pink yan

Hopefully 3rd time is the charm. My phone is being a little crap so I’m uploading from my laptop. (I swear to god if this doesn’t post I will send Yan Chan after them.)

The nurse model has been changed. I think Yandere Dev just changed it to be the original nurse instead of Muja. But if it is Muja, she looks way to much like Mida and it’s weird. I really liked the pink hair.

#BringBackThePinkHair #PinkHair2K17

Yan-kun-chan-san-sama-senpai looked in disgust at Occultie. The emo boy was drinking a cup of pastel pink milk.

“Tch,” Yan-kunpai said in Sasuke punk language. “You know that shit comes out of a cow’s stomach titties, right?”

“That’s why I drink it,” Occultie smirked gayly. Yan-kun-senpai-chan was so shocked at this answer that Satan himself rose from under the school to intervene.

“You’re both fucking awful,” Satan says  in a heterosexual accent. He kills them both with a football.

Legend has it that in the classroom whence they died, you can still hear a faint splash splash splash of Occultie motorboating his milk husband followed by a screech of “I’M KINKSHAMING” from Yan-kun-chan-san-senpai who fires a gun wildly