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on another note i hate when white women with pink undertones use a yellow ass foundation like bethany you don’t look like a foreign you look like a banana peel 🗣🗣🗣

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Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: say Yoongi gets up in the middle of the night cause he randomly got an idea for a song so he goes out to the living room to work on it. And his girl comes waddling out wearing his shirt and some cute frilly panties rubbing her eyes and whining like “Teddy~” and he’s all like “Teddy wtf” and she’s like “Cause you’re my teddy bear~ And I can’t sleep without my teddy bear~“ 

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In the middle of the dream you weren’t having something started to wake you up. You felt the bed shift but just assumed that your boyfriend had turned over in his sleep. You reach out to hold him closer but your arm lands on the empty bedside next to you. Your eyes start to open and of course, Yoongi’s missing. As you sit up you take notice of the bright light coming from the living room peaking out from the cracked bedroom door. When you open it you find him sitting on the couch with his laptop, typing away. Your steps cause him to look up at you.

“Teddy…” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes in front of him.

He tilts his head in confusion. He’s almost distracted by your cute attire but he tried to stay focused as he hears what you called him. Yoongi just assumed you were still half awake.

“Y/N maybe you should go back to bed-”

“No. I’m not sleeping if you aren’t. I need my teddy bear to sleep next to me.”

Yoongi’s face flushes with a pink undertone when he realizes your new nickname for him. 

“I wasn’t trying to wake you up. I just got an idea so I came out here to work.”

You reached your hand out to him.

“You can do it in our room…I just want you to be next to me.”

He nods, standing up with the laptop in one hand and using the other to hold yours as you lead him into the bedroom. He crawls back into bed, resting his back on the headboard with the laptop now in his lap. You got in next to him and rested your head next to him. Unable to fall asleep again you watched him type the words onto the document. You squinted since the screen was so bright but the more you read the words you started to notice something familiar. 

“….Is this song….about us?”

He shyly smiles. “It’s noticeable, huh?”

“I mean, to me it is but shouldn’t you write about something related to your fans or youth experiences?”

Yoongi shrugged. “I only write about things that are important to me and right now you’re the most important thing to me.”

You grew quiet.

“What is it?” He asked.

You reach for him once more. “I want to kiss you but i’m too tired to sit up again.”

“Now you sound like me.”  He laughed, leaning down to give you a light kiss. 

“Please try to go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you up..”

You smiled. “I will but you better not think of leaving this bed again.”

“I won’t.” He said. focusing back on his writing.


He let out another tired chuckle. “Yes, I promise.”

He continues to keep writing down all of his ideas, email them to Namjoon as well as the other lyricists at BigHit, and shuts down his laptop to set it down next to the bed. He tries to get comfortable in the bed, seeing you already fast asleep. Yoongi’s hand comes out to rest on your face, moving his thumb gently on your cheek. You winced, causing him to freeze. He was afraid he woke you up again but you just continued to lightly snore. He lets out a sigh of relief and kisses your forehead. He can finally rest for the night knowing your slight neediness for him that he found so adorable. He hoped you’d never get tired of being next to him because he planned to be there for quite a while.


Summary: You connect falling in love with Logan to certain colors.

Ship: Logan x Reader

Song Inspiration: Love by Lana Del Rey

Word Count: 1,575 words.

Tags: i had so much fun writing this honestly, its so cute, well to me, romance, fluff, i think this is fLUff????,

Last Words: best song in the world please listen while you read, IT’LL MAKE THE STORY HIT YOU LIKE A TON OF BRICKS EVEN MORE

Special Tag: since this is my first post on tumblr & i love Logan I’m gonna tag some of my favorite writers :-) @theamazingworldoffandomfics @crossbns  @mellifluous-melodramas @geeks-universe 

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Himalayan Aura Quartz with pink undertones still available 🌈✨
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art. part 1/?

Archie Andrews x OC 

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a/n; sooo, i’ve been getting super into riverdale lately, and i started writing this?? i don’t know if this is gonna be long or if im just gonna give up on it later, but here it is!!! tell me if u want more parts?

warnings: 0

part two / ask

The canvas in front of her stood prominently, the hues of marmalade and crimson making the piece stand out like a sore thumb. Her index finger softly smudged harsh lines, and any area that didn’t please both her and the overall artwork as she wished. She didn’t know why, but every art piece ended with this. It would start with black trees, pink undertones lying behind to allude to a sunset. It would begin slow, soft strokes of the charcoal falling across the canvas with ease. Then.. Everything would turn red. She’d begin with a stroke or two across the higher points of the canvas, then she would decide that a spot was “too pink”, or even too empty.

“Red and orange sunset, again?” Her art teacher spoke, a bashful look falling upon the artist’s face. “Dani, they’re beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous, but you are going to have to show me something else,” her teacher would say, placing the canvas back into the brunette’s palms with a sigh.

“Stupid orange sunset,” Dani muttered, throwing the canvas into the trashcan as she walked down the hallway, and began to head to her car.

“I’m thinking of writing a song about burgers,” Archie began, walking next to Betty, her head turning to look to him, eyebrows raised. “It’d be the perfect love song, except no one would know it’s about bur-” Archie stopped himself, a flash of orange filling his peripheral vision. He stopped in his tracks, seeing a canvas laying on top of the trash can.  

“Arch?” Betty asked, turning around once she realized he stopped. She watched him move to the trash can, picking up the canvas from the bin. “Archie, that’s gross!” Betty giggled, walking over to where Archie stood.

“Look at this, Bets!” Archie exclaimed, truly astonished by the art he held between his fingers. He was no art major, anyone with eyes could see that, but he knew what he held in front of him was truly a masterpiece.

“Kinda looks like your hair, Arch,” Betty commented, standing by his side and looking over his forearms to admire the piece with him. Archer tilted his head, noticing how the dark tones of the piece mixed with the reds and orange hues did resemble his mop of ginger locks. Archie moved the piece so it was under his arm, and began walking out of the high school. “What are you doing? Someone could’ve left that there on accident!” Betty argued, catching up to her redheaded friend.

“Do you really think someone would leave a piece like this on accident? Obviously they were throwing it away,” Archie argued, although he knew Betty made a point. He just wanted to take the piece home. “Here, if someone left it,” Archie pulled a piece of paper from a stack of newsletters, scribbling his number and a small note along with it. He taped it behind the trashcan, hoping for no response.

“I know you want to keep it, Arch,” she nudged his shoulder, a small grin on her face as she watched him walk out of the school, the piece still safely tucked under his arm. “I don’t blame you, it’s beautiful,” she commented, watching as Archie stopped, pulling the piece out from under his arm to admire it once more. He looked to his best friend.

                                   “I need to find out who did this.”

  • Jacob: He has medium skin tone but he became more pale because he rarely went outside after Abe died; he tans easily though. His skin is oily also and he is prone to minor breakouts on his face. Has an oval shaped face with a average sized greek nose. He has almond shaped blue eyes also. His top lip his smaller than his bottom lip. His hair is dark and it covers half of his ears and covers his forehead. He is average height for his age and he has a lean build to him.
  • Emma: Emma has a fair skin with warm undertones. She has a heart shaped face with a small button nose. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair color and are arched. She has almond shaped chocolate brown eyes with light eyelashes. Her lips are full and the corners of her mouth naturally turn down when relaxed. She is isn't short but she she isn't tall either for a girl and has more development on her upper body than lower body- so inverted triangle shaped body. She has sandy blonde hair that is parted in the middle, it reaches right above her shoulders and curls a little bit outwards.
  • Bronwyn: She has tan skin with a square shaped face. Has nice high cheek bones and a jawline that could cut you. Her elbows and knees are scarred up from rough housing. She is from a Filipino descent also. Medium size flatter looking nose that is naturally highlighted a little bit at the tip. Her top lip is bigger than her bottom lip and she has a prominent Cupid's bow. Has broader shoulders and has a muscular build to her. On the taller side for a girl too. She has dark brown hair cut into a pixie cut that nicely frames her face and is parted in the middle.
  • Millard: He has fair skin covered in freckles from head to toe. Has a diamond shaped face with a medium sided button nose. Has straight thin lips. Is on the tall side, and he has a little bit of pudge on him. He has round eyes with beautiful lashes and has heterochromia (one green eye and one brown eye). He also has wavy mousy brown hair with a widows peak. Wears glasses when he reads.
  • Horace: His skin is practically porcelain-uses the best products for himself. Triangle shaped face with an aquiline nose. Has the brightest, whitest teeth. Thinner lips but his bottom lip is just a little bit bigger than his top. Has bigger ears which he covers by his top hat. Has grayish blue deep set eyes. He is short but with long legs. His hair is platinum blonde and is nicely slicked back.
  • Enoch: Very very pale because he rarely goes outside. Rounded face with a nose that turns a little bit upwards. Has sharp lips and when he smiles on that very rare occasion you can see his dimples. Is pudgy and does not care. Has a short and stocky build to him. His eyes are droopy and are a hazel green color and he has prominent eye bags. He has dirty blonde hair that is two inches longer on top and is always a mess.
  • Fiona: Has dark brown skin with a few moles and freckles here and there. She has an oval shaped face with a funnel nose. Her lips are full and plump. She is at average height and carries most of her weight at her bottom half. She has almond shaped brown eyes with thick eyelashes. She has very thick curly hair that is brown but when the sunlight hit it you can make out red and she often has flowers, leaves, etc scattered throughout her hair.
  • Hugh: Hugh has such a tan line, his covered skin is ivory. Has a rectangular shaped face with a greek nose. His lips aren't full but aren't thin either. When he opens his mouth you can make out prominent canines. He is very tall and he has a lanky build to him but his arms are a little muscular. He has almond shaped brown eyes that he hides under his goggles because his eyes are sensitive to sunlight. His hair is dark brown with cool tones that he brushes back but doesn't add any product to it.
  • Olive: She has cool toned medium colored skin. Her face is round and she has a roman shaped nose that is a little crooked. She has small full lips and is almost always smiling. Her eyes are hooded and are hazel. She is of average height for her age and she has nicely toned legs because of her shoes. She has wavy brown hair with bangs that reach just above her eyes.
  • Claire: She has fair skin with a pink undertone. Her face is heart shaped and she a small button nose. Her lips naturally pout a little. She has very cute dimples too. Very small when it comes to height and still has a little bit of baby fat on her. Her eyes are big and round and are light blue. She has curly platinum blonde hair which she loves having accessorized.
Arranged Love Pt.5 | Jungkook

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love? And, above all else, how did you and Jungkook even find yourself being forced into an arranged marriage simply for publicity?

Word Count: 4,380

Genre: Fluff/angst

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Artist: WALTER SCHNACKENBERG (1880-1961) Size: 36 3/8 x 48 in./92.5 x 122 cm Oscar Consée, München While a handful of posters exist for this chic German nightclub, including designs by Ehrenberger and two by Engelhard, Schnackenberg’s take on the venue elevates it to a hot spot of hedonism and seduction. Here, a lithe, angular woman with an impossibly low-cut gown and Medusa-esque tresses taunts a pleading gentleman with a single pink candy, the sexual undertones of the gesture anything but subtle. One of four known copies of this poster.

This is part of my art side-blog “The–Elusive–Muse

anonymous asked:

What is a good nude/pink lipgloss for olive skin tones for an upcoming graduation. Need something that will stay with minimal touchups. Drugstore and High end options. Thank you.

Hello! xo

Try shades like,

NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine. This is a richer nude with pink undertones. This isn’t sheer and can be applied almost like a liquid lipstick making it a little longer lasting than sheer lip glosses.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss in Totally. This shade is a slightly lighter beige than richer nude above and will compliment olive skin tones without standing out too much. 

NARS Lipgloss in Chelsea Girls. This lipgloss is a little more sticky and long wearing. It’s creamy and opaque like the others but its more of a pinky beige than a brown nude. A paler nude but not too pale for olive to tan skin tones.

The Tarte Tarteist Lip Paints would be great for this occasion, they’re glossy yet still tacky and more of a long wearing lipstick. 

Clinique Pro Lacquer Lipcolor + Primer in Wink Pop. This is a high shine, long wearing lip color. It comes in a few pink/nude shades and are meant to have a lipgloss look with a lipstick wear. Wink Pop if you want it a pinky beige and Nude Pop for a slightly darker nude :)

Where Do We Go From Here? (Whisper What You Want in My Ear)

I told you I would get this done eventually. Apparently all I needed was a manic-depressive episode to finally finish the last part. 

Sequel to Girl You’re All the Rage, which was the sequel to I Don’t Bite. Last installment. 

Marinette’s eyes were locked on that section of the wall, the last place she had seen Adrien before he disappeared behind the lockers.

If seen was even the word.

He had bolted for the door so fast, by the time she had whipped her head around, she’d only caught the flutter of her scarf, still clenched in his fist, and the wisp of his hair vanishing around the corner.

His speedy departure had left a heavy weight in her belly but it was the look in his eyes that made her stomach roil. She’d never seen such turmoil in Adrien before, and certainly not such vivid anxiety.

Her hand slapped over the mark on her neck and she paled. He’d obviously seen it. He’d have to be blind not to. It was angry and red and his eyes had focused on it in a dazed stare for perhaps a moment too long. The colour had entirely drained from his face and his expression morphed from one of concern to one of… loss? Confusion? Surely there was a semblance of distress in the lines of his mouth.

And that was what terrified her.

She had started to get to know Adrien better over the past few weeks. Alya had been a big help, setting up group lunch dates with the three of them and Nino. Naturally Marinette still rambled on occasion whenever Adrien would ask her a question or send a comment her way, but their friendship had been steadily growing stronger. They chatted between classes, casually texted, and shared a few secret jokes.

But that look on his face…

The shock, the staring, the quick exit… She was sure Adrien was disgusted.

It felt like her heart had dropped into her stomach was being digested.

Adrien Agreste would never look at her the same way ever again.

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A little something I was thinking about and wanted to write. Hope you’ll enjoy and thank you for 100 followers!

The beeping of Sportacus‘ crystal woke him up in the middle of the night.

He could count the times that happened on one hand, as Lazytown’s citizens tended to be, well, asleep at this time of the day. There were Pixel and Robbie, of course, but the former never really got into trouble and the latter, when he was awake at night, tended to work on his machines, which usually did not require Sportacus’ assistance.

As he sat up slowly, blinking the last remnants of sleep away, Sportacus pondered on what was going on. Though rare, the crystal could alert him to someone suffering from nightmares, so that probably was it. The crystal, as tired as Sportacus himself was, didn’t tell him how urgent the situation was; it only gave him a mental nudge that told Sportacus he had to go to the Mayor’s house.

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Watercolour Skin Tones

Hi there! Thanks for your question. I don’t have these down to an exact science, but there are just a few colours I tend to use for skin tones with different ratios for each. I’ve tried to break it down according to how I think about them - I’ll first figure out whether the person is cool or warm-based. Cooler skintones have more blues in their undertone, and warmer have pink/yellow undertones, and there’s also the occasional neutral skin tone that almost reads as a green (sometimes found in olive-skin types). I always start with a very, VERY light wash of a colour, and this could be either a pale version of their final skintone or the undertone - usually a blue, yellow, or red. Afterwards I’ll start layering colours on top of that, to finally reach the darkness of colour I want. The colours used for the images below are lemon yellow (cool yellow), new gamboge (warmer yellow), quinacridone red (warmer red), quinacridone magenta (cool red), phthalo blue, and burnt umber in Daniel Smith watercolours. Sorry for the wonky face drawings, but here we go:

A very, very watered down mix for those who pretty much burn if they go out in the sun, new gamboge & quin. red. These types are very pale and tend to be bright pink-based. I’d say you could get away with the skin base being the white of the paper and just use straight-up watered down red for the very porcelain.

A darker version of above - starting to use more yellows in the mix. New gamboge & quin red. Still pink-based.

Starting to use more yellows here, with lemon yellow coming into the mix alongside new gamboge & quin red.

This is the same exact mix as above, except I layered down lemon yellow first, and then the mix of new gamboge and quin red on top of it later. It’s similar but reads more yellow.

Getting into the more olive-skinned territory with the addition of phthalo blue.

More blue, with new gamboge and quin red, and darker make a tanner skin tone.

Started using burnt umber into the mix for a richer colour, leaning red here with new gamboge and quin red.

A darker almost brick-coloured skin tone, with new gamboge, quin red, phthalo blue, and quin magenta coming into the mix.

Reddish undertone with new gamboge, quin red & magenta, phthalo blue.

Gold-based undertone - this one’s just new gamboge and burnt umber.

More neutral undertone with new gamboge, burnt umber, and phthalo blue.

Dark skin with blue undertones - burnt umber and phthalo blue with the smallest smidge of quin magenta.

I’ll usually put a bit more saturation into the skin tone mix for blush and lips, and some blue into the shadows. Again, definitely start light and layer layer layer until you find the colours you like. Experiment with what you have and see what works for you. Hope this helps!

chevko replied to your post “art just,.. is so much. there’s so much of it. why do people have so…”

Dude. Have you tried coloring white people digitally? It’s a pain in the ass. Too red, too brown, too green, too blue… At least with paints a white person can apply it to their skin if they’re in doubt. DIGITALLY YOU ONLY SEE IT AFTER YOU UPLOAD IT AND YOU’RE LIKE WTFFF. White people are bullshit when drawing. And that’s AFTER the million and a half parts are done. People just suck is the moral of this rant :| … DRAWING people suck, for those that may be squinting at home. (because I have to clarify :| )

I specifically try to avoid this task where possible. Pale skin = translucent skin = lots of undertones = no, no, i will not, i will not do this. i will not.