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est. in 2009, f(x) is a girl group originally composed of 5 members; victoria, the leader, amber, the rapper, luna, the vocalist, sulli, the visual, and krystal, the maknae. they debuted with their single ‘la cha ta’ on september 5th, 2009. they gained their first music show win with their song ‘pinocchio (danger)’, april 29th, 2011, which boosted them even higher up in the scene. they’ve made hits such as ‘electric shock’, which is their most viewed video with 107+ mil. views, and ‘chu~!’ which also boosted their popularity. they made their big world opening with the release of their second album ‘pink tape’ in 2013, which got them worldwide recognition with their use of aesthetics both visually and musically. they were the only korean artist on fuse’s ‘41 best albums of 2013′, and the first k-pop group to ever perform at ‘sxsw’ in austin, texas. they came back a year later in july with their album ‘red light’ which gave off a darker aesthetic, and brought them the same amount of success. in august, sulli left the group to focus on acting, which resulted in the group continuing as a quartet. in october of the following year, 2015, they came back with an electric album ‘4 walls’ and showed that no matter how many members they have, they will never give up and will continue to strive. they gained a lot of success, with 66k+ copies sold their first week alone. in early 2016 the group also debuted their fandom name ‘MeU’ and their first ever tour, dimension 4 - docking station. with their company trying out a new project called ‘sm station’, f(x) was able to participate, releasing a song and music video entitled ‘all mine’ which was directed and edited by their very own amber. f(x) continued to impress with dropping their second japanese single in november of 2016, titled ‘cowboy’ with a country vibe that had even the most anti-country fans lacing up their cowboy boots. the girls have since been focusing on solo activities, luna with her solo debut and musical, krystal with her mini solo debut and drama series, victoria with her acting in china and upcoming debut, and amber with her vlogging series and modeling gigs along with starring in her first ever american film. although they are focusing on their solos, f(x) has stated their comeback is in the works, along with luna’s comeback sometime between late 2017 and the rest of 2018. please stan these amazing girls, and welcome to the fandom!


get to know them: f(x)

f(x) (에프엑스) is a south korea-based girl group formed by s.m. entertainment in 2009. since their debut, f(x) has released four full-length albums, two extended plays, and one repackaged album. f(x) has been recognised for their experimental style and eclectic, electropop-based sound. they are one of the few recognized k-pop groups internationally, becoming the first k-pop act to perform at sxsw. the group is currently composed of four members: victoria, luna, amber, and krystal. sulli was a part of the original 5 member line up, but departed from the group in 2015 shortly after ‘red light’ promotions in order to pursue her acting career. their latest comeback, the 4th full album ‘4 walls’, was subject to favorable reviews from music critics. jeff benjamin from billboard shared that despite the fact that the album was “arguably worse” than f(x)’s previous albums pink tape (2013) and red light (2014), it allowed the other members to showcase their vocal abilities more following the departure of sulli. he praised it as a “rarity in k-pop to do once” by “finding the right sonicscapes” and appreciated the “house and trendy dance” production. benjamin subsequently named ‘4 walls’ the second best k-pop album of 2015.


“Love exists but with an absence of eternity. At the first moment of a lovers encounter there’s an affirmation of love. Psychologically, lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusion that the moment will last forever. I’m seized by desire. I hide behind my back and postpone all answers.”
- krystal jung, pink tape (2013)

“Is Krystal hinting us a f(x) comeback??? there were a few hints also from Victoria. Oh please yes Krystal kept on posting photos of 2012 and 2013 f(x) era, hopefully she will post a 2015 photo which means comeback!! :) ”

confesstion by anonymous

anonymous asked:

About the insider info 2012, I don't think there are only 2 things (BY & KK) that came true. 3rd would be Seohan, they were paired in W mag & had moments in SMTown concerts. 4th is Chanbaek, they interact excessively for the hype (but their relationship is good irl nonetheless). 5th is DBSK releasing an album. 6th is Sooyoung acting (1st lead role). 7th SNSD releasing an album. 8th f(x) released Jap ver of Hot Summer. 9th f(x) maknaes had their shows (To the Beautiful You, HighKick & The Heirs)

Hey anon,

OMG. I didn’t even notice about the others. This is a big conspiracy!!! Thank you for pointing it out. Now, I’m going to make everyone’s life easier by breaking down the 2012 insider post then link it to the ‘scandals’ happened throughout the last 4 years.

The 2012 Insider Post (Translation, Original)

1. Pairings within a group are a MUST. Chan Baek, this is an official (planned) pairing (no offence to Chan Baek shipper! I didn’t mean any harm. I’m just stating facts). 

2. Collaboration within SMTOWN
Refer here.

3. EXO-SNSD Pairings

4. Tae yeon and Baek hyun dating (June 19, 2014)

5. Lu han and Seo hyun pairing
W Live 2 S.M. Fashionistas 2012, SMTOWN 2012, Seoul Music Awards 2014Gaon 2014

6. Kai will possibily paired with Kry stal. Also discussed with Yoo na.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the translation didn’t mention Yoona. However, in the actual text, there was Yoona’s name mentioned. This is the actual text

KAI可能和KRY STAL,也讨论过KAI和允儿。不过未知,KAI这个人不喜欢CP

允儿 means Yoo na in Chinese. Go google it up if you don’t believe me.

Kry stal x Kai X Yoo na
1. W Live 2 S.M. Fashionistas (Jan 21, 2012)
2. f(x) Pink Tape MV (July 16, 2013)
3. Tae min Kry stal W Korea Magazine (August 2015 Issue)
4. Yoo na Elle Magazine (Feb 2016 Issue)

7. Soo young’s going to act
The 3rd Hospital (September 5 - November 8, 2012)
Dating Agency: Cyrano (May 27 - July 16, 2013)

8. SN SD is on the low, an album is going to be released this year
2nd Japanese Album Girl & Peace (November 28, 2012)
1st Album I Got A Boy (Jan 1, 2013)

9. There’s no proposed scandals for Chan yeol, it’s assumed that he’s going to focus on acting only
Chan yeol has no scandal so far and he indeed involve in acting:
1. Salut d'Armor (April 9, 2015)
2. I Married an Anti-fan (2016)
3. 가이아 (2016)

10. DB SK will release an album this year.
6th Album Catch Me (September 24, 2012)

11. Chang min will also have another drama
Chang min acted in Fly With The Gold (November 3, 2012)

12. Japan for f(x)
Hot Summer Japanese Ver (July 31, 2012)

13. Korea will hold the two maknaes, and possibily give them shows
Sul li in To The Beautiful You (Auguest 15 - October 4, 2012)
Kry stal in High Kick 3 and The Heirs (2011-2013)

Vic toria’s drama (August 27 - November 2, 2012)

13 ‘scandals’ happened for the past years. Hmmm.



[ENG] 130729 Naver Music f(x)’s Music Spoiler: PLAY! PINK TAPE (MC Jonghyun & Key)
Watch: Full / Cut | Credit: HeartfxSubs, SMTOWN