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rant about thai k-idols

okay so,,, i’ve seen A LOT of ppl using a thai idol’s real name as if it’s normal (esp in fanfics) and as a person who grew up in thailand and is thai,,, that is actually very awkward. a thai person is born w a first name, last name, and nick name. the nick name is the name you will be called by throughout your whole life and many of your friends would prob never know your full name tbh. your full name is only used in official papers and business type situations. for example, in school, the teacher would call you by your first name and your nickname (it depends what they’re saying,, if it’s roll call or smth like that it’s your first name!!) i’m going to use ten as an example, so bare with me. if you’re friends w ten, you would never call him ‘chittaphon’. not even his family would call him ‘chittaphon’. it’s really just used for MAINLY official papers. please just call your thai idol by their nickname (which is most likely their stage name). i’m sure this is hard to understand bc different culture,, but i’m honestly rly uncomfortable w it??? it’s okay that you’ve been ignorant to this, but i hope you guys learned something new!! feel free to msg me for any questions!

“Shall We Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

I love the way this one turned out, all the little details like the hair and the lace and the fabric folds! I also love that you can interpret this as different BP and DT characters. She could be Lily, but she could also be Rose, all pink and yellow, after convincing the Doctor to actually stay for the party in their honor and their hosts provided them with appropriate clothing. She just caught him looking at her cleavage during their dance and he’s fumbling for an excuse or apology, he’s not sure which, while continuing to look-notlook. Hehe! Feel free to use as inspiration for fic, if you want!

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i had a weird dream that’d make a great fanfic,,,

anonymous asked:

Why was it so hard for Ten to move on after Doomsday?

Oh my dear, sweet Nonny…

Because, when you look at someone like this…

or like this…

When you look at each other like…


Or especially

When you hug like this…

And like this…

And like this…

And like this…

And like this…

When you kiss like this…

and this…

When you’ve promised…

When you’ve learned…

And that…

And when you’ve decided…

How do you get over that?


prettiestmess  asked:

Oh my God, could you do a top 10 for Michiru's outfits? I feel like they tried so hard to make her a fashion plate (as she well she should be) but were so often stymied by the 90s-ness of it all. I'd love to see what you chose.

The real question is, how will I narrow it down to only ten?? Michiru’s style is so hard to pin down because sometimes it works flawlessly and sometimes it’s hard to justify, in-universe, why she would ever choose to wear what she is wearing. (Thanks again to @sailorcivilian and @fukufashion for their comprehensive representation of Sailor Moon outfits!)

10. The 1940s called. They said you look really good in that dress, feel free to keep wearing it.

9. It is written in ink that this shawl may never cover more than one (1) shoulder at any given time.

8. (”coming soon to own on videocassette” voice) She may have a tiny bow and a tiny backpack, but she’s got a big heart.

7. They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became the ocean

6. Wearing formal gloves and a pencil skirt to the racetrack just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

5. There are two kinds of people: those who say “you can never have too much denim on your body,” and liars

4. On the back, these shirts say “If found, please return to Michiru”/”I am Michiru”

3. The stylish yet practical baby-stealing ensemble

2. The dress that is responsible for putting many a young boy through early puberty

1. Look. I think there must be a story behind this one. I think this used to be a favorite tunic of Michiru’s; the pale lavender with the white belt is simple but charming. One day she was painting another one of her space whales, and Haruka yelled something from the kitchen about the shrimp paella leftovers in the fridge. In the one uncalculated move she had ever made in her life, she turned around and lowered her brush, leaving a short streak of dark blue on her dress. She tried everything; cold water, rubbing alcohol, Haruka’s Tide-to-Go stick, but she could still see a faint line where the space-colored paint was. Haruka would insist she couldn’t tell there was a stain, but Michiru would always know, and she couldn’t live like that. The next day, she bought a bottle of fabric dye. If she couldn’t remove the accidental stain, then she would make it an intentional one. She wears it as an act of defiance, a warning to the universe that Michiru Kaioh is not one to be defeated.

Updates to look out for: *updated*

1. 19 Days

Comment: We’re finally getting some development.

2. Junjou Romantica

3. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

4. Ten Count


5. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai


6. Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku

7. Otokonoko no Koto wa Shiranai

8. Ote o Haishaku

9. Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

10. The Same Time As Always, The Same Place as Always

11. Oya no Kao ga Mitai Family Affair

Comment: Oya no Kao ga Mitai has been completed! Everything moves up!

12. Pink to Mameshiba

13. Ashita wa Dochi da!

14. Ore to Joushi no Kakushikoto Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

Comment: Ah, another great series has been completed. Anyway, BOIZ THERE ‘GON BE A SEQUEL FOR Kurui Naku!!!! UTOU NEEDS A MAN FOR HIMSELF.

15. Mitsumei Youchi na Koi wo Doushiyo

Comment: I’m having a hard time accepting that Mitsumei has been completed. It had a promising start but, the hype gradually lowered as it neared the end. I thought there would be more drama to it so I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed.

16. Nibiiro Musica

17. Ore no Kaikata Shikarikata

18. Life Senjou no Bokura

Comment: Wow, just wow. Now, only one chapter is out for this series but I can tell you as early as now that this is going to be one heck of a story. No, there aren’t any explosions, omegaverse, drama (YET please spare me), and societal struggles but, I think that what this promises to bring to the table is its lightness and realism. It’s just about boys who’re having the time of their lives by being boys. And I think that this particular series can appeal to those who don’t read Yaoi as they’re bound to relate to it somehow.

That was long.

19. Seifuku wo Matoeba, Umaku Uso ga Tsuketa no ni

What this is: Pilots boiiii

Comment: God damn. Kusabi Keri, you genius! What can I say? Kusabi Keri is at it again with her 10/10 Art and who better to scanlate it? Exiled Rebels Scans! Friends, if you don’t know who they are, they’re like a sub-unit of omegaverseaddicted who scanlate non-omegaverse series (Read: Angels).

20. Eto Irokoi Zoushi 

What this is: Onii-chan and homie can be possessed by the zodiac animals in their care. Onii-chan takes care of the 12 as well as other animals while homie is the shrine maiden of the cat. But did they bang doe?

21. Batsu Game *is by Conro like Family Affair

What this is: Kouhai kisses senpai because of a dare but senpai later rides kouhai and takes a picture of his o-face to black mail him. Punishment games are so fun~

22. Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo

What this is: Red string of fate seer’s red string finally gets attached to someone. Spoiler: it’s a dude.

23. Kore ga Koi na Wake ga Nai

Comment: Susuki Sonoichi is back it again with KKWN which is a sequel to Kore wa Koi ni Fukumaremasuka?. I’m not really sure what I feel about senpai getting his own story ‘cause he was a huge dick in the parent story that I never wished for him to be happy (’cause I usually wish side gays happiness). However, when I see him legit hurt when confronted with the harsh reality of Tsukasa and Iori’s relationship, I felt my heart legit clench. His love for Iori wasn’t an excuse for him being such a dick to him but I guess he deserves happiness too.

24. Dakaretai Otoko Ichii Ni Odosarete Imasu

Comment: It would be unfair if I didn’t put this up ‘cause I’ve legit been following this series ever since Junta-kun’s POVs started. I have to admit that I sort of nikushimied, if that’s a word then, arigathanks gozaimuch, the series because the second part of the drama cd hurt me really bad #justiceforGiulio but yeah, the series have been showing promise as of late and I highly recommend reading it.


1. Kataomoi to Parade

Comment: It’s been officially declared as COMPLETE. I wanna cry, tho. I mean, they got to bang in the end but I wanted senpai to make love to him with more passion than that ‘cause a little jealousy got in the way.

2. Ano ko to Juliet

Comment: HA.HA.HA.HA. I’m not a saint but, I’m sure there are still a lot of things in this world that I don’t deserve and chapter 5 is one of them.

Updates to look out for: *updated*

1. 19 Days

2. Junjou Romantica

Comment: Let’s do this, Ijuuin-sensei!

3. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

4. Ten Count

5. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

Comment: Ryuzakiiiii

6. Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku

7. Otokonoko no Koto wa Shiranai

8. Ote o Haishaku

9. Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

Comment: Let me just say that MIYAUCHI DESERVED SO MUCH MORE. I mean, I have nothing against Aoi and Jirou and there is no better pair for Miyauchi than Kudo but EVERYTHING THAT JIROU HAD WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HIS EVEN AOI TBH I felt that destiny was so unfair on him. I didn’t really feel for Miyauchi that much until I listened to the drama cd - that shit hurt me ten times over. But what I like about this series is how the first story, side: Master shows how Aoi and Jirou had come to accept their destinies while in side:Butler Miyauchi and Kudo fought their perceived destinies. I rate this a fucking 10.

10. The Same Time As Always, The Same Place As Always

12. Pink to Mameshiba

13. Ashita wa Docchi da!

14. Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

15. Youchi na Koi wo Doushiyo

16. Nibiiro Musica

17. Ore no Kaikata Shikarikata

18. Life Senjou no Bokura    Seifuku wo Matoeba, Umaku Uso ga Tsuketa no ni Eto Irokoi Zoushi


Since Life Senjou no Bokura and Seifuku wo Matoeba has been completed, everything moves up!

19. Batsu Game

20. Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo

21. Kore ga Koi ga Wake ga Nai

22. Dakaretai Otoko ni Ichii Ni Odosarete Imasu

23. Oh my Hero!

What this is: Homie works as power ranger actor and his identity is revealed by one of his regular kid viewers. He becomes close with the kid and his divorced dad. 10/10 will make you sigh from the cuteness.

24. Papa’s Assassin

Comment: I legit thought that this was always included in the list. And so the plot thickens, who is Ryuu? Who is Daniel? What exactly happened on that fateful day several years ago?


1. Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu

Comment: THIS, my friends, is what prompted me to update this list. If you’ve read Yukidoke no Koi then pack up and board the train of feels as this is a fucking sequel! This is about Sumito’s friend, Oushirou and his - wait for it, unrequited feelings for Koba! Their other friend. A few years after the events of Yukidoke no Koi when Oushirou and Sumito’s already living in Tokyo, Oushirou gets a call from Koba that he’s moving to the city. Oushirou had been trying to run away from his feelings for Koba which is actually the main reason he moved to another city in the first place so drama ensues! It is during this time that Oushirou meets Inamura who tells him that he could use him as Koba’s replacement. I really dislike plots where the main character has unrequited feelings for his childhood friend because they usually end up together and the “comforter” who fucking did his best gets turned down in the end but I should’ve known the outcome when I saw the cover.

We get to see Sumito and Someya-sensei in this series a few times its actually their fault that this happened haha but whether or not they knew that Oushirou had feelings for Koba is unclear. 


Updates to look out for: *updated*

I really wasn’t supposed to make another one this soon but, thanks to omegaverseaddicted’s releases, I HAD TO.

1. 19 Days

2. Junjou Romantica

3. Sekaichi Hatsukoi

Comment: I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT.

4. Ten Count

Comment: When you’re reading and it’s coming to the good part and the chapter ends and you throw your phone away,

5. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

Comment: *cries the Manila Bay *cries the Blue Danube *cries the Nile *cries Thames *cries Yang Tze


6. Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku

7. Otokonoko no Koto wa Shiranai

8. Ote o Haishaku

9. Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

10. The Same Time As Always, The Same Place as Always

11. Oya no Kao ga Mitai

12. Family Affair

13. Pink to Mameshiba

14. Ashita wa Docchi da!

15. Ore to Joushi no Kakushikoto

Comment: I’m assuming that there’s one more chapter. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN EXTRA. PLS.

16. Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

Comment: I’m sorry, Kashikomarimashita, Destiny but, this takes the title of BEST OMEGAVERSE in my world. I don’t even need to provide a summary for this. The art is a FUCKING 10. The translators are a FUCKING 10 as well (it’s a dick party here, boiiisss). I highly recommend reading everything even the translators’ notes ‘cause boy, will you be entertained. YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB.

17. Mitsumei

What this is: IVAN BRAGINSKI is a spy and he is to spy on former classmate/ lover? who looks a lot like Prussia. But seriously, this is going to be one heck of a ride, I tell you.

18. Youchi na Koi wo Doushiyo

What this is: Another omegaverse. Leaning towards the cuter side. Hocemi = Hot cake mix. This is also translated by our angels, omegaverseaddicted.

19. Nibiiro Musica

What this is: Injured cello player unknowingly enlists the help of his childhood friend as his eyes whilst he is in Japan. 

20. Ore no Kaikata Shikarikata

What this is: Neko is confronted by straight guy asking him to stick it in him. He treats Neko as a legit Neko.


1. Kataomoi to Parade

Comment: There has been an update but I’m not sure if it would have any continuation and I don’t know if I would be mad or happy if it would get continued BECAUSE SENPAI SIDE STORY BOIZ.

2. Yukidoke no Koi

Comment: It hurts me how REAL this is and how unnecessary chapter six and seven were to my already ruined life.