it can but most of the time you don’t want it to. You like to mix it yourself or eat it separately piece by piece. 

She knows you so well.

The two of you sit at the table and begin to eat. 

It’s quiet, unbearably tense, until you hear it. 

You smile even as you flinch. 

The chair screeches against the hard wood of the floor.

The noise is grating but abruptly stops when you feel a weight against one of your legs. 

You look down and swear you can feel the heat of her skin through the denim. 

Raising your eyes, you outright laughed at the red of her ears as they stuck out from her hair.

Her cheeks flush and you wait until she finishes reading on your cellphone.

She tugs on the sleeve of your shirt face now a rosy pink. 

You put your phone back in your pocket and she grabs your hand as soon as it’s empty. 

Her fingers grip yours leading you back into the living room.

She turns the DVD back on and you hear the beginnings of Bambi start to play. 

Alycia sits down first squirming a little to get comfortable.

You’re about to sit on the seat next to her when Alycia decides to pull you onto her lap. 

“Am I too heavy?”

Even as you speak, she tightens her hold around your waist. 


The breath of her reply hits the back of your neck as Alycia whispers. 

You shiver.

The movie isn’t even halfway over when you feel Alycia start to nod off.

You get up ignoring her groans of protest.

“Come on,” you urge. “Pretty pretty flower.”

Half asleep, her look of confusion is adorable. 

“Did you just call me the skunk from Bambi?”

You outright laugh helping her to the bedroom.

Right before you pull away, you kiss one perfect ear and whisper “what a pretty little flower.”

As she gets ready for bed, you clean up and shrug on one of her old t-shirts to sleep in.

She lifts the covers and you lay down staring at her.

Alycia watches you only a couple inches away a smile tugging on the corners of her lips.

You can’t help yourself: she’s too cute.

“Did you say goodnight to Siri yet? ”

Alycia'so mouth twitches her eyes shining bright like stars.

“Don’t be a dipstick.”

You chuckle even as she speaks into her iPhone.

“Night Siri.”

Alycia scoots even closer to you pushing the phone into your face.

“Y/N say goodnight.”

You groan but notice how she’s half asleep already.

Why not do this for her?

“Sweet dreams Siri.”

The two of you put your phones on the charger and she takes her chance.

Alycia places her head on your chest her arm wrapping around your waist. 

You look down at the mess of brown curls under your chin. 

“I love you but I’m still of mad at you right now,” you whisper. “It’s not a lot just like a mosquito bite,  you know?”

Alycia looks up at you her green eyes hazy.

“Can we forget the mad part tonight? I miss you and can we just skip this part and go over to the love you part?”

You smile and nod even as Alycia tilts her head bringing you into a sweet night kiss.

You’re still smiling when you hear the almost inaudible snores as she sleeps.

Title: Night on the Town (Part 2 of Dad’s taking Mom out(fem! reader x Scott))

Summary: Scott and reader head out for date night, only to be teased by Sam and Tony along the way.

Word Count: 1059



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My Eyes On You (Namjoon Smut)

You were in your room, blasting your latest favorite song. You danced around your room naked since you had just stepped out from the shower and you were by yourself. You were trying to pick out what you wanted to wear, but your clothes were thrown around all over the room.

 You decided to take a break from trying to find an outfit and sat down on your small bed. You laid back on the bed when you heard your door open and you screeched, immediately getting up and trying to find somewhere to hide.

Namjoon looked at you with wide eyes and felt so embarrassed. “I am so sorry.” He said apologetically. He really hadn’t meant to barge into your room, but he thought your room was the one he was supposed to move into. 

You had draped your bedsheet over your naked body and your cheeks flushed a bright pink. You picked up your phone and turned off the music. The boy that had so unexpectedly barged through your door was handsome to say the least, but you weren’t really sure how to react at the current moment due to the shock of just having been naked in front of a total stranger.

“Who are you,” you asked with a higher tone than usual. He had covered his eyes, and froze in place. You guessed it was out of fear that he had become stationary in the one spot, but you didn’t really care anymore. “My name is Namjoon,” he replied to you, his eyes still shut.

“You can open your eyes you know,” you told him, sitting on your bed, holding the sheet in place. He hesitantly opened his eyes and looked at you. “I thought this room number was the one I was supposed to move into and it was open like the office had said, so I came in. I really didn’t know it would be the wrong one,” he tried to explain apologetically. You shrugged and smiled a little. 

“It’s okay, mistakes happen,” you simply said back to him. Now that you had a moment to fully look him over, you were more than impressed. His smooth looking blonde hair caught your attention and his tall body was also pretty impressive. Your voice was just deep enough to be sexy, and you could tell that he had a certain modesty about him by the way he had apologized so vigorously.

“I can help you find the correct room if you’d like. I just need to put some clothes on first,” you offered, standing once again. His eyes flashed up and down your body that was barely hidden with the sheet and you noticed. “See something you like,” you asked with a fierce tone. He didn’t say anything, but he did avert his eyes slightly.

“I’m not usually one for casual hook-ups, but you’ve seen me naked already,” you said boldly, figuring why the hell not. This guy was fine and you might not get the chance to be so straight forward again. His whole expression changed and you swore you could see his attitude turn dark. 

“It’s like you could read my mind,” he said in a suggestive tone. He walked over and pulled the sheet from your hands, letting it fall to the ground and immediately finding his way to your nipples, giving them each a tiny lick before pinching them lightly between his fingers. 

You let out a small moan as he wasted no time on the offer you had given him. You ran a hand through his hair and were satisfied to find out that it was just as soft as you had hoped. He let out a small hum of content and backed you up, causing you to fall back on the bed. 

He lifted your legs and licked a trail down until he reached your hip. He crouched down on his knees between your legs and dove in. He licked your clit with small strokes of his tongue, getting you nice and heated before moving on to a more rapid rhythm. You writhed under his touch and let out a series of loud moans as you felt his tongue against your most sensitive area.

When he began really sucking and licking your clit your thighs instinctively started to close around his head, trying to lock him in place, but he didn’t seem to care, he just continued to eat your pussy to perfection. You felt yourself on the brink of an orgasm and when he inserted a finger into your dripping entrance, you yelped loudly with pleasure. “Oh my god, yes.”

You bucked your hips and he continued to lick your sweet spot as he worked his fingers in and out of you. You could feel yourself ready to cum and you cried out, reaching down to grip his hair. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” you said aloud as the orgasm rolled over you. You felt yourself become weaker and twitch as you rode out the intense orgasm. He didn’t stop fingering you as he raised his head. You sat up, even with his fingers still inside of you and kissed him, tasting yourself on his mouth.

The two of you didn’t exchange many words, but it was perfectly fine because the actions spoke for themselves. You dropped to your knees and released his obvious erection from the confinement of his pants. He groaned when his cock was freed. You grabbed the base of it and placed your lips at his tip, running your tongue along the slit, tasting some of the precum that was leaking out.

“Damn,” he moaned, tilting his head back in bliss. You eased your mouth down onto him and took his rather impressive length into your mouth, allowing it to hit the back of your throat. You pulled your head back and repeated the motion a few times, before he pulled you up from your knees and spun you around, bending you over and easing himself inside of you.

When he entered you, he filled you up so nicely you swore you were going to cum right then and there, but instead you let out a satisfied moan and pressed you hips back against him. He grabbed onto your waist and began sliding in and out of your wetness. “You’re so wet,” he breathed, picking up the pace. 

Pretty soon he was slamming his cock into your powerfully and you were gripping your bed for support as he landed a blow to your g-spot each time he went into you. He was moaning steadily behind you and you knew you probably wouldn’t last much longer, especially with the constant stimulation inside of you. 

He slowed down and pulled out, putting you in the missionary position. The look he gave you as he slid himself back into your pussy made you go crazy and you let out a scream when he immediately hit your spot once again. “You’re going to make me cum again,” you cried out, holding onto his shoulders. 

The words only made him drill into you faster and harder and when he didn’t stop you threw your head back and came harder than you had ever cum before. “Shit,” you screamed loudly, feeling your body shake with the strong orgasm. Your walls clenched against him and he let out a long groan as you felt him also cum, releasing the warm liquid inside of you. 

You whimpered as he slowed down, the last few spurts releasing inside of you. He pulled himself out and stood up straight, his breathing ragged. “Maybe I should forget my room number more often,” he said, still breathing unevenly. You sat up and could feel the cum drip from inside of you and shuddered at the feeling. 

He pulled his pants back up and without another word, he turned and walked out of the door, leaving you speechless. The whole experience, although it was pleasurable, was very odd. You went into the bathroom and washed yourself up. When you returned to your room you noticed a paper on the bed and picked it up. 

You grinned and shook your head when you realized he had left his phone number and a small note.

I knew your room wasn’t mine, but my roommate told me that you were hot. He was right. Call me sometime.’

Female Robbery (Mingyu)

In which you meet a gentleman in the middle of a bank robbery.

Genre: Action

Warnings: Violence, bank robbery, blood, guns

Word Count: 2,272

Originally posted by 7teans

2:15 was a good time to go to the bank. It was late enough that you could miss the crowd that came in during their lunch breaks but early enough so that you didn’t have to worry about getting caught up in something unexpected and missing dinner so you could finish a paper due that night. The sun didn’t beat directly down through the skylights, but instead on the back wall, not even blinding the tellers. You were a numbers person as well, although your specialty was in computers, so you felt at home with the people who made a living counting, and the tap of your heels against the marble floors was oddly warm and comforting. It was a nice time of day, but it was ruined by a group of men who put bullets into the ceiling and skylights.

“Everyone, on the ground!” one ordered with a hoarse yet commanding voice.

The commotion came from behind you, and in your confusion, you spun around to see what was going on. You were a little on the shorter side compared to the people around you, so for a moment everything was a swirling haze of colors and screams. A mother was on your right somewhere, already crying over the fact that she had brought her son with her. Whoever was in front of you was convinced that they had been shot, but someone else was trying very hard to tell them that it was just a cut from the falling glass.

You slowly sank to your knees and caught you first glimpse of a man. He was obviously the one in charge; you could tell without even having to look at any of the others. The muscles of his arms bulged through the tight black shirt he wore, and his stance screamed power. His black eyes glared out over the top of a black, beak-shaped mask that covered the rest of his face. The man in front of you blocked your view again. You moved to lie down on your stomach like the rest of the people had done.

The mask had told you with whom you were dealing. A band of robbers, outlaws who had already stolen more than five hundred thousand dollars in cash over the past year. Not even a penny had shown up anywhere. They were virtually untraceable. The police had named them the Crows for the masks they wore that made them appear more demon than human.

You pressed your cheek against the cool floor, hoping that it would do something to calm your sizzling nerves. You squeezed your eyes shut and tried to remember the breathing exercises your doctor had taught you. Inhale for seven seconds, exhale for eleven. Seven, eleven, seven, eleven. You messed up and went to fourteen. The shouting hadn’t stopped. Another bullet fired, another order was barked, and a teller was led away to open the vault. Her sniffles echoed through the lobby. The remaining three men kept watch over the people.

Your eyes snapped open when a hand squeezed yours. They were met with the sight of a very handsome boy – or man, you supposed, as he must have been around your age – with a gentle smile on the ground next to you. His hair was parted to the side and styled, and he wore a polo shirt. When your eyes darted around, you could see that his legs were much longer than yours.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, “we’ll be fine.”

“How can you know that?” You shot an apprehensive glance at the men patrolling the lobby.

“Because it’s my job to serve, and I’m going to make sure we get out of here without a scratch.” He winked then, and the absurdity of it all made you crack a small smile.

“Hey now, there’s the sunshine,” he joked, but went silent for a minute when one of the men walked closer. He waited until he was gone to speak again.

“I’m Mingyu, by the way,” he said.

You told him your name.

“How lovely,” he commented, moving his hand to brush a lock of hair behind your ear. Unfortunately for you, one of the men spotted the movement.

“Hey!” he bellowed, pushing Mingyu’s arm away with his rifle, “No talking, loverboy.”

“Sorry, it’s just that… My girlfriend here is pregnant, and I don’t want her to get too stressed. It’s already a risky pregnancy,” Mingyu explained. His voice trembled and caught in his throat. If you hadn’t have known that you had neither a boyfriend nor a bun in the oven, you would have believed him.

The man eyed you suspiciously, but he seemed to decide that your shaking figure matched up with the story. He finally grunted out, “Fine, but no funny business, or a baby will be the least of your problems.” He stalked over to the other end of the line of people.

Mingyu sighed, “That was close. Do you have a phone?”

“In-in my pocket. Why?” you asked.

“Okay, I’m going to slip it out and call for help,” he said.

“What if they catch you?” you hissed.

“Like I said earlier, it’s my job to serve. Just trust me.” He had already gotten ahold of the device. He made sure it was on silent before he made the emergency call.

“119, what is your emergency?”

“Did you hear that?” one of the men asked. He whipped around to search for the source of the noise.

“Hello?” the operator questioned again.

“Shut it off!” you gasped. You scrambled to shut the phone off, but a black boot came down on it before you could reach it. Your eyes traveled up the form of the leader, whose unamused stare chilled you to the bone as he slowly bent down to retrieve the phone. The thought that the robber looked silly holding your hot pink cell phone rushed into your mind. Mingyu was frozen beside you, but you could see the gears working in his brain. You gave his hand a squeeze.

“Is this the police?” the leader answered the call, “Yes, I’d like to report a robbery at the National Bank. There were shots fired. Is anyone hurt? I’m pretty sure so.” He glanced at a man writhing in agony on the ground twenty feet away. “Ah, my name? You can call me Coups. See ya soon.” And with that, he hung up.

He crouched down between the two of you. “So which one of you decided to call the cops? Actually – no, I’m just gonna go by whose phone this is.”

“No.” Mingyu’s eyes went wide.

Coups yanked you to your feet by the collar of your shirt. You made noise like a strangled whimper and clutched at his hand. The floor appeared to spin in a whirl of tan and black dots under your feet after getting up that fast.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” You twisted in his grip, trying to break free. You weren’t entirely sure what you would do if you got him to let go because there was no way you could get too far when he was flanked by two other men with guns, but anything was better than submitting to the punishment of a band of criminals. You managed to land a solid kick to his shin. It didn’t do much to faze him.

“Exactly, you did the right thing, which just irks me even more.” He gave you a rough shake before shoving you back down on top of Mingyu, who caught you awkwardly in his arms. “Watch your whore more closely next time.”

Your face flushed with anger, but you didn’t have a chance to respond because he was already barking something at another man in a foreign language. The other man ran over to the front doors. Even from where you were situated, you could see flashes of red and blue reflected on the shiny walls of the building. A bang and the tinkling of shattered glass sounded for the nth time that afternoon. A few of the hostages cried out, and Mingyu’s arms tightened around you.

The man who Coups had sent to the entrance staggered back into the lobby clutching his arm. His already dark sleeve was turning darker every second with his blood.

“Vernon!” Coups cursed. “How many?”

“Three cop cars and a SWAT team was pulling up when I was leaving,” Vernon’s eyes crinkled up in what you could only assume was a smile. All of a sudden, you were certain he was younger than you. Even shot he looked like a boy, and the other men’s reactions to him fueled that assumption.

“We need a hostage. We’re getting out of here right now.” Coups turned back to you, and you felt your heart plummet to your stomach. He pulled a handgun out of the waistband of his pants.

“No, no,” Mingyu insisted, “please, allow me.”

You were about to make some comment on how now was not the time to act like a gentleman, but then you felt the cold tip of the barrel of a gun press against your temple, and you knew that acting like a gentleman was not his intention.

“Now, we’re gonna stand up, and we’re gonna walk out ahead of my friends. You’re gonna get us out of here,” Mingyu’s voice rasped into your ear. You shivered.

“Mingyu, don’t do this,” you pleaded shakily.

“It’s too late to tell me not to get into all this,” he laughed. Coups reached around to tie a black beak mask, produced from the duffle bag, around the lower half of Mingyu’s face.

“You’re with them,” you accused.

“Of course I am,” he replied nonchalantly, “you’d be surprised how many people are. Now let’s get that cute little butt of yours moving along before Vernon bleeds out in here.”

“Aw, shoot, I’m not gonna bleed out,” Vernon huffed.

“Shoot; how very appropriate,” Coups deadpanned.

Mingyu scoffed, and the next thing you knew, you were being ushered out and down the front steps of the bank. At least a dozen police officers had their guns trained on you, or on the man who held you close to his chest. The rotating police lights and sirens made your head hurt.

“Shoot any of us and I blow this girl’s head off!” Mingyu yelled, “Put your weapons down!”

You watched the officers in the first few rows lower their guns to the ground. The SWAT team members simply pointed them at the ground instead of at the men behind you. You felt Mingyu nod a signal to Coups, Vernon, and the other mysterious man, and the three of them swaggered back into an alley across the street. Mingyu started in the same direction, making sure his back wasn’t turned to the cops at any point.

“You’re not to move until she walks out of the alley alone, you hear me? If you try to follow us before that, she’ll have to pay your price,” he growled loud enough for everyone to hear.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a news van arrive. Great. The last thing you needed was for your conservative-news-channel-addicted mother to see you held hostage by the organization that had terrorized the country for the past year; she would never allow you to go anywhere alone for the rest of her life.

Mingyu backed in the alley, finally out of the view of the law. He held you around the shoulders with his shooting arm and raked his now free hand through his brown locks.

“You understand that we have to get a head start here, don’t you?” he smirked down at you.

You nodded weakly.

“So we can’t exactly have you walk out of here before we can get that head start, now can we?” he continued, “You’re a real doll.” He sounded like he came out of an old mobster film – who knew, maybe he thought he was in one.

Then, in one swift motion, his head ducked down to meet your lips. His smashed against yours, and while the feeling wasn’t the most unpleasant thing you had ever experienced, it was far from the best. You were convinced that you would be mottled with bruises.

Your eyes were already wide open, but they became even more terrified when you realized he had forced a small pill into your mouth with the kiss. It dissolved before you had a chance to spit it out, not that his lips would let you. Your vision swam and swirled, and you felt your knees weaken and give out. Mingyu gently lowered you to the ground. He laid you in his lap for a moment, took off his jacket, and then neatly folded it into a nice little pillow for your head.

“You should wake up in about fifteen minutes. Sleep well, princess.” He brushed your hair out of your face as you rolled your eyes back in an attempt to keep them open.

“No,” you choked out.

“You’re safe; don’t panic,” he cooed. Then, seeing you finally give into the call of sleep, scurried off into the shadows.

You woke up twenty minutes later and crawled with heavy limbs along the dirty ground to the street, where a swarm of police and paramedics mixed checking you over and throwing questions at you. One of the medics tried to take the jacket you had thrown over your shoulders to replace it with a shock blanket, but you clutched it tighter around your body. You weren’t ready to let it go.

You weren’t ready to let any of it go.