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Connor Murphy x Reader + Beach

- you’re taking your first vacation as a couple
- you’re staying at the beach in a house you can rent for a week
- he refuses to cook the first night
- pizza from La Retta’s it is!
- “Dude, why did the waiter seem do familiar?”
“I don’t know. Do you know anyone with blue hair?”
- Connor fell asleep on the couch and he was too cute to wake up
- you eat leftover pizza for breakfast before going to the grocery store
- Connor buys an absurd amount of saltwater taffy
- “The pink ones are the best.”
- “What the hell are Benne wafers?”
“They’re little sesame seed cookies, and they’re great. Zoe and I used to eat these things religiously when we came to the beach.”
- trying a Benne wafer
- they’re really fucking good
- you also buy some actual food
- “Is it just me or did the cashier look exactly like the waiter at La Retta’s?”
- after putting all the food away, you go to the beach
- Connor, of course, has black swim shorts
- you have to fight him to put on sunscreen
- “I’ll be fine!”
“Connor, you are paler than the moon. You will burn in .2 seconds.”
- he screams when he gets into the ocean
- you laugh
- he also screams when seaweed brushes against his foot
- but lbr who wouldn’t?
- not actually swimming or anything, just talking about life and other stuff
- after you leave the beach to go back to the place you’re staying, you hear the ice cream truck and Connor s p r i n t s to get some
- “Why does everyone in this town have blue hair?”
- Connor sleeps in the bed with you instead of on the couch
- you go to the boardwalk the next day
- “Babe, look.”
“Connor, you did NOT buy sex dice.”
“Yeah, I did.”
- the sex dice actually get some use yeet
- “This is like if Dungeons and Dragons was a dating simulator.”
“That’s the nerdiest sentence I have ever heard.”
“Nerd? I thought I was more of a geek.”
- he takes a bunch of pictures of you
- the ride home is filled with conversations on where to go next

A few small color tips

- Neon colors are NOT evil!!! They can actually look pretty damn cool if you use ‘em right! Neon colors look their best when layered on top of super dark tones. Dark as in almost black. To name a few good examples of neon and dark tone color combinations: cyan or neon blue on top of midnight blue or purple, neon yellow on top of a dark blood red or midnight green, and neon pink on top of eggplant purple.

- Adding on to the last tip, neons do not look well on top of each other! You need some tone differentiation, otherwise the colors that you’re going for aren’t going to look very good. Please take this into account when picking out colors on your mobile themes! Neon purple and neon green do not look good on top of each other, guys. Neither do neon red and cyan.

- If you’re just using flat colors, but you want one of your human characters to look more lively, it’s a good idea to add a reddish tint to their skin color. Don’t just straight up color a human peanut brown or honey yellow. Try using apricot or bole brown instead.

- If you’re a writer, then don’t get too caught up in describing specific shades of colors! Having a little variety, like saying “rose” instead of “pink”, is good. But you shouldn’t go crazy with it. To give an example, this would be a little too much: “She walked down the corridor with blood red and golden curtains on the windows, wearing a goofy taffy pink, lavender, aquamarine dress with coal black flats, carrying a bouquet of startlingly bright iris flowers and some mysterious mulberry flowers he did not know the name of.” That’s a little bit hard to follow. This would be better: “She walked down the corridor with the blood red and gold curtains on the windows, wearing a cotton candy themed dress with black flats, carrying a bouquet of startlingly bright iris flowers and some mysterious mulberry flowers he did not know the name of.”

Tickled Pink (Logan x Madison)

Summary: Logan pays Madison a visit in her hometown, where they spend a fun and promising evening at the carnival.

Author’s Note: This piece is for @peepeetah, one of my dear friends in the fandom and also one of the winners of my giveaway from months ago. She requested for a piece around one of her favorite ships: Logan and Madison. Here it is, my friend. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 😊 Playlist to follow!

Tickled Pink (Logan x Madison)

Pink. There was so much pink.

Logan was seated on a bed with a cotton candy pink comforter, powder pink pillows, matching sheets. There were patterns of pink posies and roses on the wallpaper, and the flamingo-colored vanity by the bubblegum-pink curtains commanded attention in the bedroom. A closet the color of blush was half-open, and he could see all shades of even more pink inside.

“I’ll be out in a minute!,” she said loudly from behind the bathroom door — a pink bathroom door. Coral, Logan thought. He wanted to half-groan, half-high-five himself for knowing all the names of “pink”. Before he had started dating Madison, he had only associated pink with that medicine his Mom used to give him for stomachaches. He hated pink. But after falling in love with Madison, or maybe it was while falling in love, he had never looked at pink the same way again.

“Okay sweetheart,” Madison smiled, closing the bathroom door behind her and walking towards Logan. “Let’s go,” she said. Logan looked up and felt his breath hitch. She was, as always, a vision in pink. She had on her favorite pink sweater from college, the fuzzy one, and her favorite necklace with the many gems. This was what she was wearing the first time he met her years ago, what she was wearing when had first told her he liked her in “that” way, and what she was wearing when they finally formalized themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend.

She was wearing it again tonight, Logan smiled to himself.

They left her bedroom hand in hand. Her parents were in the kitchen when they got downstairs. “Bring her home by midnight,” her father teased. Her mother, with the same blonde hair and bright eyes, giggled. “They’re twenty-four and graduated from college years ago,” Madison’s mom laughed.

Madison giggled back as she placed the light pink roses Logan had given her earlier in a tall vase. “So sweet and lovely and pink!,” Madison grinned as she tiptoed to give her boyfriend a kiss on the lips. Logan blushed as Madison’s dad shielded his eyes with the book he was reading.

“Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Eckhart,” Logan said, nodding towards Madison’s parents. Mr. Eckhart gave him a stern look and a nod, and Mrs. Eckhart gave him a knowing wink.

“Have fun at the town carnival!,” Mrs. Eckhart called out.

“Will do, Mom!” Madison replied as she and Logan stepped out onto the porch. It was a little chilly and Madison shivered.

“Let me help you with that,” Logan said, taking Madison’s jacket and helping her ease into it. He grinned to himself, shook his head and gave his girlfriend a kiss on top of her head. “Let’s go, sweetie.” The jacket? It was pink, of course.

“I should NOT have had that second stick,” Madison whined, clutching her tummy. She had her head on his shoulder, and he squeezed her hand affectionately.

“Well, that was a LOT of cotton candy,” Logan said gently, handing her a bottle of water. She sipped on it carefully then rested her head again on his shoulder. They stayed that way on the bench, comfortable in each other’s silence, watching the lights from the carnival light up the sky and the horizon.

Even at the carnival, he could see pink everywhere. The watermelon color of fizzy drinks at various food kiosks. A scoop of strawberry ice cream on the sidewalk that must have caused a little kid, or grown-up, to weep until their cheeks turned, what else?, pink. Hot pink neon lights and fuchsia-colored signages beckoning carnival goers to share a kiss in unlit tunnels or prove their Thor-like strength with a pounce of a rubber hammer. Then there were the plush toys in all shades of pink yet again. His eyes had landed on them the same time Madison’s did. He felt her shift beside him.

“I want that pink unicorn,” Madison exclaimed, jumping to her feet.

“Sweetheart, your tummy—,” Logan started, but Madison was already pulling him to his feet. This is what he loved about her — her ability to shift quickly, to see the good in things no matter where she was. He knew better than to tell her to rest her tummy — the pain had probably gone away anyway, with the way she was jumping around in front of him. Her blonde hair glowed in the evening’s lights, making her look even more angelic than she already was in his eyes. He gazed at her with love as he got to his feet, feeling like the luckiest guy in the carnival, in the country, in the world.

They’ve been together for three years now, and she still made his heart race, and his cheeks turn, dare he say it, pink.

“Come on!,” she giggled, pulling him towards the game area. He laughed and leaned back towards the bench, reaching for a giant bear, a pig wearing a crown, and a plush bunny they had already won earlier that evening.

The stuffed animals? All were pink, of course.

“It’s like we’re one big family,” Madison giggled, looking at her new collection of pink plushies at the backseat. The stuffed toys were seated side by side, various hues of pink making the backseat of Logan’s pick-up look like it was blushing. She settled her gaze on Logan and brought her hand to his cheek. “Thanks for coming with me to the town carnival, sweetie. I’ve been wanting to share this with you for years.”

“Well,” Logan smiled, covering her hand with his, then bringing her fingers to his lips and giving them a kiss.  “Never too late, right? Let’s go again next year.”

Madison threw her arms around him. “Yes!,” she laughed. “Can I sit on your lap? I want to cuddle. I don’t want to go home yet.” Logan gently pulled her to his lap and slid his arms around her waist. “Mmmm,” Madison nodded, resting her head on the crook of Logan’s neck. “I love you, hon.”

“I love you, too,” Logan whispered, kissing her softly on the lips. They shared a sweet, lingering kiss before Madison rested her head on Logan’s shoulder again. They stayed that way in silence, just gazing at the carnival lights, taking in the carnival sounds and the people’s laughter, while just staying cozy in the parking lot.

He couldn’t wait any longer. “Maddie?,” he whispered hoarsely.

Madison tilted her head towards his and smiled. “Yup?”

“So, we have this brunch date tomorrow, right?,” he started, beginning to fidget in his seat. He saw his hands were beginning to tremble, and tried masking it by running his hands up and down her back.

“Yup,” Madison answered. “Strawberry crepes and pink champagne! I can’t wait!”

“I can’t wait either,” Logan grinned. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “No, seriously, I can’t wait,” Logan stressed again.

Madison raised her eyebrows. “You mean you want to get crepes and champagne right now?”

“No, no,” Logan laughed, then gave her a kiss on the nose. “I couldn’t wait for this…,” he leaned forward towards the glove compartment, then pulled out a small, fuzzy pink box.

Madison giggled, bouncing on Logan’s lap and clapping her hands. “That’s so cute!!! So furry! What’s in it?”

“Sweetheart,” Logan smiled, then cleared his throat. “You’re like the most awesome person in the whole world. I love you so so so much and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with y—“

“You want to get married?!,” Madison shrieked, cutting him short.

“Yes!,” Logan exclaimed, then caught himself. “Hey, I’m supposed to be asking you that.” He laughed, then opened the box, revealing a princess-cut diamond ring. He took it out carefully and held it up in front of the love of his life. “Will you, Madison Eckhart, do me the honor of being my forever girlfriend, my forever partner, my forever lover, my wife?”

“Yes!!!,” Madison squealed, trying to keep still as Logan slid the ring on her finger. “Oh Logan, I love you so much. I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“I love you t—,” his words were cut off once again as Madison pressed her lips against his. He cherished this moment, him kissing the taffy-pink lips of his girlfriend, no — his “fiancee”, tasting the strawberry flavor of her lipstick, seeing her platinum skin turn to blush as their kisses deepened. The windows began to fog up as their kisses became hungrier. There was so much passion in their kisses, but it had a gentle sweetness as they held each other lovingly, warmly.

He took her all in — his sweet, pink goddess, her skin now flushed, the color of the pinkest rose. Pink. There was so much pink.

The diamond? It was pink, of course.

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how to un-want what the body wants


Peter’s fingers dug harder into the fleshy part of your waist as the kiss got deeper and deeper. He laid stretched out against the trunk of the tree with you on top of him. Every time he went to kiss you, the force tipped you back and you returned it with an equally hard kiss.

By no means were you in love, it was quite the opposite actually. Your father Killian made periodic stops on Neverland to collect materials him and Peter Pan had agreed to trade and he trusted you enough to let you wander around the island the few hours he needed. You always told him you were going to go have a look at the mermaids but you had caught Peter’s eye one day and everything eventually led down to now. Peter was an attractive young lad and he knew it, which was part of the reason you were so drawn to him.

You breathed heavily as you pull apart with a sticky pop of your lips. Peter’s cheeks were flushed and his lips were the color of pink taffy, delightfully kissed and bitten through. His sunshine colored hair stuck up in funny angles from running your fingers through and his lightly dusted freckles stood out from being under the hot sun for so long.

“When’s your father going to return?” He muttered, leaving tiny kisses on the column of your throat. His hands moved up to cradle your neck, applying ever so slight pressure to tease you. If your father ever found out about your messing around with Peter Pan, he would have your head.

“I’m not sure,” You sighed, enjoying the feeling of his touch. You loved his hands anywhere on your body; whether it be your waist, your hips, your legs. You forbade ever going all the way, but kissing him was harmless.

You leaned back in and meet his mouth half way. Your noses bumped together and he enjoyed the reactions he gets out of you; the quickening of breaths, the tiny grunts and the pressing of your chest to his.

“(Y/N)? Is that you?” The unmistakable accented voice of your father called out. Your heart jumped and you go to rip yourself off of Peter’s lap but it was too late. Your father emerged out of the tall tropical plants and the look on his face said it all as his eyes land on you.


To find his daughter on the lap of the boy he barely puts up angered him to the fullest extent. You scrambled off Peter and stand yourself in front of him, ashamed. You did love your father and the last thing you wanted was for him to see you like that.

Peter stood up too, a smug look in his eye. This was just one more thing he could hold over Old Hook.

“(Y/N),” Your father said clenching his jaw. “We are leaving. Come with me this instant.”

You bowed your head and nodded, avoiding any kind of eye contact. Hook marched off the way he came and you look back at Peter. His arrogant look still hadn’t left his face and he reached for your hand, placing a chaste kiss on it. Ironic, since being a gentlemen was the last thing he was.

“Until next time.” He promised with a wink.

You shook your head. “I don’t think there will be a next time.”

“Oh, there will be. That dirty pirate can’t stay away from what Neverland offers, so I’m quite certain I’ll be seeing you sooner than you think.”

Hook yelled angrily for you again in the distance, probably only just noticing you weren’t following behind him. You yanked your hand from Peter’s and ran after your father.

You pray there will be a next time.


Credit: glitter.slimes on instagram :)