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Sweet OTP Things Part 2

Because you all seemed to love it so much the first time, and a few of you asked for more. :)

Give me more huddling on a couch under a fuzzy blanket, hot cocoa in hand, watching cheesy movies.

Give me more of Person A stroking Person B’s hair absently, as B rests their head on A’s shoulder. 

Give me more playing with puppies, smiling fondly as they lick and nip at the couple, snuggling up against them.

Give me more pressing their faces together sleepily, not even kissing, just resting their foreheads together, noses brushing, breathing each other in.

Give me more smiling shyly, cheeks tinging pink, because they were caught staring at each other.

Give me more hayrides, one borrowing the other’s coat because it’s chilly out, sipping hot cider, laughing as they go.

Give me more snowball fights, where they’re both giggling too much to really hit each other, and they end up collapsing together in the snow.

Give me more “I love you”s. Not the dramatic ones, but soft ones, murmured almost absently, because one brought the other coffee or found their missing shoe, soft but without doubt because it’s long been established that they love each other.

Give me more falling asleep together on the couch, halfway through the third Star Wars movie, curled around each other.

Please, I beg of you: Give me more sweet OTP moments.

My brother’s best friend 2 || D.H.

A/N: SECOND PART LET’S GO! I’m not entirely sure about this idk why…

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


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“Don’t tell Phil what?”

My eyes widened in shock as I saw my elder brother walk in. I immediately moved away from Dan, realizing that we were way too close to seem casual. I panicked instead of answering Phil’s question. Thankfully Dan wasn’t as perplex as me.

“Don’t tell Phil that his little sister is much better at this game than him.”

Dan smirked at his best friend. If I hadn’t known he was lying I would have believed him. He kept a completely straight face the only thing that might have given him away was the tinge of pink on his cheeks that was a reminder of the kiss we shared a minute ago.

“She’s not!” Phil exclaimed while he faked being hurt.

“You sure?” Dan continued to tease him.

I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Phil actually fell for it. I didn’t know how he would have reacted if he found out that Dan and I kissed. Honestly, I was confused myself. We hadn’t had the time to talk about this yet.

I handed the controller over to my brother and I left the two boys to themselves since Dan was Phil’s guest and not mine. As soon as I closed the door to my room behind me I jumped on my bed with a deep sigh.

‘Dan kissed me’ I thought over and over again. My lips were still prickling and I replayed the scene in my head a million times but never grew tired of it.

My mind was just a chaos of thoughts and emotions. I’ve had a crush on Dan for so long and he acted on it. What did this mean? Was it a one-time thing?

I was overthinking while I was covered in blankets and stared at the ceiling. I decided against calling one of my friends for advice because I was afraid that one of the boys could hear me talk. So it was just me and my confusion.

I listened to some music, cheesy love songs to be exact. Dan actually likes me? That was too good to be true.

I almost didn’t hear the knock on the door over the loud music, but eventually turned the volume down.

“Come in” I shouted, thinking it was Phil but to my surprise Dan was the one who walked in. I quickly sat up straight and fixed my t-shirt that was slightly pushed up and revealed a little part of my stomach. Dan smiled at me and the look he gave me was way softer than usually.

“Phil sent me to ask you if you want to watch a movie with us.” He said carefully like he was testing the depth of an unknown lake.

It felt like the air was sizzling.

“I saved a spot for you next to me and the couch.” Dan added, scratching the back of his neck.

There was hint of a blush on his cheeks. My mouth formed into a big grin at his words. Dan was into me for god’s sake!

We shared a quick and meaningful look. Then suddenly Dan crossed my room with a few large steps. He had reached me in a few seconds and sat down next to me on the bed. I got goose bumps because of how close he was. After I had gathered all my confidence I cupped his cheeks and turned his head so he was facing me.  

Dan swallowed hard, clearly checking me out. I could see the warm brown colour of his eyes as I softly ran my thump over the parts of his cheeks that turned red as soon as he entered my room.

He seemed embarrassed that his affection towards me was so obvious, but honestly it just gave me the certainty I needed.

I was the first one to lean in. Dan seemed surprised but that didn’t stop him from eagerly kissing back. It was like we hadn’t stopped thinking about kissing each other the whole time he was hanging out with Phil. I needed his lips like I needed air.

My arms wrapped around his neck as he grabbed my waist. His touch sent waves of what felt like electricity through my body. Our lips skilfully moved against each other while the door to my room wasn’t fully closed.

I pulled his tall body down with me, so he was on top of me in between my legs. At first all of our movements were slow and shy but with time they got faster and more eager. I ran my hands down his chest while Dan started to leave open mouth kisses all over my neck.

“Dan, what about Phil?” I managed to breath out.

“He can watch that stupid movie by himself” Dan mumbled shortly before his lips were back on mine again.

I felt his hips move against mine and completely forgot about my brother.

“Where are you guys? The popcorn is ready!” We heard Phil shout and froze in the middle of our tracks.

“We’re coming” Dan shouted back but not without winking at me.

I rolled me eyes at him but had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from grinning.

We quickly got up before Phil would come and get us. I looked at Dan and realized in shock that I had completely messed up his hair and that he was out of breath.

“How do I look?” I wanted to know, already expecting the worst.

“As breath-taking as always.”

“That’s not what I meant!” I laughed but felt flattered anyway.

I quickly combed through my hair with my fingers as Dan did the same.

As soon as we left my room we started to feel like we had committed a crime, which was not entirely wrong.

“Ah there you are!” Phil exclaimed as we entered the living room. He was as clueless as always.

It smelled like popcorn and Phil had already turned on the TV. Throughout the whole movie it was mainly silent although I had to remove Dan’s hand from my lap a couple of times. I caught him staring at me once in a while and somehow he needed so much space on the sofa that one of my thighs was practically on top of his. It was really hard to not rest my head on Dan’s shoulder and honestly I spent more time imagining what it would be like to cuddle with Dan than I spent paying attention to the movie.

Right after the credits started rolling Phil decided that it was time to sleep, so we said our goodnights and went to our rooms.

Half an hour later I was lying in my bed extremely tired but also wide awake. Every time I closed my eyes I saw Dan’s face right in front of me. How was I supposed to sleep when I still felt the adrenaline rush through my body?

There was a faint knock on my door for the second time today. This time it was impossible to overhear it since it was dead silent in the house.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Y/N, it’s me.” I heard Dan whisper.

“Come in then.” I answered and seconds later the door swung open and closed again as the darkness in my room swallowed Dan’s tall figure.  

Me and Dan were both in our pyjamas and he didn’t even hesitate to walk up to me and peck my lips.

“What are you doing?” I whisper-yelled at him, gently pushing him away.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I had to see you, Y/N.” Dan admitted and it was nice to know that he was feeling the exact same way.

“But what about Phil?” I asked for the second time today.

“I waited till he fell asleep and sneaked out of his room. Can I kiss you now?”

I grinned at him and quickly nodded just as Dan pulled me closer to his body.

His breath fanned my neck at the exact moment as the light in the hallway got turned on.

“Dan where are you?” I very confused Phil asked right outside of my room.

Before we could jump apart my older brother opened the door and turned the lights on, revealing his best friend and little sister in a very tight embrace.  

I stared at Rhys.
He stared at me.
His cheeks were tinged pink with cold, his dark hair ruffled, and he honestly looked freezing as he stood there, wings tucked in tight.
And I knew that one word from me, and he’d go flying off into the crisp night. That if I shut the door, he’d go and not push it.
His nostrils flared, scenting the paint behind me, but he didn’t break his stare. Waiting.
This beautiful, strong, selfless male…Who had sacrificed and wrecked himself for his family, his people, and didn’t feel it was enough, that he wasn’t enough for anyone…Azriel thought he didn’t deserve someone like Mor. And I wondered if Rhys…if he somehow felt the same about me. I stepped aside, holding the door open for him.
I could have sworn I felt a pulse of knee-wobbling relief through the bond.
—  A Court of Mist and Fury (Sarah J. Maas)

Percy was desperate on teaching you to skateboard.  
“Percy, I’m gonna fall and probably break my neck.” You whined as you were placing on your helmet and knee pads. He just chuckled and fastened your elbow pads on, “ I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’ll be right here when you need me. ” He set down his skateboard and took your hand, “ step on slowly and adjust your feet like this. ” He set his feet in the proper position to show you when you were on the board.
You sighed a little and gripped his hand tightly when the board shifted underneath you. Percy twisted his hand away from yours and went to your waist instead. He instructed you to balance yourself by holding out your hands while he held your waist and gently guiding you around. You squeaked and turned a bright red when his hands slipped lower to your thigh instead. “ Don’t worry, ” he said, his own face a tinged pink, “ I’m only adjusting your legs so you can gain more balance. ”
You couldn’t stop yourself from blushing, but you could stop being in love with this boy, that wasn’t an option. Percy shifted your leg and placed one hand on your waist the other holding your outstretched hand. You were doing it, you were riding a board. Finally. He let his hands loosely drop to his sides as you rode on.

He grinned widely as you glided across the busy skate park. You were amazing with your balance, rolling past gratified walls and other skaters doing tricks and turning. Percy picked up his Navy and white board, he quickly got on it, his eyes never leaving your retreating figure. He gave a laugh and sped up to meet you. But unfortunately, he didn’t get there in enough time  to push you away from harms way.
A skateboarder, who made fun of your flailing and failing earlier that day , crashed into you and knocked you clean off your (f/c) board. “ Watch it!” The burly skateboarder yelled before he made contact. Just  like your own (e/c) eyes, Percy’s shown with fear; A swelling and pounding in his chest made everything a bit worse. His demigod skills made everything seem like it was slow motion for at least a second and a half as he processed that his girlfriend was just tackled by a broad, long-haired, brunette boy apparently named Zeke since his friends were yelling and shouting his name. Percy’s body was fueled by anger and pure adrenaline as he sprinted over to the tossed and bruised pair, leaving his skateboard behind him. When he got there the first thing he did was what any good boyfriend would ask. “Are you hurt? Any broken limbs? ” He asked giving you a look over.

You groaned and held your head, which was bleeding badly since you didn’t strap your helmet on. When you removed your hand from the bleeding spot, Percy saw that it was much worse than imagined. “ Poseidon’s underpants are you kidding me!” he yelled. He pulled your body slightly so that your head was in his lap. He felt like beating his head into a wall for letting this happen to you.  He dipped down to kiss your forehead before frantically searching for  help. Then he saw it, a business man holding a phone up to his ear and shouting in it angrily. “Hey you! Call 911 my girlfriend may have a concussion. Are you even listening to me? ” Percy shouted at the man. You on the other hand were getting sleepy and your vision was becoming a blurry mess dotted with black. Your body seemed  to go from hot to cold. The blood was dripping down from your temple and down onto your boyfriend’s lap, soaking his jeans. the business man glanced up at the distressed pair once and then twice for a double take. He shouted a quick “call you back” into the phone before dialing the help number, 911.

Percy blinked back tears that were wanting to drain out. This was not happening, this can’t happen and it won’t.
He cupped your face and sniffled a little. “ Hey eyes on me (y/n), look we can go get Ice cream later. We can watch (your favorite movie) together. I’ll show you the corals under the sea; My dad’s underwater palace, we can go there if you want. ” His voice got lower as he spoke so no one would over hear. Your eyes started to close with every breath you took, “ Percy…shut up and love me. ” You mumbled with a slight smile tugging on your lips. He chuckled and dipped down again to kiss your lips softly, he lingered for a second before leaning up to glance around. An ambulance siren could be heard not to far away from the distressed couple that lay in the middle of the skate park. He leaned down one more time  to kiss her before the men rushing up behind him took her.


You opened your eyes to see a bright white light over your head before it dims out into a hospital room. Your head was pounding with a headache and your eyes were stinging, basically you were in pain. You look around the grey looking room with distaste, searching for Percy. He wasn’t there. All that was beside your bed was your (m/p) and a nurse refilling your IV. You frowned, thinking that he left you alone. “It’s alright”, you thought, “he was probably needed or something.”  You sighed to let them know you were awake. “ Oh honey you’re awake!” your (m/p) said with a relieved face. The nurse smiled and went out of the room without a word, well, except for when she excused herself at  the door. “ (y/n) you’re awake! ” Percy said while sitting down his pizza on the side table. “Oh he was eating, he didn’t leave me.”
You smiled and raised up only to lay back down holding your head, which was covered in bandage. “Wow” you laughed, “ looks like I’m pretty bad ass with this battle wound huh? ” he cracked a smile and held your hand,“ I didn’t know you’d get hurt badly enough to be in a hospital. ”
You shrugged barley enough so that your head wouldn’t ache anymore. “It’s my fault anyways, I didn’t strap my helmet on. ”
Percy  shook his head and  smirked a little. “ So, let’s get back to the ‘Shut up and love me part’ eh?  ”

“Guys parental guidance is standing right here. ” Your (m/p) said with an awkward stance. You blushed and cleared your throat, “ Yeah Percy, I’m never skateboarding again.Ever.”

When the summer was over, I moved to a large city, far from stretches of green grass and blue water, where there wasn’t any chance of happening upon a road where hills appear and disappear behind other hills. In the city, there were no horizons. The sun sets behind concrete, and the only reason you know the day is ending, is because you’ll have just finished up your dinner, when a smog-ridden tinge of pink in the air suggests a change of time. I took a job. It was the sort of job that makes you feel important in a depressing sort of way. It all sounds depressing, and I suppose it was. The people were all misery and death, the way they moved through the streets so fast as if a monster were chasing them. In my moments of quiet, sitting on park benches to eat my prepared lunches, it seemed that the city lost sight of me. No one took notice of me at all, so I watched them, and tried to guess at their monsters. For some it was career, status, a sense of time running out. There’s an inherent significance in opposites, and I went to this unusual place to be transformed into something entirely new. One day, about two years after I arrived, I left. My job didn’t depress me anymore, and I decided it was time to go. My monster, I found, had been the memories of that summer, and my fear that those months would always be the best of my life. I felt sure I’d never again be so happy, and certainly not in this city.

Plant of the Day
Saturday 11 February 2017

These vigorous Helleborus ‘Walhero’ (hellebore, Lenten rose)
also known as Helleborus ‘Walberton’s Rosemary’ were flowering in the relatively new winter walk at Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Wisley Gardens. This is a clump-forming, semi-evergreen perennial with five-lobed leaves which are often removed in the early winter prior to flowering. The pink flowers can then clearly be seen when they appear late winter to mid-spring. A group of these plants were set next to the small evergreen shrub Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety’ (spindle) and the Helleborus flowers will compliment the pink tinge of the variegated foliage in winter.

Jill Raggett

anonymous asked:

How about more on your headcanons about Aladdin's lil crush on Kougyoku? I loved that drawing of them you did a while ago! (and maybe Judal and Alibaba teasing/being super supportive to Aladdin about it idk) anything Kougyoku would be neat tbh~ I hope you stay strong today!


  • aladdin calling forth rukh from the ocean, from the rivers and lakes and clouds, to aid kougyoku as she skewers their enemies to shreds
  • lately when he’s around her, aladdin notices that his rukh has a tinge of pink to it. he quickly brushes them aside.
  • long-distance correspondence as aladdin travels around the world, bringing all sorts of interesting tokens back to show kougyoku
  • they stick mostly to writing letters because they’re both too busy to call each other
    • kougyoku uses clairvoyance magic to find him and sends him letters with koumei’s teleportation circles. aladdin writes back and sends them off in shining rukh-conjured birds that hurt if you stare at them for too long. sometimes there is no letter, and they just leave her flowers on the windowsill 
    • occasionally, in the wee hours of the night, aladdin will call kougyoku and press the shell phone close to some ancient sleeping underwater animal he finds, so she can listen too
  • late night conversations on worldly affairs, eating breakfast together in a secret place of the palace courtyard, hidden by pear trees, with a great view of the city below
  • judal is hella protective of kougyoku and fairly suspicious of aladdin (‘ummmm what is this nonsense, are you saying i’m not a good enough magi for you???’), alibaba is DELIGHTED (and a little bit confused like what happened in these years i’ve been away can we do a recap ohtaka), ka koubun is utterly scandalized
  • their relationship grows complicated and messy when aladdin repeatedly makes it clear he’s not kou’s (or any nation’s) magi, and kougyoku understands that, but the whole world grows nervous when the rising kou empire starts having two powerful magis hanging around the capital
  • one day when kougyoku turns to look at him across the courtyard, he sees her rukh turn a charming shade of pink and doesn’t quite know what to feel about that
The Last Days of Autumn

Just a little Supercorp drabble that popped into my head!

Crisp November air is carried on the wind that tussles Lena’s dark hair. It brings out the bright rosy pink tinge to her cheeks. Leaves swirl on the sidewalk, like a little autumn ballet. Lena has always loved this time of year. Bright colors on the trees, sweaters, warm apple cider, and a little chill in the air. It’s not unbearably cold, not yet. But it’s just cold enough to be invigorating.

Today there’s a little extra bite to the chill, and Lena sighs, knowing that autumn is almost over and that soon winter will come blustering in with its freezing temperatures and icy roads and snowstorms that make it impossible to get home from work.

So as she walks, with this extra chilliness, her hands start to get a little cold. Right down to the fingertips, they begin to feel that first pain of not enough warmth. She thinks to bury them in her coat pockets, balled up in tight fists that would bring warmth faster, but then another idea occurs to her.

The thought of it has her fingers tingling. Can she even do this? She’s tried so hard to be clear with what she feels, and she has yet to be understood. As she walks along today, a break from work, a chance to get one of those cups of hot cider, she wonders if she should try again. Some would tell her to give up, and she could understand why. But the thing is, she’s not being rejected or pushed away. She just isn’t being heard in the first place. How can she give up when she’s never even gotten through? Never had a chance to be rejected?

So, yes, today she’ll try again. She turns to her left, where her companion walks with her, happily sipping her own cup of cider. The young blonde woman is wearing an off white beanie hat with a bobble on top, a poofy little thing that would look absolutely ridiculous on anyone else, but on her, it’s just perfect. The fact that it was supposedly a gift from her adoptive mother, just makes it all the more adorable. The smile on this girl’s pink lips makes Lena’s heart beat a little faster.

Finally, she decides to just do it. Just try. One more time, Lena, she thinks, hoping this time her message will get through. She clears her throat, and the woman next to her turns her attention to Lena, sunny smile and all.

“Kara,” Lena starts, but then she loses her nerve. Kara stops walking and turns her whole body to Lena, who is beginning to feel like an idiot. But Kara just smiles and smiles and waits patiently. And Lena has to do it, it’s going to burst from her either way, she might as well elect to do it.

“My hands are cold, can I hold yours?” She waits on baited breath for there to be a reaction of any kind from Kara. For something to click, for her to understand what Lena is saying.

But nothing. Kara’s eyes spark up in a friendly way, in that way she gets when she has an opportunity to help someone, and she all too happily takes Lena’s hand in hers. She begins rubbing it with her thumb, saying she hopes that can warm up Lena’s hand a little faster that way.

 And damn it, it does. But even though the skin of Lena’s hand is a little warmer, there’s still this cold sinking feeling in her chest as Kara starts walking again, sipping her cider and chattering about the article she’s currently working on, ad completely unaware of Lena’s growing feelings for her.


Bismuth: Making Your Own “Bi” Crystals

Bismuth is a chemical element with symbol Bi and atomic number 83. Bismuth, a pentavalent post-transition metal, chemically resembles arsenic and antimony. Elemental bismuth may occur naturally, although its sulfide and oxide form important commercial ores. The free element is 86% as dense as lead. It is a brittle metal with a silvery white color when freshly produced, but is often seen in air with a pink tinge owing to surface oxidation. Bismuth is the most naturally diamagnetic element, and has one of the lowest values of thermal conductivity among metals.

Bismuth is a brittle metal with a white, silver-pink hue, often occurring in its native form, with aniridescent oxide tarnish showing many colors from yellow to blue. The spiral, stair-stepped structure of bismuth crystals is the result of a higher growth rate around the outside edges than on the inside edges. The variations in the thickness of the oxide layer that forms on the surface of the crystal causes different wavelengths of light to interfere upon reflection, thus displaying a rainbow of colors. To make your own, click the Video link.

Giffed by: rudescience  From: This video

The Art of Pretence - 4

chapter one, chapter two, chapter three

the lams fake dating AU you’ve probably already read

this took awhile, sorry! 

DEDICATED TO @ladynikitablack because her lovely comments never fail to make me smile <3 

The first week John spent as Alexander’s fake boyfriend was unexpectedly simple. It felt the same as spending time with a friend — though Alexander insisted they hold hands when in company and pressed sweet kisses against John’s head, never failing to make his cheeks tinge pink.

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I. you do not need to remember falling, it is written
into the quaver of your outstretched hand and the spinning
in your head when you legs do not hold up and the moments
on the edge of sleep where your foot slips and heart

ii. you put on sunscreen without thinking but the light
does not burn you, will not
burn you, you are tinged pink but never set
aflame (again)
smoke makes your lungs ache and you never think to chase it, you never
dreamed of burning dreamed of sunlight you know

iii. you drip wax onto your skin and scrape it away
without a thought, it burns
for a moment and does not hold and you were never
afraid of it but you always knew it was never
quite enough
your shoulderblades still ache
tender and you scrape at them in the shower
peeling away dead skin that looks like paraffin shavings

iv. you have always liked the rain best
liked cloudy days
where it does not feel like looking up will swallow you
where it does not feel like you could fall up into the sky and never stop

v. you ride an airplane and watch the ground below and
it does not hurt but
does not help because this is not real
this does not count
this is only

vi. you chase memories and dreams of standing on cliff tops and catching wind
in your hair and it blows into your mouth and eyes and you look
down at the water and know
what it would be like to jump to fall to
you are not afraid (anymore)

vii. they miss the point every single one of them misses the point
you know that before you understand
why because one day
they call you by name, and icarus, you know
you have never forgotten
what it is to fall but oh, icarus
now you remember the most important thing
what it is
to fly.

—  February 18
Time Limit (Mature)


Pausing my American Horror Story rerun, I stood up and opened my bedroom door, “What?” I yelled back in response, annoyed.

“Will you come down here, please?”

My brother was having his ‘guys night’ whilst my parents were away for the weekend, so I took it upon myself to lock myself away in my room. He would’ve shooed me off anyway, so I saved myself the humiliation.

Raising my eyebrows at his request, I ran a hand through my hair before jogging down the stairs. I was in a pair of grey pyjama shorts and a cropped top, my fluffy socks making my pursuit into the living room a silent one. “Yes?”

“God, (Y/N), my friends are here – would you put some clothes on?” He whined, rolling his eyes.

My cheeks tinged pink in slight embarrassment at the fact that he’d just called me out in front of four of his friends, but I rolled my eyes in return to mask it, “I didn’t think my presence would be needed. Now, what do you want?”

His friends sniggered at my comment, but one person in particular caught my attention – Justin Bieber. His eyes raked over my body and I was somewhat self conscious, but flattered at the same time. I’d always thought he was sex on legs, but I assumed he didn’t pay me any mind, guess I was wrong.

“Well, sis. I was going to ask if you wanted anything from the store.” My brother said, putting sarcastic emphasis on the word 'sis’.

“How thoughtful of you, (Y/B/N).” I scoffed, “You can get me some sour patch kids, thanks.”

“Alright, come on boys.” He announced.

“Uhm, would you mind if I stayed here? I feel a bit shitty.” Justin spoke up before looking at me. However, his eyes looked away as soon as they set eyes on me.

“Only if you let me take your car.”

He chuckled and tossed him the keys, “Go careful, she’s special.”

The front door closed and I stood awkwardly in the living room, “You can sit down you know.” He smiled. Half returning it, I sat on the couch beside Justin, feeling myself get nervous under his stare.

“So how old are you now, (Y/N)?”

“Uhm… 18, why?”

He shuffled slightly closer to me and rested his hand on my bare thigh, my skin suddenly igniting, “Because I’ve alw–”

The front door reopened and he moved his palm away from me, “Forgot my wallet.” Tyler, another friend of (Y/B/N)’s, said, before exiting.

I turned back to look at Justin, who’s eyes had darkened significantly. “I’ve always been attracted to you, (Y/N). But I wanted to wait until you were older to tell you.”

My breath caught in my throat, this Greek God of a man is attracted to me?

“Y-you have?”

“Mhm… You know sometimes I leave the room when you come in?” I nodded, “It’s because I have to stop my mind from wandering.”

My cheeks heated up and his hand had returned to my thigh, slowly inching it’s way up, “You drive me crazy.”

I felt my arousal pool in my panties and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from whimpering. Justin noticed and he used his thumb to tug my lip from between my teeth, before leaning in. As his lips pressed to mine, I let out a quiet moan against his lips, causing him to lay me down on the couch. Settling between my legs, he pressed his crotch against mine, “See what you do to me, baby?”

Bucking my hips against his, I needed the friction to relieve the ache between my thighs.

“Where’s your room?” He asked, climbing off of me. Pouting at the lack of physical contact, I took his hand and led him up the stairs.

Pressing my against the wall, his lips roughly attached to mine, his hands snaking their way around me to grab my ass, pulling me closer to his bulge.

“Fuck…” I whispered, I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Walking me over to the bed, Justin kissed down my body, undressing me piece by piece until I was lying below him in my white lace underwear. “God you’re so sexy…” He groaned, grinding his hips against mine, reaching behind me and unclasping my bra.

“I’d always imagined you like this, but you exceed expectation.”

Rolling us over, I rocked my hips against his harder, “Justin,” I gasped, as he sat up and took one of my breasts into his mouth, “Fuck…”

Stopping my movements momentarily, tugging his shirt off, I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down.

I involuntarily moaned aloud as I saw the outline of his hard on in his boxers, making my centre ache. I needed him.

Justin smirked as he rolled me onto my back, “I hope you’re ready for this, baby.”

Sliding my panties off of my legs, Justin parted my legs and groaned. Lying down, he pulled me towards him, locking his arms around my thighs, holding me in place. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” He admitted.

Attaching his mouth to my throbbing centre, I threw my head back and gasped, a wave of pleasure coursing through me. Tugging his hair, I shamelessly grinded against him, desperate to rid the aching feeling he caused.

Sucking on my clit, I let out a scream and my back arched off of the bed, “I-I’m gonna cu-” Justin detached his lips from me.

“Justin, what the fuck?” I spat, sending him a dirty look. He moved to rest his back against my headboard and pulled his boxers down, causing me to get wetter at the sight of his boner hitting against his abs, “Ride me.”


“Your brother isn’t going to be gone forever, now ride my cock.” He demanded. Getting turned on at his sudden assertiveness, I positioned myself above his arousal before sinking down on him, my eyes practically rolling to the back of my head.

Going straight to it, I wasted no time. I’d secretly dreamed of this moment for so long, I was taking full advantage of it.

“Oh, fuck!” I cried, bouncing and rocking my hips.

“Fuck yeah, keep going, baby girl.” Justin moaned, his hips thrusting upwards to meet mine occasionally.

Placing my hands on either side of Justin’s face, I kissed him harshly before pulling away, tugging his bottom lip between my teeth. Leaving to pepper kisses down his neck, his large hands came to my hips, guiding my movements.

Rolling my hips in a circle, he let out a groan, “Fuck, do that again.”

Hearing the front door unlock, I looked at Justin in horror. As I was about to climb off of him, Justin held me and flipped us over so that I was on my back, before he started pounding me to the point where I wanted to scream.

“Shh, baby. You don’t want them to hear you, do you?” He asked, “I don’t mind you letting them know how good I fuck you, but I don’t think your brother would approve.”

Biting ridiculously hard on my lip, I tried to meet Justin’s thrusts, my orgasm nearing.

“Fuck I’m close.” He grunted, gripping onto my hips.

“Justin! (Y/N)!”

“Keep going, keep going, keep going,” I moaned, encouraging him.

My back arched off of the bed and Justin held his hand over my mouth to muffle my scream I so desperately wanted to let out.

“Shit,” He groaned, pulling out and spilling onto my stomach.

Panting like crazy, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, my heart rate accelerating even more.

“Shit, get in the bathroom.” I rushed, Justin nodded and grabbed his boxers and jeans, making a beeline for the ensuite.

Grabbing my robe, I quickly followed, my legs like jello.

“Hellooooo? Where are you guys?”

“Lean over the toilet,” I instructed. Ignoring the cum on my stomach, I grimaced as I put my robe on – that’ll need washing.

Opening the bathroom door, I looked at my brother, “Justins been sick, I was just helping him.” I mumbled.

“Why are you in a robe?”

“You told me to put some more clothes on, didn’t you?”

He nodded, peering behind me, “Justin, are you alright, buddy?”

Justin lifted his head, turning to him, “I will be. (Y/N)s been a great help, though.”

“Alright, well, come downstairs when you’re sorted.” Closing the door behind him, I turned to Justin, “That was close.”

“So, what do you say about doing this again sometime?” He asked, standing up and coming closer to me, “I prefer to fuck… without a time limit.”

“How could I say no after that?” I laughed.

“Good, I’ll call you.” Justin said, kissing me once more, “Come downstairs when you’re done showering or whatever, I’m not interested in the game and you’re good to look at.” He smirked.

Nodding, I bit my lip, “Got it.”

“You’re my whole world, babe”

Pairing: Calum & Y/N 

Words: 700+

Warning: sfw 

I have had such bad writers block so i know this isn’t fantastic, but pls be nice bc it was so hard to even write this 


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anonymous asked:

Hey guys and gals! From all the aesthetics you've all done, what are your personal favorites and why?

 HOO boy. I suppose my favorite would be Nyo!Denmark as a Mermaid from Little Mermaid from H.C.Andersen. But I’m pretty proud of any other PruNyoMano and NorNyoDen I did, I guess.

taking a break from derivatives to say: hmm, my favourites are probably this RusPrus, this RusAme, this DenNyoIce and this Mafia Romano. I’m just really proud of the colour schemes. Oh, and this 1500s BTT. 

- kosher 

My favorites are this denmark and nyo! russia aes, and this monaco and france moodboard! I just realized every single one of those has tinges of pink on them lol pink is such a great color dont fight me on that

- iodized

Photography Class | Part 2

Jonathan Byers/Reader

a/n; oooooh my gosh, i love this boy so much! i’m really overwhelmed by the response of the first part, and i’m so excited to share this with you guys! enjoy, and please give me some feedback! @alexs-ummers @pagemaximoff, i hope you guys like this!

part one here

Jonathan doesn’t even notice that his cheeks are still tinged pink, until Will points it out whilst they’re driving to Mike’s house. Jonathan just shrugs; a small, uncontrollable smile tugging at the corners of his lips, moving one hand to turn up the radio.

“No, no!” Will objects with a grin, smacking his hand away from the volume button. “Is it because of a girl?!” His voice is laced with excitement, as he shifts eagerly in the passenger seat.

“Sorta,” Jonathan replies, as Will laughs with excitement. “but it’s nothing to get too excited over, it’s just for a project.”

“Yeah, right!” Will scoffs playfully, rolling down his window, sticking his head out. “JONATHAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND, JONATHAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND!” He chants, causing Jonathan to roll his eyes.

Alright, alright!” Jonathan interjects, leaning over slightly to tug Will back into his seat. Will just laughs heartily as Jonathan returns both hands to the wheel, pulling up to Mike’s house. “Get out of my car, squirt. I’ll be back to pick you up in a couple of hours!”

Will unbuckles and exits the car, closing it behind him. But before he leaves, he leans in with a smirk.

“Have fun with your girlfriend!”

The drive to Benny’s from the Wheeler’s house is a little nerve wracking for Jonathan; due to the fact that he’s never really hung out with anyone before, let alone a beautiful girl as yourself. Jonathan was in half the right mind to decline your request; because the one time a girl ever asked him out, it ended up being a joke, which made him hole himself up in his room out of embarrassment for two days. (Joyce wanted to call the girl’s parents, but Jonathan convinced her not to.)

But Jonathan could tell that there’s something different and genuine about you, when you had asked. He knew that you weren’t very popular yourself, and that you mostly kept to yourself, much like him. So needless to say, Jonathan getting out of his comfort zone like this, is a pretty huge deal for him.

When he pulls into the parking lot he already sees your car, and parks next to yours. He puts his camera around his neck and slings his bag over his shoulder, slamming the car door shut. Jonathan already can feel the nervousness prick at him, as he starts his way towards the small diner.

Don’t be a coward, Jonathan tells himself, attempting a somewhat motivational talk. Just be normal. You got it. You can do this.

He takes one final huff as he walks into the diner, the sound of a bell jingling. The diner isn’t that busy, a few usuals scattered about. Jonathan’s eyes immediately bounce to the back of your head, and he smiles to himself; walking over to the small booth you’re sat at. There’s already a few of your things on the table, including a side of fries and two milkshakes.

“Uh, hi!” He greets, voice a little smaller than he meant. “Sorry if I’m a little late, I had to wait around for my brother to get home from school,” Jonathan explains, sitting across from you.

“No need to apologize,” you smile, waving a hand. “I got a head start studying for my chemistry quiz. Hope you don’t mind, but I ordered some fries and milkshakes for us!”

Jonathan tries to fight back the smile that tugs at his lips, as you push the basket of fries towards him, along with his milkshake.

“Thanks,” he smiles, taking a long sip of the milkshake. “you didn’t have to buy it, y’know. I have cash!” He adds, as you laugh softly.

“Consider it my treat. I hate this class, and you’re pretty much a professional. If I was you, I’d hate to be my partner.” You joke, as Jonathan just shakes his head.

“I’m far from a professional,” he says, once more doubting his own talents. “and you’re not too bad. I mean, I already got some food out of it.” He teases.

You blush slightly, surprised that Jonathan has a secret humorous side to him. You’d be lying, if you said you didn’t want to see more of it.

The two of you sit at Benny’s and chat idly, just getting to know each other. He finds out that you love Bowie and The Clash just as much as he does, which makes him smile wide. (and god he’s so cute when he smiles; you’ve never seen him really smile at school before, and this is like a whole new Jonathan!) You find out that Jonathan is also a secret Dungeons & Dragon’s fan — in which he tries to play it off, saying that he only plays it for his brother; but once you tell him you play it with your dad, he feels a little less like a nerd.

The longer you chat with Jonathan, the more you feel like you’ve been longtime friends; he seemed so bashful — which he still is — but the more you talk, the more he opens himself up; like a flower, blooming in the Spring. It makes you want to fight everyone at school, who spread awful things about Jonathan and his family.

It’s about an hour before you realize that it’s nearing sunset, in which you wave a hand over to Benny for the check.

“We should probably start shooting some pictures before it get’s dark!” You suggest, as you hand Benny some cash. Standing up, Jonathan slings his bag over his shoulder once more, you doing the same.

“Did you have anything in particular you wanted to shoot?” He questions as the two of you exit the diner, and into the parking lot.

“Pfft, I was planning on following you,” you tease, causing him to shake his head in amusement. “after all, you are the one that knows what you’re doing!”

“There’s this little clearing through those woods,” Jonathan replies, pointing to the woods across from the diner. “we could go there and take some pictures of the fields?”

“Lead the way, Byers!” You exclaim, following close behind Jonathan.

The walk isn’t very far as expected, and the clearing that he takes you too is simply breath taking.

The orange and yellow glow from the sunset makes the forest line glow, and makes the little gossamer-like wisps in the air seem like fairy dust. There are a couple patches of pink colored flowers, which is rare for a place like Hawkins; that’s usually just filled with dead grass and dandelions. You walk ahead of Jonathan to take in your surroundings completely; in awe, that a place like this exists in a place like Hawkins.

“How did you find this place?!” You inquire, spinning around in the grass, moving your fingers to graze over the taller pieces of grass. “It’s incredible!”

And as Jonathan watches you twirl around and smile at the world around you, he can’t help but to pick up his camera to snap a picture of you. You barely even notice, as you continue to gush about the beauty and aesthetic of the clearing.

The next hour and half is a blur, as you photograph things with Jonathan.

It’s an effort for Jonathan to get you to be serious, as he tries to teach you how to not be afraid of taking risks to get the picture; in which he made you get close to a deer, that happened to be grazing!

(Jonathan Byers, if that deer attacks me, I’ll kill you myself!)

(Just hurry and take the picture!)

After that, Jonathan decides to let you take over the camera for a while, seeing that his little lesson did in fact make you more confident in taking photos! He watches you with fondness as you wander about, taking pictures of leaves and flowers; making silly little comments to him, about how you’re going to be the next Annie Leibovitz.

When you turn your attention to him to be a model, Jonathan objects profusely; until you hit him with the puppy dog eyes — which results in him lying in a patch of grass; eyes closed as he smells a flower.

“Alright, c’mon,” Jonathan laughs, as he stands up. “I think we got plenty of pictures!”

“Wait!” You object, dodging out of his grab for his camera, holding it to your chest. “We need one more.”

“One more of what?” He asks, with a raised brow.

“Of us!”

You’re quicker than Jonathan is, because in an instant, you’re running up behind him to jump on to his back; nearly sending him toppling forward, as you stretch your arm in front of his face, snapping the picture.

You hop off of his back with a proud smile, as you plop his camera in his hand.

There,” you tell him, beginning your way back to Benny’s. “now we’re done!”

And in that moment, Jonathan realizes that his feelings towards you are more than of friendship — he wants to be able to hug you and kiss you. He wants to make sure that you’re always this happy. It feels crazy, because he’s only known you like this for a couple hours; but when Jonathan sets his heart on something, something that makes him writhe in happiness — he can’t just let it go. He’s got to have it. He’s got to have you.

When you arrive in the parking lot, it’s empty and the moon is shining bright. You lean up against your car, feeling a faint hint of sadness in you. You’re not quite sure why, because you’ll see Jonathan for the rest of the semester. But that doesn’t stop you from vocalizing your feelings.

“I had a really great time tonight, Jonathan.” You tell him, wrapping your arms around your chest. “And I’m not just saying that. You’re a really great guy.”

“I did too,” Jonathan replies, feeling his cheeks heat up once more, shuffling his feet. “and you’re… you’re….” Beautiful. Funny. Genuine. But he can’t seem to find the right words, causing you to tilt your head in slight confusion.

“I’m what?” You ask curiously, causing Jonathan to laugh quietly.

“You’re just… you’re just….” He starts, clearing his throat. “you treat me different. You don’t treat me like a freak, I guess. And I really, really appreciate that.”

You look up at him and he’s just staring right back down at you with eyes that are filled with kindness and genuine happiness that it makes you want to tear up — because nobody, especially as kind as Jonathan, deserves to feel that way. You want him to feel wanted, you want him to feel friendship… you want him to feel like he has someone — someone who can love as much as he does, and someone who wears their heart on their sleeve like he does.

So you don’t really stop yourself, when you stand on your tippy toes to become face level with him, sliding your hands softly up his t-shirt. Jonathan tenses slightly as you lean in forward, breath hitching as you look into his eyes

“Jonathan Byers,” you whisper, lips ghosting against his. “you’re far more appreciated than you’ll ever know.”

And he’s about to ask what you mean, but he can’t — because you’re kissing him. You’re kissing him with all the softness in the world, and Jonathan dimly realizes that he should probably kiss you back when your fingers cares his cheeks.

So he does. He kisses you back. And yeah, it’s a bit tentative and messy but it seems to fit in with Jonathan’s personality. Soft, unsure, loving.

When you pull back, you step back from him, once more leaning against your car; but this time, you’re lacing your fingers with his, pulling him slowly back to you.

“I… um,” He stutters out with a laugh, trying to form a coherent sentence. “didn’t expect that.”

“Expect that a lot more,” you laugh lightly, pulling him down once more; wrapping your arms around his neck. “because you’re going to be stuck with me for a while.”

Your lips are on his once more as his hands find your hips, and your heart skips a beat when he pulls back; looking at you with a fond expression.

“I could get used to this.” He says, with a small smile.

“Good, because I could too.”

just-pass-the-exam  asked:

Hello there, I just wanna ask : how the sword boys react if their Saniwa suddenly kiss them?? Like kiss on their forehead or cheek as sign of affection...(Btw, sorry for asking too much and for my bad english). Keep up with your good work!!!

ah, no, it’s okay with us! We enjoyed (and felt our hearts break lol) as we wrote this! your english is fine, and heya thanks for that! we will!

the lovely babies’ reaction under the cut! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

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