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“You’re really gonna tell the Diamonds that you allowed a band of traitorous rebels to infiltrate a highly secure facility and escape from right under your careful watch? — Doesn’t sound like a wise thing to do, Holly Blue. So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. That will be all.” -That will be All-

Just snow balling here but what if this is exactly what happened when Pink Diamond was shattered?

What if this is why no one knows what actually happened? Either someone was embarrassed to “allow” rebel/s through, close enough to shatter their Diamond, or they literally allowed them through?

Zircon says “where were her Agates?”
Pearl had no trouble putting Holly Blue in her place, so what if she’s either done it before or she knows about how HW agates work? Their pride- or fear of admitting failure, especially to their own Diamond- can be easily used to the CGs advantage. Or simply- agates aren’t actually typically as prideful as they seem. Perhaps that’s just the way they are supposed to act, and in reality, they are soft. I mean… this line seems SO rehearsed.

I would like to point out the way the Famethysts are with her. It’s almost like they HUMOR holly blue instead of actually fear her.

Juuuust snowballing here.

Update: I also just thought this. Zircon said along the lines, “why didn’t her sapphires predict the attack?”

Let’s review the moment Rose and Pearl took on Blue Diamond. Some think this was before PDs shattering, others thing is was after. So let me point out a couple things.

1) if this takes place BEFORE the shattering, why was BD on Earth, and why was she checking the rebellion there instead of PD? 2) if this takes place AFTER the shattering, why were rose and pearl alone? How could Garnet say with certainty that Rose shattered PD out of necessity if she wasn’t apart of the rebellion at the time? It would not have been her place to speak on this matter, instead of say, Pearl who actually was already a crystal gem and by Roses side since the beginning of the revolt.

So now that that’s out of the way let’s look at what happened. A sapphire was not already on earth with her Diamond. At the trial Zircon specifically said “Her sapphires”. I think that the reason BD sent for only one sapphire was. Cause of their rarity and it was too risky to already have a sapphire with her, and to send multiple sapphires at once- which leads me to believe the answer did actually take place AFTER PDs shattering. But this raises more good questions.

How was Rose and Pearl able to appear, poof multiple gems, and has still expected to escape? What was there intended goal? Did they plan on poofing or shattering BD? If not for Ruby, would they really have been caught? This could be a look into what happened the day Pink Diamond was shattered, but- how did they get PD out of her palanquin?

Everyone takes note of Blue Pearls (how ever few, twice as telling) reactions throughout The Answer.

I suspect that both pink and blue pearl were supposed to be the inside gems. Though there is no way of telling for sure…. Blue Pearl seems like the type of Gem that would definitely be afraid of betraying her diamond- and she may even have a sort of attachment to her. And also, there is no way Blue Pearl could get BD out of her palanquin AFTER the CGs appear. So when was she supposed to? Was she afraid that sapphire might predict her movements?

If this is the case, how did PDs sapphires not foresee a betrayal? Or could one of her sapphires have been in on it as well? Maybe a particular sapphire who is now apart of a particular fluorite…? Find my post about this Here

It’s been well suggested in The Trial that Rose HAD to have help to shatter PD. How much help would she have needed? What was her plan with BD? Could she have thought she could get rid of the diamonds after shattering one of their own? Or did she think that Bismuth was right and shed have to shatter all of them? In which case, why did she keep Bismuth bubbled during this part of the war? Why would she look so thrilled and ready to fight face to face with BDs court, ready to… ready to what? Did she really think they would just leave her and earth alone after shattering one diamond and attacking another?

SO MANY QUESTIONS, and more snowballing.


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Is it just me or r u jealous of Pink JaeJung 2?
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I'm watching S8 and even though Mulder's back it's not the same. I get that they're spending time on Doggett instead of just MSR because David was leaving but so many opportunities were missed for msr. So I wanted to ask for something with msr talking about the medallion that Scully gives Doggett in Alone. Because Mulder finds it I just got the feeling that he seemed a little hurt by that. Thank you! (and i know you're busy so pls don't feel rushed or even obligated if you don't like the idea)

Ficlet:  “Re-gifted”

Rated:  PG/PG-13

Notes:  Thanks for this, anon.  This has always bothered me too.


The hospital parking lot was underground, a sickly grey hive of cement that urged escape at every turn. Mulder pulled the keys from the ignition as Scully peered out the window, visually measuring the space between them and a mauve minivan.

“Will you be able to get out?”

“You might have to grease me up.”  It was a pregnant belly joke, not a sexual one, but the silence Mulder once would have filled with flirtation stung.  

Instead, he dangled the keys from his hand, snapping them in his palm, swinging them out once again.  He was either playing with an imaginary kitten or he was making a point.

Scully waited with her fingers on the door handle – chin dipped, lips pursed, eyeballs forward. The quicker she said it, the sooner she could get to the commissary’s very decent chocolate pudding.

“I’m sorry,” she said, feeling the sincerity of it like a tiny electric shock.

“Hm?  What?”  He was faking, and faking the faking, and beneath who knew how many layers of fakery there were.  Had he ever really wanted her?  Had he just fallen into something, the heat and convenience of her lithe and willing body (oh God, would it ever be that again)?  She had treated him as a benevolent donor even as they shared their bodies, their French toast, their two AM thoughts.  She could not expect him to love her and want her even as she carried his child, or because she carried his child, as other men did.  That wasn’t the deal they’d made.  

“Oh, you mean this,” he said, holding up the keys.

There it was - shining, catching the unforgiving lights of the parking lot - security lights – dutiful, indelicate.  The eagle landing on the moon, planting its clutching feet in that stunning and terrific spot, lured by beauty to a place where nothing could sustain it.  

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I've created a monster. A big, pink monster. PT0 has snowballed out of control. What was once an AU about the twins contending with the fact that they freaking died has now snowballed into the color pink slowly bleeding into the multiverse. We have to hurry before PT-6 escapes containment. If PT-6 gains physical form all hope is lost!

It already has, my friend… 

It already has….