pink vulpix


Pictured Pretty Pink Piplups? Visualized Vulpixes Vivivdly Violet? Frabricated Firebrick Furfrous Flouncing Freely in Frost? 

 #TrainerShiny Pokemon Commissions are up for a Limited Time!

I have the next few days off and I’m looking to make a bit of christmas cash. 

With these commissions you get to pick the pokemon, tell me how you wish their shiny would be and I will make your dream a reality! 

I’m looking at between $10 - $25, depending on how complex the pokemon is and how many demands you want [accessories, backgrounds, etc].

Complexity is… The easier it is to draw the pokemon, the cheaper your commission will be.   Dittos vs. Rayquazas. 

I’m open for other commissions as well! 

Send me an Ask or email me at