pink thrift


fresh princess 👑

this bomber is giving me life right now with my hair at this level of pink! It’s got such a funky look I feel straight outta fresh prince. I love the colors and how unique the detailing is. It’s got a fairy-dragon vibe to it that I am obsessed with. The matching pink set pairs perfectly with the bomber and blue chucks to give it that relaxed sporty vibe. Add a choker and some hoops for more sass! 💘

Bomber Jacket (thrifted): $7
Baby Pink Crop Top (thrifted): $4
Baby Pink Shorts (thrifted + altered): $2
Blue Chucks (forever 21): $25
Pink Tattoo Choker (99cents only store): $1
Silver Hoops (forever 21): $3 for 3 pairs

-the style blog on a budget

Back home again!  I wore these shoes accidentally–I meant to wear my snow boots, but I just had a brainfart and grabbed these ones instead.  It rained the day before I wore this, and then it was below freezing the day I wore it, so everything was covered in ice.  I live on a hill.  I tried to avoid the ice, but I stepped on it, and since these shoes have no traction, I had to run down an icy hill to keep my feet under me.  I almost ran straight into the barn.

(Also, let’s just agree to collectively ignore my belt buckle blunder, yeah?)

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very short, very light magenta hair.  I am wearing a lot of layers.  The bottom one is a light pink dress, although all that’s showing is the bottom of its skirt.  Over that, I have on a red dress with a U-shaped hem (shorter at the sides, longer at the front) and multicolored flowers printed on it; the entire skirt of that dress is showing, plus a little peep of the bodice under my other layers.  Over the red dress, I’m wearing a sheer black shirt with flowers on it.  Over the shirt, I have on a black vest that’s belted with a bright green belt.  (The belt has slid around and the buckle has migrated off to the side.)  Then, over all of that, I’m wearing a slouchy grey cardigan.  Under everything, I have on grey tights with a faint diamond pattern.  I’m wearing a black hat; small, red earrings; pink lipstick; black gloves; and black mary jane shoes.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]