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I adore your art so much, specially the fenris with hawke pics. I find your Fenris to be a bit too dark but I can't blame you with dragon age 2 having such shitty light in general. Will you be makig more art of them?? I'd like some more!

-sipping from a glass of piña colada, in a drawling monotone-

The lighting on Dragon Age 2 is bad but that is not a problem since I know that Fenris’ skin tone is 05 out of 10 in the game files. That’s square middle between lily white skin tones and dark tones. To give you an idea, Isabella’s is 10 (out of 12 for humans). Based on this (awfully easy to source) information and his in-game looks, I pick his skin tone. 

Something like this;

Or this in a slightly different environment:

I pick Fenris’ skin colour with a base undertone of brown tints. My Hawke’s base undertone is a dab closer to pink from there. His fabulous ‘still-rather-tan-for-a-ginger-boy’ skin tone is due to me HC some Antivan blood somewhere in his family. You don’t need this info but I still gave it to ya.

And this is our dearest Solas’ paler skin tone. Picked from more yellowish tints.

And this is @ferelder’s beautiful Datishan, here to demonstrate what a hot very white boy looks like. His skin colour is picked from pink undertones.

Thanks for the compliment about you liking my art, don’t get me wrong. I know you didn’t ask for a colour theory answer, but you said the thing and my soul is old and tired, and it’s past 1am, and I just don’t wanna anymore in general I just-

-reclines on divan, puts on neon pink shutter shades, sips more pina colada, is tired-


Tree House [Adventure Time AU]

Bubbline/Sugarless Gum Fanfic

A/N: A little different than my normal style, but definitely fun.


Tree House

When Finn was 11, his mother moved them into a small house that had a large tree house in the backyard. To Finn, the tree house was massive, the kind of tree house every boy dreamed of. And the new house was neighboring a castle! Or at least… that’s what it looked like to him. It was really just a large two story house, white with pink shutters, but inside it lived a princess with pink hair and a pretty smile. Finn took to calling her Princess Bubblegum of Candy Kingdom, but his mother told him her name was Bonnibel, she was nineteen, and he needed to quit pestering the poor girl. Finn wasn’t much for listening and the princess told his mother that she didn’t mind his company at all; she enjoyed the break from her constant college studies. She even said to Finn once, “I don’t mind being called a princess. It sort of reminds me of someone I miss…” And then she looked thoughtful for a moment, and somewhat sad, before returning right back to her normal cheery self.

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is there sunlight on your bed // hunter x hunter


A hard swallow. “Yeah?” 

For a few moments, Leorio thinks his call has been dropped what with how utterly soundless everything becomes on the other end; but then he hears the softness of the water moving around Kurapika’s body and their careful, quiet breathing, and then: “Keep your phone near you tonight.”

Leorio stops at a crosswalk. He watches the blinking red hand on the sign opposite of the street. His heartbeat seems to pound in time with it. “Yeah,” he murmurs. “I can definitely do that.”

Word count: 2,000~
Rating: M
Summary: A Leopika miniseries told entirely through phone calls and text messages over the course of 24 hours. [Set directly after Phantom Rouge.]

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