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Photo: Netflix via Deadline June 13, 2017

The first two seasons of The Crown span nearly two decades, meaning that [makeup designer, Ivana] Primorac was responsible not only for transforming Claire Foy’s Princess Elizabeth into Queen Elizabeth II—refining the simple, uniform look that the Queen has maintained throughout her life—but also for progressively aging the actress and her onscreen counterparts as the series proceeds. With prior credits in the film world including Pan, Steve Jobs, and The Imitation Game, Primorac confronted extreme challenges on The Crown, primarily due to the logistical complexities of television series shooting in multiple countries at once.

Speaking with Deadline, Primorac explains all the visual elements that went into creating the Queen. [x]

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She smiled at me and she said: you think about the moon too much. You gaze at it too often.
I said, there’s no too much, because the moon comes with the stars, and the stars remind me of your eyes;
You hold eternity in pink-varnished fingertips, and every rose that ever bloomed is in your cheeks.
She said, that’s cute, but did you know that when you walk into a room you bring spring with you, and the sun is in your smile?
I thought, I wonder if she knows I thought the same thing about her. I wonder if she knows I’d follow every path she trod.
I said, I’d follow you to heaven if you’d take me, and I’d follow you to hell. Of all the girls I’d give it up for you:
You mean that much. In all, there’s not a moment when I don’t imagine you. I’m never not thinking of you.
She said, I’d follow you through mountains or through oceans dark and deep. If you said ‘cross the river styx with me’, I would.
 And I said, I won’t ask that much, but only one particular thing, that I’d say’s worth all of the world,
Of my three wishes: this my first, this now my second and my third. This only I would ask you,
Saying only, I mean to ask it freely given, though it sums to all the treasure in the heavens and on earth.
She said, whatever you should ask I’d give it you, were it the sun, the moon, the stars, and all my heart.
I said, I couldn’t ask that much, but ask it all, in something smaller and yet more: I ask a kiss.
—  Her. (AKA ode to an imaginary girl and a dream of love I hope to fulfill one day when I am older.) @piningfemlock this should probably be dedicated to you again just because idk you and Maya make me want to write this soft dreamy gay poetry.
a bit familiar (but different too)

Captain Beauty friendship and memories of Milah - two different women who have lived aboard the Jolly Roger with Killian Jones for similar reasons.

The memories rise to the surface, little bits of flotsam and jetsam that he’s carried around for centuries now.

The planks were cold under her feet in the mornings, and so he bought a rug at a market and laid it on the floor. A fine piece, cost him a decent amount of gold, but it was worth it to see the smile on her face after another rough night where she’d longed for her boy and cried into his shoulder.

Belle walks easily across the faded wool, her pink-varnished toes bare and pale against it as she complains that her shoes are already too tight and pinch her feet. It’s cold in the mornings, but the rug is still there to keep her feet warm.

She brushed her hair in the mirror at night, the long dark strands slipping easily through the bristles as she hummed a tune absently under her breath and he hung up his coat on the peg, listening to his lover’s song and hiding his smile behind his flask as he turns and watches over her shoulder.

The rum slips down his throat and burns in his belly while Belle plaits her hair, the battered black box she calls a radio playing music that she hums along with, looking at herself in the mirror and smiling when she catches him watching over her shoulder.

Her wedding ring sat in a box, a plain, slender band that’d long been replaced by the gems she wore when she stood at his side, abalone pendants and pearl earbobs. He gave her first pick when he takes a prize and her blue eyes lit up at the silver bracelets and coral beads, but he caught her with the ring now and again, rolling it between her fingers and staring across the water with the memories of the man and the life she’d left behind written on her face in the moonlight.

The Crocodile’s fortunes had changed much over the years and his second wife had been wed with diamonds fit for a queen, not a humble piece from a tinker’s bundle like Milah. But Belle takes it off and rolls it around in her fingers, her blue eyes shadowed even in the sunlight on the deck with the memories of the man she’s left behind.

Killian Jones doesn’t know why Fate has driven another woman to seek sanctuary aboard the Jolly Roger, dredging up memories of another life, another love, even as he packs the few things that will find a new home with Emma. But she’s sheltered him from many a storm and he’s always had a soft spot for a beautiful woman who longs for a taste of freedom. Belle is not his lover, but she’s become something even rarer in his too-long life.

A friend.

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 21- Anonymous
: It’s All About Politics
Summary: AU- It’s the modern story of Romeo and Juliet all over again, but instead of true love and devotion, both of them are trapped in a corrupt system filled with lust and power. This time, votes will determine which of them shall perish and which of them shall win.
A/N: Yeah, again… Weird summary but I guarantee you it’s  gonna be an interesting read! I like to write AUs where I can twist some parts of their personalities to fit the story, and yet keep them still truthful to their real selves. I like to imagine their reactions when facing these kind of things, and I hope I can transmit the entire idea through my words! Remember, SS month rules said no smut, so… don’t be mad at me, smut fans XD I hope you enjoy it, and I hope I didn’t make them too OOC XD Have fun, and please, leave me Reviews!
“ There’s a letter for you, Uchiha-san.”

The lobby of the five-star hotel where he was staying was empty as the words of the receptionist broke the peaceful background music and reached his ears. His feet immediately stopped at the sound of his name, and slowly, he turned his deep, dark eyes to face the central balcony. He could see the way the girl behind that marble-made structure trembled due to the eye contact, and the unstoppable way her hands were shaking when he grabbed the said letter just told him basically everything that was going on that girl’s mind.

What an idiot, he thought.

Didn’t she know who he is?

For his father taught him more than well how to portray himself in public, Uchiha Sasuke cordially retrieved his envelope and resumed his merry way towards the elevator. As the son of a man who’s running for president of the Fire Country, the raven haired man knew he had to maintain his family’s image in front of other people’s eyes. Even if his personal life wasn’t really helping him at that moment, he knew that he could not let any of those dirty paparazzi spot something that could compromise his father’s campaign. He had to be discreet and he had to cooperate, at least for a little longer before he could, once again, disappear in the world.

It had been years since he last visited Konoha, and as he waited for the elevator to arrive, his mind couldn’t stop wondering about the past he was forced to leave behind. Out of all the stupid choices he has made in his life, Sasuke knew that hopping on that train three years before was the biggest of them. On that night, he left his hometown, his friends and even the one girl he has ever felt something for. He left it all behind and for what? For his father to preserve the fake image of a perfect family? That was ridiculous, he knew. And now, as the air of Konoha filled his lungs, all the regrets of his “what ifs” were present there, haunting him every time he turned around the corner.

There were too many memories spread around the city, and even after so long, the Uchiha realized that it was impossible to run away from all of them. He could try as hard as he wanted, but eventually, his past would capture him.

Eventually, they would meet again.

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