pink short sleeve shirt

Schueberry RP


Rachel looked at the doors of the choir room. ‘Senior Year!’ She thought to herself. This is it. One more year that she had left in Lima, before she made her way to the bright lights of NYC! She walked over to the chair that was front and center. Placing her back on the floor, and pulling out some sheet music. This was the first Glee rehearsal since last May. It was September now, and the weather was getting a bit colder. She wore her signiture short skirt, and a long sleeve pink shirt. Her hair was done a bit differently than she would normally wear it. It was in lose curls that fell around her chest. She also had her makeup done. This was a new year for her. She was planning on making the most of it. Nothing was going to stand in the way of her and broadway. She knew she needed to think more about her future. She just wished she was with someone who understood.