pink specks

When Allura was a young girl, the juniberries called to her. They were always in bloom and smelled so lovely. They were the backdrop of her life, so vivid against the shades of blue and green. The roaring mountains were decorated in specks of pink. When the wind blew, her breath was taken away each time. 

When she was a bit older, the juniberries spoke to her. She was in bloom just like they were. She would dance in the fields with them as her father clapped joyfully. She was happy, so happy to be among the many things she loved. She would braid her hair with them and watched as the petals flew whimsically in the wind.

When the war came, the juniberries withered with her. They were no longer with her. The only thing she had were the hollow memories that were nothing more than a mere substitute to what she had lost. She realized everything here was nothing more than a mere substitute to what she had lost. Coran for her father, the paladins of new for the paladins of old. Holographic memories for her reality. Yet as she felt herself began to wither like the juniberries, she realized that they always grew back. They were never always the same. Change was to happen, and she embraced those flowers all the same.

With her new family, the juniberries bloomed once more. 


Spray cans
Turning brick walls
And trash cans
Hazy dreamscapes
Martian lands
Fields of monsters
Under pink
Specked Moons
Spinning stars light
White flowers
Cats with red bikes
People’s tears
Show hard
Stories of gray
troubled lives
Sadness, love, hope
All sprayed bright
City grime
Given life by
Masked bandits
Dropped cans
Running away
Screaming “Tag”
You’re it

House Cildrvengrove

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“finish one story arc at a time” nein


The garden was one of the Begonia’s favorite places. Ever since she was a child she loved to run through the flowers there. Her two favorite flowers had to be the begonias she was named for, and the cildrven.

It was such a pretty little flower. A pale pastel pink with specks and streaks of orange and yellow like a sunrise with fuzzy golden leaves. The berries were small and a bright magenta. It was so soft and unassuming, no one at first glance could possibly know that it grew on corpses.

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White Robe Grooms

Andy Biersack Imagine

You are a rock star in a band that used to be a BVB cover band, but now you are making a name for yourself as a real band, but BVB, Andy in particular, isn’t very appreciative of that.

(Y/N) - Your Name

(Y/S/N) - Your Ship Name (Make a ship name for you and Andy)


The roaring of another crowd soothed your tortured soul. No matter what had happened, no matter what you’d been through, you could come here, to a stage lined with screaming fans, and know that none of it mattered, because they wanted you.

They were chanting your name, your bands name really, but you identified as much with the title as you did the name you were given at birth. It was the sweetest kind of music, and as the beginning of “Never Give In” played you ran out on stage.

You’d started as an all-girl cover band of your rock idols, Black Veil Brides. None of the five of you had intended for it to go anywhere big, you just wanted to play few gigs and bring your own flavor to a beautiful set, but it had become so much more.

Over the years you’d begun writing songs, as well as doing covers, until you weren’t really a cover band anymore. The shows you played got bigger and bigger, and people actually wanted to see you preform. It was a surreal moment when you and your girls got together and said, to hell with it, and went for a music career. It wasn’t easy, and it was a long road to get here, but it was all worth it to hear the fans begging for your personal brand of rebellion.

“White Robe Grooms!”

“White Robe Grooms!”

“White Robe Grooms!”

You regretted not changing the name a little bit, but it was a part of who you were at this point, you didn’t want to change it.

As you came onto the stage and began to sing the crowd began to roar with excitement. Yes, this was it, this was the rush that you loved.

You began singing, and, just like you knew they would, they sang every word along with you. It was a tradition of yours to begin every concert with a cover to keep true to your roots, and which one it would be was always a surprise. You loved the surge of energy and nostalgia you got hearing them all love you for being a cover band, and couldn’t keep away a wicked grin when they loved you even more for doing you own thing.

By the time the concert was over you were drenched in sweat, and ready for a shower, and a long night’s sleep, but not likely to receive either. The girls were all excited about your upcoming interview with Bryan Stars, and the very distinct possibility that they were going to get to meet their idols. You weren’t sure you wanted to meet them though. You were almost positive that they wouldn’t be as good in the flesh as they were in your head, people rarely were, but you would think about that tomorrow, there was always the off chance that Bryan had a different kind of “Special Guest” lined up. But then again, that wasn’t very likely at all, was it, who else could it possibly be?

“Well, I’m ready to get out of here.” Your pink haired drummer ,Collette, laughed, wiping the sweat off of her brow.

“Yeah, me too.” Your clad in black pianist/ guitarist, Eve, affirmed. The five of you had a pretty in punk look, as you’d deemed it, wearing small specks of pink here and there, expect for Eve, who hated pink and refused to have anything to do with the color. You had made your mark on the world of rock, and while not everyone appreciated it, it was your mark, and you had made it, and you were proud of it.

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Nerve Receptors

A/N: This anon was very right: I hardly ever see any Mettaton tickles. I think he’s a damn good ler, but he’s pretty ticklish too! 
Des: Mettaton comes over the skeleton brothers house to meet Papyrus for a date. Papyrus always has to look his best, so in the mean time, Sans finds out a little secret about the robot. (Implied Papyton/Soriel.)

Sans sat in the kitchen, stirring his spoon in his bowl of soup. Papyrus was going to be gone for the evening, but his presense was still upstairs.

He was humming rather loudly as he prepped for his date with Mettaton. Clanging and banging from upstairs echoed in Sans non-exisistent ears, but he smiled to himself. He was glad his brother was happy. 

There was a loud, obnoxious knock on the door, which snapped the skeleton out of his daze. He pulled himself out of the chair, his bones cracking as he did so. 

Before he could even grab the door knob, it swung open, revealing Mettaton in all of his bombastic glory. 

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No really, it is.

This photo shows an enchanting pink Sun adorning a speck of green on its upper rim near (you guessed it) Sparta, Greece. The green rim is a result of atmospheric dispersion which can produce separate images of each spectrum colour and result in what is referred to a ‘mock green flash’. The flash appears in the uppermost rim of the Sun as it rises. The flash is caused by a thermal inversion; cool air overlain by warmer air. When the Sun is close to the horizon, the light at the bottom of the Sun is refracted more noticeably than is the top portion due to the denser atmosphere. As a result, if we are lucky, we see a slight distinction between the colors red/yellow (long wavelength) and green (shorter wavelength).


Photo courtesy of P. Nikolakakos

Fanfic: Facsimile

I’m on a roll this weekend because I’m avoiding the harsh realities of Ph.D. applications. I hope you enjoy reading these 1000 words of Saigenos smut as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Genos uttered the word hundreds of times per day and yet right now in this moment it sounded incredible.

Titanium tipped fingers clawed into the sheets, threatening to leave holes.

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To capture a Hime

The fleet was in attack formation, heady areal recon elements scouring the seas. In the lead was their admiral and most armoured vessel HMS Howe, eyes scanning the horizon. Immediately behind her with the best radar in the fleet Vanguard cruised mutely, counting the minuted they had been in the search area given to them by the abyssal. Behind Vanguard came the fleet’s carrier, Formidable crossbow rising to fore about recon plane as fighters waited parked on deck, ready to scramble at the drop of a hat and behind her, as read guard and first reserve came the most famous of battlecruisers, the Mighty Hood. Out of the main formation, directly ahead acting as a picket line Decoy was a pink speck in the distance, somewhere in the port quarter Griffin would be filling the same role as Glowworm was to the starboard. All were close enough to the main formation to be able to get help easily.

“Anything yet? I still think this smells like a trap…” the admiral asked signal flags rising for all ships to report in, not wanting to break radio silence, though at least the main fleet was close enough not to need radio.

“Reports of a fog bank to the East, besides that nothing. She could easily be hiding in there or simply not in range of my scouts yet.”


anonymous asked:

I'm asking for a Mac custom palette for my birthday ✌️ what are good shades of eyeshadows to fill it

if i lost all my eyeshadows from mac and i decided to make a 15 pan palette this is what i would get:
brule (very light nude)
bamboo (warm bisque)
wedge (neutral warm beige)
soft brown (warm orangey beige)
cork (neutral tan)
texture (warm orangey medium)
saddle (warm medium orange/red toned brown)
rule (lightish orange)
swiss chocolate (red/orange toned brick brown)
antiqued (red toned brown with reddish sheen)
sable (pink/plum toned shimmery medium brown)
espresso (neutral brown)
sketch (burgundy with tiny pink specks)
embark (matte dark purpley brown)
carbon (matte black)

snowybirdie  asked:

"Mama?" Lilla came in, his blue eyes with specks of pink looking tired, with some bruises all over his arms and some specks of dirt on his face. "I'm home from the park." His knees are all scuffed up. He searched calmly for his mother.

Amani originally was fast asleep upstairs in her own bed since she spent all night cleaning up the house. She jumped when she heard the door slam, making her groan. Hopping out of the bed and onto her bare feet, she walked down while rubbing her eyes. “Lilla? Baby, what is going on-” Once she caught a glance at Lilla, she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Lilla! What happened?! I thought you were just playing with friends? Did one of them hurt you? I swear, I will talk to their parents about this!”


Dedicated to qtaegi 

( Word count: 1194 )

“Are you ready to see the new apartment?” Taehyung grinned getting a glimpse of your face quickly, it was early in the morning and the two of you were currently driving to your new home, the sky was the lightest of blue and specks of pink were clearly visible; just by looking up at the space above you knew that today would be perfect. The window was rolled down which allowed the spring breeze to dance across your face, you couldn’t help but close your eyes and gently bite your lips trying to contain the happiness that was on the verge of erupting,

“I am so ready, I can’t wait to move in.”  You say looking back at Taehyung, he was so focused on driving but that simple smile never left his face you couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world knowing that this was the smile that you would wake up to every morning from now on. Butterflies were fluttering inside of you and a warm feeling had taken over your body just thinking about him made you feel like a whole new person, he really was the light in your life.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you would ever stop being a fan anytime soon? It's just that I've seen many confessions on this page about how they're quitting be a sone. What do you think?

Like the Baekyeon issue, this topic means a lot me (which means I could probably talk about it for hours with various curse words).
But, in all honesty, I don’t think I’m going to quit being a SONE, at least, for now. I’ve been through many phases with different groups (e.g: a B1A4 phase, a 4minute phase, etc.), but SNSD was more than just a phase for me.
They were the first group I got into so they kind of have that special place in my heart which is why I’ll never forgot them. 
(Warning: Long response/post ahead)

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I will never call this place home again
normally I find this city boring
this neighbourhood claustrophobic
the car scene hit and miss
the music scene embarrassing


there is something about the thick, dry air
the burning sun
through the hazy sky from nearby forest fire
when the sun starts dropping and the particles in the air start turning the sky bright yellow and soft pinks and the few specks of clouds casting long shadows across the sky

on these evenings
when I am sweating in my sauna of a car
rumbling through the streets of the town that raised me
that grew into a city as I grew into a man
I want to drive
music loud but still droned out by my exhaust
a cold drink of whatever in the change pocket slot
I want to roll until that pink sky peels away to navy blue and a tinge of yellow from the city below
until the smoke tainted air clears with the cool of night
a wide open throttle run across the Halston bridge
calling out to westside and the northshore that I am coming in for the night

every summer here is the same
you can call it out like clockwork
but since I got my license
I have never tired of driving at dusk in this city