pink velvet cake pops

hey so jhope’s my bias and we all know how he works with girl group songs, so i made this playlist i guess??? its basically just a bunch of girl group/female artist songs (bonus song in the yt playlist since it wasn’t on spotify :P)

I Am The Best -  2NE1 // Something - Girl’s Day // Mr.Mr. - Girls’ Generation // Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls // Whatcha Doin’ Today - 4Minute // Touch My Body - SISTAR // Whistle - BLACKPINK // Miniskirt - AOA // Hot Pink - EXID // Bubble Pop! - Hyuna // Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet // You’re The Best - Mamamoo // Me Gustas Tu - GFriend // Mr. Chu - Apink // Mamma Mia - KARA // Hobgoblin - CLC

(YouTube link in case you don’t want to use Spoofy: )


Ever thought of how much slay year end music shows would be if a Big 3 (YG, JYP & SM) girl group collab stage would be?

Look no further to the Ryuseralover’s “Whistle/Ice Cream Cake/Cheer Up” Mashup showcasing all the best of BLACK PINK, Red Velvet and TWICE!

Share this if you want the Big 3 to actually do a year end girl group collab stage!