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justsomepotterheadwizard  asked:

Helloo! Could you give me a pink pearl pallete pleasee? And also what do you think would be a fusion between pink pearl and (pink) spinel? I don't want to sound pushy or annoying buuut if you could hurry please I need that for like yesterday!! Thanks and btw you guys do amazing work here!

Howdy! Here’s your Pink Pearl palette!

And here’s the reference image!

As for the fusion between Pink Pearl and Pink Spinel, I would probably recommend a Morganite

However, there are different shades of it, and that’s a bit tricky! If you want your fusion to lean a little bit towards Pink Spinel, I would recommend a more pink shade, and as for your Pink Pearl, I would recommend the most common Morganite!

I hope this helped you and your gemsonas!

-Mod Charoite