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You def deserve a drink! IEP meetings are not easy. I’ve got 4 years yet until we have to deal with the transitional IEP (& the thought scares the crap out of me). That said, explaining fan fiction is worth a couple drinks, too.

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I have some Hard Grape Soda in the ‘fridge that I plan on cracking open with dinner. I work twice as much as usual this week and I have three appointments on each of the two days I have off. Bleargh. On the up side, I’m back to my usual schedule next week with zero appointments. 

I’ve gone to so many IEP meetings over the last fifteen years I’m kind of used to them but they still stress me out. I am very thankful both of my kids had great teams behind them. My advice is to write things down and ask lots of questions. It not easy being an advocate but it’s needed.

Thank you! And you’ll kick butt, no worries.