pink tapers

Self-Love Spell

This spell is great for finding love and respect for yourself. It can also help to calm and relax you.

You will need:

- A Mirror

- 3 light blue candles (small tapers work best)

- 3 red or pink candles (again, small tapers work best)

- One of or a mixture of the following: lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and/or mint


Set the mirror up in front of you on a table, desk, your altar, or wherever you are comfortable. Place the candles around the mirror in a circle. Hold the herb(s) in your hands, feel the energy there, run the herb(s) between your fingers. As you do this, close your eyes and visualize yourself sitting where you are right at that moment. Visualize a green ball of energy at your heart Chakra (the center of your chest). See the light get brighter and more vibrant, mixing with the light from the candles, reflecting into the mirror and back to you. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Sprinkle the herb(s) onto the mirror and say:

“Love within, love without

Leave behind pain and doubt

I recognize the scars

so that I can breathe in the stars”

You can repeat this as many times as you want and even continue to use it with the visualization whenever you feel you’re having a hard time.

*Note: If you’re having difficulties with depression, anxiety, etc. spells can help, but they’re not the end all be all answers. Be sure to seek out other forms of help as well. Just like money spells or weight loss spells, you have to work at the goal, job search and exercise for example.

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Spell Request Item: Nice/Soft blanket

Blanket Spell
A spell to bless your blanket

Materials: white salt, blanket, lavender, candle (not pillar), 4 stones (crystals of your choice or rocks from outside that you’re drawn to), spray-bottle with water

  1. Pick a space on the floor where you can spread out your blanket.
  2. Sprinkle salt on the ground to cleanse the area then vacuum it up.
  3. Open up the blanket and lay it flat on the floor.
    *If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on the floor, lay it on your bed
  4. Weigh down the blanket by putting a stone in each of the 4 corners. This enforces comfort and grounding when worn.
  5. Scoop a handful of lavender and pile in into the center. This promotes relaxation when worn.
  6. Place a candle in the center on top of the lavender. For intensified healing purposes choose a green, pink, or white candle. Taper candles are not recommended for safety purposes.
  7. Light the candle with healing intentions in mind. The fire will amplify the properties of the lavender, stones, and color magic of the candle.
  8. While the candle is burning, lightly spritz the blanket with water. Your water does not have to be charged or charmed prior, but if you’re using tap water it does have to be cleansed. Refer to this post.
  9. When the spraying is done, snuff out your candle. (Do not blow it out or fan it)
  10. Take off the stones and lavender. Off to the side, rest the stones on the lavender for at least 24 hours. If you used rocks, return them back to the Earth afterwards.

As always, you can end every spell with the term “so mote it be!” to seal your spell! Wrap yourself up once it’s fully dry to feel the soothing powers of your new blessed blanket

Magickal Uses for White Willow

Planetary Association: Moon and Venus

Element: Water

Deity Association: Artemis, Persephone, Hecate

Magickal Uses: Of old, strips of Willow were used for binding magical and sacred objects together. The popular Witches’ Broom was traditionally made with an Ash handle and Birch twigs bound with Willow. Willow is one of the best water-divining woods, along with Hazel and Birch.

Perhaps the most common magickal use of the Willow is the making of Wands, for all the Willow’s qualities are naturally contained within the wood, though you may wish to charge or empower certain aspects of its qualities for specific uses. Use a piece of fresh Willow cut from the tree with appropriate reverence and ritual, or use a newly fallen piece which the tree has recently shed. You may wish to strip the bark off and carve the wand with runic symbols to associate it with particular uses. It is easier to carve fresh wood and then let it dry out, small twigs will dry out quickly and without cracking in a house, but it is better to let larger pieces of wood dry slowly in an outhouse or shed or even under a hedge. When it is dry it can be polished with several layers of beeswax to protect the wood, or you may prefer to leave it natural.

Willow wands are used whenever there is a need to connect with intuition, dreams, seer-ship, visions and poeticly inspired writing or images. They are also used to deal with emotional numbness or emotional excess, or where there are negative emotional feelings which need to be worked through. Like the wand, talismans and charms can be made in the same way, perhaps using the natural shape of the wood to suggest and inspire a carving. Talismans may be worn round the neck or as a brooch, or carried within a pouch and kept close. Like the wand, runic symbols can be carved on a talisman representative to their uses.

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pray in me like your chapels

gift for: @arrogantbullying-toerag

a/n: i really hope you like it april xx this got me out of a writing slump and is kind of astray from my usual style so hopefully it’s good?? have a wonderful christmas love <33

summary: ‘staying was infinitesimal, but it felt like the world’

rating: m

word count: 3120


It was the last day of the semester and everything was dragging until they roared out of the classroom, alight, triumphant, flooding the halls with screams and shouts.

She pressed into the hallway, satchel on her shoulder, when her eyes caught his frame in the corridor. As though a magnetic pulse had been planted in her sternum, it always swung to him. She could have spotted him within five seconds of walking into a room. It was a habit. She would always want to know where he was.

At that moment, someone brushed passed her, catching her off balance by nicking her with their elbow. She was not paying attention, she was drowning in the aura pulsing from James gesticulating wildly with his hands, and then she was stumbling towards him in the crowded corridor and her books were falling out of her arms.

She barely saw him swarm towards her, rough, roguish hands catching her around the middle. All of a sudden he was unerringly close to her. He was smiling, bent, eyes brimming with snark. It was an oddity to see the head that wore the crown bowed to her.

‘Watch where you’re going, Evans,’ he quipped, winking at her as she stooped to pick up A History of Magic. His fingertips were trailing at her waist. She wanted it to be on purpose.

She dropped the textbook on his foot.

‘Watch where you’re going, Potter,’ she told him, tilting her head in defiance, grinning. Her gums felt like they were bleeding.

He laughed after her, the sound haunting. She ran to the dorm so she could pretend her thundering heart had nothing to do with him. It had everything to do with him.

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[text] I want to spoil you, ziall pleaasee kayleee 🙈🙈🙈 hhehehe

warnings for feminisation, exhibitionism, a brief mention of sex toys, frankly unnecessary theatrics, an open ending, and ridiculous pet names

Niall feels his cheeks grow hot as he sets up the tripod, fuck, he was blushing bright enough when he opened up the boxes but he’s far redder now, he can just feel it. He can’t even stand to look himself in the mirror, for goodness sake, so he avoids it as he crawls onto the bed, ignoring the little automatic click-click-click of the camera as he fixes the frills of his skirt around his thighs.

Truth be told, Niall had been a little nervous when Zayn said he was sending something for him, and it’s not like that feeling has gone away now that Niall is wearing the dress but it fits well, really well, exactly his size, shaped to the contours of his body like Zayn had the time to take Niall’s measurements in the three days he was home, during the sparse time when they weren’t sleeping, eating, or fucking. 

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