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The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Two]

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WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 3k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Two

September 24, 2006

Waking up the next day was difficult for you. The dirt covered boy hasn’t left your dreams all night. Every time you would close your eyes, you’d have the same dream repeatedly: the boy coming from the forest, the puppy with violet eyes, the transformation… It was an almost non-ending nightmare. When you could finally sleep at peace without those visions, it was already sunrise.

You had finally woken up at 2 p.m. and since you were an early bird, this was the latest you had woken up. Stretching your hands over your head while yawning, you stared at the claw marks on your walls. So deep and so long they were! You didn’t believe that an animal could do that, but you weren’t sure either so you’d quickly forgotten about it. Today, you wanted to do something new and you will do so.

You went toward your curtains and opened them wide open, “Woah!” You exclaimed while squinting your eyes due to the bright sunlight. Today was a beautiful day, and you were going to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Your father wasn’t there so he wouldn’t know, right?

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Hi Dami Lee!, this isn't really a question I guess since I uh.. UGH NEVERMIND! SO what happened was that I wanted to be you for Halloween but guess what? i'M bRokE and my parents only get stuff for me when its my birthday(I really get nothing for Christmas T-T). So I have a pink short sleeved shirt and some blue pants like what you have in your comics! You inspired me to [insert motivated and happy word here lol].I just wanna thank you! (I also drew a fried egg and taped it to my shirt) <3 U

This is the sweetest thing, thank you!! send me photos if you have some!!!

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Could you do a trans girl Roxy in a pink skirt, a short-sleeved shirt with her signature cat icon, with thigh-high pink and black striped socks? Also if she could have shoulder-length curly pink hair and using lofstrand/forearm crutches? (And if you want you can put those cat-ear headphones on her, no need to if you don't want to!)

~mod vex

I’m seeing discourse of what Harry look is the best Harry look and ur all missing a really important harry and I’m disappointed in u all. Perth Harry. The short sleeved pink and black checkered shirt…..both bun hair and hair down…..I’d add a pic but I’m on mobile. He was these emojis 🍒🎀🌹💖

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Longest three weeks part 2?

Your wish is my command <3 And remember:  English is not my first language so I apologize for any possible grammar/spelling mistake.

P.S: Im sooooooooo sorry about how long this turned out to be, I was inspired.

The Longest Three Weeks: Part II

Pairing: Harry/Reader

Warnings: A bit of angst and language adult (some cuss words)

Word count: 1.891


Harry parked his car in front of the house, hearing the loud music coming out of it and already regretting getting out of bed.

He walked to the front door, fixing his shirt and hair before knocking.

“Come on, man, it’s been two months. You need to get out of that stinky apartment” His friend Zac had said when he told him he wasn’t sure he could make it to his birthday

“I have stuff to do, man… House cleaning and stuff”. He mutterd on the phone, looking around his place. There were dirty dishes on the sink, empty boxes of pizza and chinese lying around the floor, some dirty clothes scattered here and there… The place did needed a cleaning.

Zac sighed “Look mate, I know you’re in a bad place right now but you really need to get out of it. The guys and I are pretty worried about you. Have you even written a sentence on the last eight weeks?” Harry didn’t feel like having that conversation. He didn’t want to admt that the only thing he had written since you left were text messages and even those were hard.

“I’ll try to make it, ok?” He said. The two friends said goodbye and Harry sighed.

The door opened to reveal his smiling friend “The return of the living dead!” He said, before embracing Harry and patting his back. He smirked, handing his friend the bottle of wine he had bought him.

“Happy birthday, man”. He patted Zac’s back as well.

They got inside, where Harry made a general greeting to some of the people on the living room. “What can I get you?”

“A beer is fine”. Zac desapeared into the kitchen, and Harry made small conversation with people he knew from other birthdays.

Walking around the house with his beer, he sat on a chair in the kithcen, the less-full room of the house, watching people pouring drinks and pretending to look at his phone till he felt someone sat beside him

“Hey man…” Zac’s smile was gone and he was visibly nervous with what he was about to tell him.

“What’s going on?”

“It was a last minute thing, I thought she said she had something and couldn’t make it, but Nadia just told me she texted yesterday that she’s coming. Actually she says she told me yesterday, I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t listening” He started rambling and Harry stopped him

“Zac, what are you talking about?”

“Y/N’s coming” he spitted, watching all color drain from Harry’s face.

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Pastel Interview

Summary: Phil interviews with Dan.

Warning: Smut, Language, pastel!Phil, short!Phil, princess!Phil, businessman!Dan, Daddy!kink

Word Count: 2,754

A/N: I tweaked the prompt just slightly.


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The Underground car sways slightly as it rumbles down the track. Phil grips the edge of his seat with tips of his fingers. He can feel multiple pairs of eyes on him. It feels as if the whole car is staring straight at him. He’s knows that’s ridiculous because the car is so packed that no one is paying direct attention to the pastel boy in the corner.

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How to Hold a Memory - snowbaz

day 4 lads are you READY for this angst fest - pastel/punk heck yeah.


Mentions of death, homophobia, bullying, cancer.

One last thing, before the slate is wiped clean. One last memory of Simon Salisbury.

I am adamant that there is something slightly wrong with a boy like me getting a tattoo in a place like this.

See, I’m clean-cut: pressed cotton shirts and folded sweaters, golden toed oxfords and ankle-biting skinny jeans, all in pretty shades of pastel rainbows and not a lot of black. I belong in my sweet shop over the road. Literally. I don’t have time to be here and spin yarns with the boys behind the counter. I just need to book it in, tell them what I want, and go. This place gives me enough anxiety just knowing it has sharp objects, controlled by people I don’t know - people who could hurt me. Not to mention, I don’t look like I should be here. Graffiti and flower don’t exactly go together very well.

“Hello?” One of the boys calls from the counter. “Can I help?”

Fuck my life he’s gorgeous.

I step forward awkwardly. He raises an eyebrow. Neither of us have time for this, clearly.

“Yeah, uh,” I stammer. I think he’s sees my hands shaking on the dark wood, so I shove them in my pockets and continue as efficiently as possible. “Can I book something for tomorrow?”

He frowns at my insistence to be here. Crap, I hate this place. I can’t believe I’m promising to come back. The boy pulls out a pen and notepad with a sigh and taps the desk impatiently. “Tomorrow’s pretty busy,” he observes. “You could come over after your shift?”


Slightly pissed off, his grey eyes glare at me through his ridiculously rogue fringe. “You work at the flower place, right?”

Oh. Oh. “Shit, yeah. Sorry, I’m… Yeah, that’s fine - about 5:30.”

He nods, grinning slightly before reverting back to his standard, bitter expression. “I’ll be taking care of you, then. Do you have a design I could see?”

Quickly and far too anxiously for his liking, I pull out the note, the last note she ever left me, folded perfectly to avoid all of the words and leave just the drawing of two roses, intersected by the stems. I suck in a quiet breath and begin to consider that I don’t need to do this.

Then again, I do.

The boy, dismissive as usual, snaps a few photos and pushes it back across the counter. “Where’s it going?” He questions, for more conversational than I expected for someone who seems to have the same emotional threshold as a dead leaf. “Arm? Ankle?”

I try to stop my voice from shaking, but it doesn’t seem to matter as I quietly declare: “Right forearm.”

It surprises us both, how broken it sounds. The boy, grey eyes blown wide and worried, is about to ask something - please don’t please don’t please don’t - so I cut him off with a strategic cough and point to the inside of my right arm. “Sorry. Just there. Right forearm.”

He almost looks sympathetic. I smile briefly and only end up making it a more tense interaction. “Okay…er, could I get a name.”


“And a last name?”

Oh fuck. I can’t say it. I can’t do it. I can’t-



He writes it down, frowns, quirks one eyebrow and sighs again. “I’m Baz. Come by around 5:30, I’ll sort you out.”


I can tell he doesn’t really want me here, but I suppose that’s part of the reason I showed up - spite.

My oxfords click across the expanse of the tattoo parlour, the sound alone over-stimulating my anxiety. Simple things begin to worry me - what if I annoy him? What if he yells at me? What if I sit where I’m not supposed to sit? - and as 1000 worst case scenarios play on a reel behind my my eyes, Baz turns up looking a far sight more concerned than before.

He eyes my appearance - cropped, short-sleeved white shirt (previously hidden by pink sweater), light blue skinny jeans grazing above my ankles, my white, gold-toed oxfords - though I wish he wouldn’t stare. It’s obvious I don’t fit in with the scenery, but I don’t need him of all strangers to put me out of place. I just…need this. One last thing before I let it all go, start a new chapter, and never look back on my life before this day.

“Snow,” he greets lightly.

A sudden dose of guilt rolls through my chest. That’s not me. “It’s Simon,” I correct.

He shrugs. “It’s not a big deal. Leave your stuff over there, follow me.”

It is degrading to be wanting to sob my heart out in this stranger’s presence, but I push it aside momentarily to do as I’d been told. Baz leads me out the back and points to a seat. I almost laugh at myself for worrying about this part - but I remember Baz is here, so I don’t.

“All right - standard stuff,” he tells me. “It’s gonna hurt. Fuck what anyone told you. A needle is going into your skin, and it’s going to hurt like a bitch. Hygiene is of the utmost importance here, so don’t worry: the needle is clean, otherwise I would not have a job. After this is done I can go over some things to take care of your tattoo. Is this your first?”

I stare blankly at the ground. It’s gonna hurt. How many times has that been said to me these past months? “Yeah, it is.”

Baz pauses his work to stare me down, so I do my best to look like I’ve been intently listening to his spiel. He sighs. “Okay, are you sure you want to do this, Snow?”

“That’s not my fucking name,” I seethe.  Baz looks as shocked as I feel. With a quick cough and a hope for dismissal, I shrink back. “Sorry, I- yeah, I’m sure.”

He sits down on my right and examines his canvas. “It’s fine,” he lies (so obviously lies - he practically sang it out, lips rolled back back, eyes burning). “May I know what the roses mean? Is it a symbol for anything?”

He’s preparing my skin. I remember seeing them doing this in hospitals for IVF tubes, and leaving the room to give them space. I’m good at giving people space. “It was just a drawing from someone.”

He smirks. “A girlfriend?”

I don’t. “No.”

“Do you know how to be happy? Or do you flux between anxiety and anger?”

The needle goes in and jabs at my skin. I gasp at first, then sigh, because I was beginning to feel numb again. “Do you know how to be happy? Pretty sure your facial expressions range from pissed off to livid.”

Ironically, he laughs. “Come on, Snow-”

“That’s still not my fucking name,” I comment breezily, focus on anything but his needle, until it stops.

“What exactly am I engraving on your body right now? Because I feel you’re enjoying this far too much and I’m not about to support that.”

I grimace, head falling back on the chair. Baz is a stranger, cold in emotions and yet somehow warm at heart. His needle goes down onto the work bench. “My name isn’t Snow.”

“Oh, for fuck-”

“It’s literally not my last name,” I admit, slightly shaky. Baz stops, suddenly willing to listen. “It’s Salisbury. Snow is my middle name, but I haven’t gone by Salisbury for months now.”

Baz softens, his hands placed over my wrist. “Why?”

That one words feels more loaded than the entire ordeal of actually getting a tattoo. “It was my mum’s. She died. My father literally only came back to tell me that it’s my fault she got cancer - it was God’s punishment for me and my romantic preferences.”

Baz raises his eyebrows at me. I can’t begin to assume what he’s thinking. At first I assumed it was going to be ‘ha, of course you’re queer’, judging by how he was staring at my outfit earlier, but instead he continues with the tattoo, grimacing when I don’t care too much about the pain. It’s not that I like it at all - no, it hurt like a bitch - I just have a very high pain threshold and a very low desire to have people know I’m in pain.

He stops again.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

My eyes are closed to drown out the needle, but I don’t open them to frown at him. “What?”

“I- your mum. They tried to tell me that, too, a bunch of kids I went to school with. They said my mother was killed because 'you’re a fag’ and 'she’d hate you anyway’. Sucked.”

Baz is gay.


“Thanks,” I whisper. Almost unrecognised, I add: “And I’m sorry you went through that.”

The needle starts again.

It stops.

“What does the note say?” He asks. “The one with the drawing. What does it say?”

I hesitate. No one else has seen it before Baz, on my lunch break, and even then he didn’t read it. As far as everyone else is concerned, my mother and I never spoke within her last few months. This isn’t true. She’d send me flowers from my own store with little notes exactly like these, and I’d call her every night when she was alone. Supporting her queer son was not something she was allowed to do in front of family members. Despite my personal attachment to it, I pull the note out anyway, still perfectly folded in my wallet, and hold it out for Baz. The ink on his hands worries me to not let him take it, but he reads it from his seat.


I love you!! Hoping to see you this Summer, very much miss seeing you around. Hope you’re studying hard, my rosebud boy :)

Love Mum xxx

“Oh,” he whispers.

“She died three days later.”


I will not cry in front of Baz. No, I will not. I have done all my crying, I have seen every detail and kept ever perspective on this ordeal. I have been blamed, and disowned, and left without family, but this chapter of my life is new. It isn’t one where I’m shaking and crying in a corner like the past few months. Baz sees me getting upset and starts the needle again and continues to work. The pain itches at my arm and leaves an ache running up my arm. I gasp. Baz seems relieved.

He finishes his work and rolls away on his chair, wiping his hands on a stray damp rag. A gauze goes over the ink after a few moments of silent marveling. Baz grins at me, and fusses over me far more than any of his other customers, I’m guessing. Particularly because he does a whole lot of uncensored smiling when I’m looking at him. He seems to be nearly speaking, and then not. It entertains me to press on.

Until I’m paying for the service, he’s quiet and happy. I give him thanks and say goodbye, picking up my sweater and walking out.

Then: “Hey, Simon, wait.”

I swear my blood pulses harder. “Yeah?”

Baz’s hand ghosts over my arm. He’s forward, confident, I’ll give him that on a good turn, but now he’s finding some kind of shyness. “How about you stay with me tonight?” He offers. “You know, so I can look after your ink.”

I turn around, suddenly much closer to Baz than I’d anticipated, knocking my nose against his chin. With a giggle, I ask: “Do you take all of your clients home?”

His lips are scary close to my forehead. (I’m hoping he’ll lean down instead.) “Only the cute ones.”

I bite my lip.

“Go on, then,” I dare. “Which way to your place?”

(Easter) Zootopia drabble 2

It was uploaded before Midnight so this counts as my Easter thing for this blog! I want to thank @feverwildehopps for giving me ideas to work with, and I hope I combined all 3 of their requests into something fluffy enough to distract from all the angst I’ve been writing along with everyone else in this fandom, it seems like some fluff was needed. I hope y'all enjoy! 😊


“Twas down the Glen one Easter morn’
To a city fair rode I.
When lines and likes of marching men
In squadrons passed me by”

“Nick, what are you singing?” Judy asked. She was walking arm in arm with a large red fox wearing a pair of oversized kaki cargo shorts and a bright pink short sleeve button down shirt with his sunglasses perched in front of his eyes to protect them from the sunlight reflecting off of Judy’s light blue Easter dress.

“It’s an old song carrots,” Nick replied, giving Judy his same con-man smirk he had when he first met her. No matter how hard he tried to break the habit, that was his default expression. Judy was overly familiar with that smirk and wasn’t sure if Nick was being honest or lying through his teeth.

“Nick, making it up ten minutes ago doesn’t make it old, that makes it pretty new.”

“I’m hurt carrots. Thanks, I am.” Nick said, placing his hand over his chest and dropping his ears for effect. His honest smile gave him away though as Judy squeezed his hand she was holding. Nick loved how she was able to see past most of his facades he put between himself and others.

“So what was that god-awful song you were singing just now anyways?”

“The foggy dew.” Nick said matter of factly as if it were common knowledge, “it’s from 1916, about an Easter battle in Ireland. I figured it was fitting.” Judy chuckled as Nick explained the song. Nick had an abundance of worthless knowledge that made him sound like he knew what he was talking about at all times despite not having a clue what anything he was saying really meant.

It had been Judy’s surprise to Nick to take him on a picknick for Easter. She loved spending time with her family in the burrows, but knew that Nick’s Easter experiences up untill this point in his life had included much fewer mammals than her family would have over, and having Nick be stampeded by a board of young bunnies didn’t sound like a good idea to Judy for their first Easter they’d actually be spending together. Nick was glad to just be celebrating the holiday this year. While living on his own, he had never kept track of the holidays, much less the day of the week, and was more than happy to be back to a stable point in his life to celebrate the holidays with the love of his life, Judy Hopps.

As Judy and Nick continued to make their way to the small public park near their apartment, Nick couldn’t help but look up at the darkening sky overhead. The forecast had been for it to only be cloudy, but Nick knew that a mammal could never bet on anything a weather forecast said. Despite this, he hoped any rain would hold out till he and Judy returned home. Judy had also noticed the clouds forming overhead, but stated optimistic that they would disperse before too long.

As Judy lead Nick closer to the park, he couldn’t help but feel like this was where he was meant to be, like he was meant to meet Judy so long ago in that ice cream shop and help her with a police case, all while slowly falling in love with her. It all felt right to him, even if he didn’t understand how a fox like him, shifty and untrustable, had fallen in love with the city’s first rabbit police officer. A true foil to everything he had ever been. It didn’t matter though. He knew he was happy and hoped Judy could say the same.

As the pair entered the park, Judy led them to a clearing surrounded by 3 large live oak trees. Their branches scraped the ground and resurection ferns grew throughout the limbs, looking like a emerald green fur. Judy thought it matched Nick’s eyes perfectly.

“Woah…” Was all Nick was able to muster. He was taken aback by the size of each tree and limb, wondering how old each tree must of been.

“What do you think?” Judy asked, bouncing on her toes. She had found the clearing on a run one morning and had finally found an excuse to show it to Nick. She hoped he’d like it as much as she did.

“I have to say, it’s beautiful,” Nick said as he scanned the trees, “but it’s got absolutely nothing on you.”

Judy blushed and lightly kicked at the ground. She had never had anyone flirt with her growing up, and Nick’s almost constant complements and flirtatious comments were still a new experience for Judy, she loved it.

Judy tried to act like she didn’t currently have butterflies trying to escape her stomach as she began to set up the cloth for her and Nick to sit on and set food atop of it. Had there of been more to do, Nick would of helped, but he was too busy watching how the dress Judy was wearing draped her figure to think of offering a hand before it was done. Judy knew that Nick was staring, it was a habit of his that Judy found much more endearing than most females would of.

Judy and Nick sat beneath one of the oaks and ate. Judy had packed an assortment of vegetarian items. She knew they weren't​ always Nick’s favorite, but she hated the was his breath smelled after eating any sort of fish or insect. The one style of food also made it easier to put everything into the same container and bring it.

Judy found herself watching Nick eat. Despite being larger than her, he ate like a bird sometimes, taking small bites and making sure not to get anything on himself. Judy found it adorable, and kept watching him while eating her own food, untill she felt something hit her nose.

As Judy looked up, another drop of water hit her in the eye, then in the cheek and it continued untill both animals had noticed the drizzle.

“Well then,” Nick said, looking over to Judy,then at the food that was slowly being soaked by the rain, “I guess the picknick is over”

Judy looked down at her hands and slowly looked at Nick, “I’m sorry, I saw the clouds and I should of known it’d rain and I ruin-” she was cut of by a light kiss on the cheek from Nick.

“Judy, it’s perfect,” Nick said as he began putting food away. As he finished and set the basket beside him, he looked over at the beautiful grey bunny seated next to him and couldn’t help but feel bad when he saw her staring down at the cloth they were seated on. The rain had picked up and had soaked Nick, Judy, and the cloth through.

“You’re absolutely stunning,” Nick said as he shot Judy an honest smile and scooted closer to her. Judy looked up at Nick and traced his figure with her eyes. She adored the way his wet shirt stuck to him and it was only mad better by the fact that it had become partially see through. Nick was also admiring Judy, her dress was made of a thicker material than his shirt, and hence allied no hit at what was beneath, but it too hugged her figure more closely and Nick was trying to remember every curve on Judy’s body.

“I’m sorry, I should of planned this better,” Judy sighed as she scooted over to Nick so she was seated by his side.

“It’s okay fluff,” Nick said as he reached an arm around Judy and lightly rested it on her waist, “I have just the payback.” Judy looked at Nick with confusion until be began to tickle her sides and stomach, making her laugh and squeel.

Judy was able to roll away and get behind Nick to do the same to him. He squeel like a small child till he was able to turn around and begin to tickle Judy’s waist again. While doing so, Nick instinctively tackled her, landing on top of her, causing both mammals to laugh uncontrollably.

Judy grabbed Nick’s cheeks and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, as she pulled away, she looked into her foxes eyes and knew he was the mammal she was going to marry and spend eternity with.

Nick rolled off of his small bunny and looked at her with a smile on his face and love in his eyes. He knew this was right where he needed to be.


At the end of every chapter is a link leading to the next chapter. Just a heads up, for yall. The line breaks separate radio show talk and memories!

D.O. sat in the padded chair of the radio station, and sighed heavily, as the bustle around him started to slow down. He waited for the chime of the station to die down, before he turned his cup of cooling coffee back and forth in his hands, directing his attention on the MC.

“So, my story has been gaining a lot of traction?” 

The MC sipped at his water bottle. “Why wouldn’t it? Women have been calling in asking: who is this mystery woman? What does she look like? Is he going to finish the story? I’m beyond thrilled.” 

Kyungsoo smiled, like his old manager always said: Press exposure, good or bad brings attention and that’s what we want. True, that Kyungsoo wasn’t really one for spotlight, even though the type of life he lived. 

Some soft music played signaling the start of the show and Kyungsoo, sat up in his chair ready to go.

“So, here we are back again with the amazing Do Kyungsoo of EXO. Ladies, I know youre excited because he’s giving us another peak inside his life tonight, and this mystery woman that he was head over heels for. How are you tonight Kyungsoo?”

He cleared his throat. “I’m doing well, this winter weather is starting to build up and I always catch a cold at this time.” 

“Good thing it’s warm inside our studio, and I know the ladies have a warm place for you in their hearts. The anticipation of this album is insane. The third track is called: What Is Love? Tell us about that.”

Kyungsoo cocked his head, rubbing his neck. “Basically, it’s about how I feel after her. What is this sensation called love. Is it an emotion, or is it just a series of chemical reactions around a certain person? Did it even really exist?”

The MC shook his head. “Does it?”

Licking his lips, Kyungsoo touched his coffee cup. “I know it does. It still exists within me, it’s just…things happen and you find yourself wondering, will I ever feel this again?”

“Time will tell.” The MC crooned. “Now, back to your story, last night you left us on a cliffhanger. You told us where you were but nothing about her. Delve deeper into this story. How did you meet? What your first date like?”

Kyungsoo laughed softly. “Alright…well I had settled into the town. A quiet suburban neighborhood, edged on a forest. It was quiet most morning, with streams of fog hanging low on the houses and in yards. I liked that…”


Kyungsoo awoke his third week in North Carolina and arched his back. He wasn’t really used to sleeping on beds like these but, this one was ok. He was higher off the ground than what he was used to, and had to remind himself of that daily as he slipped from the bed. His feet were met with the cold floor, and he reminded himself that he needed to buy a rug. Padding his way to the bathroom, he brushed his teeth and washed his face. Running his fingers through his hair, and then over his head. Whatever, he was on vacation he didn’t care about his hair. He might see her today though, so maybe he should? 

Getting dressed he slipped into a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and a hoody. A good brisk morning walk, always got his blood running and it was pleasant exercise. He grabbed his cell phone and keys, locking the door behind him he set out towards the main street of the town and to the diner he walked to every morning. Some mornings, he got coffee and 2 danishes to go and walked home, eating one and saving the other for a before bed snack. Other times he sat down and had breakfast. That was before she was there however. Now, he liked to have breakfast more often.

She was attractive there was no denying that. Her thick, curly hair a mess from the back, as she darted back and forth carrying trays and taking orders. Her wide hips, that lead up to a proportioned waist. Mondays, Fridays and Saturday’s seemed to be the busiest times at the diner. Today was Wednesday, he knew she worked and the diner opened 2 hours ago. It wouldn’t be busy. Kyungsoo, set out not noticing how fast he was walking. 

As he opened the door to the diner, the smell of pancakes, syrup and fresh bread assaulted his nose, and he took a deep breath smiling as he spied his usual booth. The right side of the diner, in the back pocket with no windows. Today, was different. He heard her high laughter from the back and steeled his will against fleeing. Today was going to be the day. Kyngsoo walked to the left this time, booth right in the middle, he sat down, took out his phone and waited. She always took this side of the restaurant, she would come over and he’d start a conversation.

“What can I get for you honey? Sitting on the other side today I see.” The raspy, cigarette stunted voice he heard was not who he wanted. 

Kyungsoo lifted his head to see an elderly, big bosomed, white woman peering down at him over her bright pink glasses. He smiled back at her, looking past her to where he could see her in the kitchen chatting up the cook. 

“I don’t mean to be rude, but can I have the other waitress take my order? I’ve been building the courage for weeks now, to talk to her.” He was plain and blunt. He wasn’t going to let fear stop him. 

The older woman smiled wide at him, looking back towards the kitchen. “That’s the cutest thing. Yes, honey, hold on.” She ambled away, leaving Kyungsoo with sweaty palms. 

He watched her approach the woman he wanted to speak to, smiling at her and pointing at him. A smile broke out over her peanut colored skin, and she turned her dark head towards him fully. Embarrassment clouded over Kyungsoo and he made sure his attention was fully on his phone. 

He could hear her approaching. Keds she always wore tapping lightly over the floor, she stopped in front of him. Kyungsoo could see her thighs coated in light blue denim. His eyes trailed up to her bubblegum pink work shirt, black short sleeves on her arms. Her long neck, and oval shaped face. Her full lips primed with a nude lipstick, her nose strong on her face but refined, with a nice bridge. High cheekbones and round-almond shaped eyes, outlined with black eyeliner. Her chestnut colored eyes, stark against the brown eye shadows she had on. She smiled, white teeth at him, saying nothing. 

“You called apparently. What can I get you to drink?” She spoke after a beat. No accent in her voice, at least one that he heard. 

His voice was dry, he couldn’t find the will to speak. Why now of all times? He swallowed a gob of saliva and fear as he opened his mouth. “My name is Do Kyungsoo. You can call me DO or Kyungsoo, Soo is alright as well. What is your name?” 

The corner of her mouth crinkled into a smile. She tapped her name plaque. “It’s nice to meet you DO. Are you thirsty?”

For you. DO said in his mind before retracting that statement as something Baekhyun would have said, and Sehun would have agreed with. “Coffee please, I’ll add the cream and a small orange juice. It’s a beautiful name. What does it mean?”

She wrote it down, licking her lips. Her eyes still on him. “Beautiful flower. Do you know what you want?” 

This was the moment. “A date with you. If you aren’t busy tonight.”

Now that took her a moment. She raised an eyebrow, lips pursed as she examined him. He looked plainly into her face, and for a split second she wondered if she was attracted to Korean men. Or at least men that looked like him. Or men in general. 

She smiled, sitting down in his booth. “Now DO, you had me to personally come over to your table and take your order so you could ask me on a date?” 

He rubbed his sweaty palms against each other. “Yes. I’ve seen you for awhile. I mean not that I was watching you. You are beautiful, so it’s hard not to look. You look like someone, I would like. I want to get to know you. Is that ok?” 

She pretended to think, tapping a finger against her chin. “Yes, it’s ok.” Laughing as she stood back up. “I only work mornings, I have some schoolwork to do after this and then I’m free. What time?” 

“College?” He suddenly prayed she wasn’t a minor. 

“Of course. I would hope you didn’t try to ask out a child.” Laughing as she spoke. 

“No, never.” He grew flustered. “How about a late movie?” Standing up, he held out his phone to her. “Put your info in, and I will text you later. We can meet up about 10pm?” 

“Pretty late.” She said, taking his phone from him. 

“Less people, its more intimate that way. I can pick you up, if you want.” Taking his phone from her hand, as she finished. 

“We’ll see.” Was she playing coy on purpose? “Where are you going? Don’t you want your coffee?”

DO handed her a few bills. “Tip, and no, I finished what I came to do.” 

She tried to hand him back the money. “I haven’t done anything.” 

He grinned. “Fine, can I have the coffee to go and 2 danishes?” 

She gave him his order, and stood behind the counter, smiling. “So I’ll see you tonight?” 

“I’m looking forward to it.” He left the diner, trying his hardest not to that ‘awkward penguin shuffle’ that Suho told him he did. 

The way home he smiled and nearly jogged. He got her number, learned her name and finally was going out on a date. Something he had wanted since the moment he saw her. She was in college though? How old was she? She looked at least 20, and he hoped so, taking into consideration his own age. 

The whole day he felt on edge. He couldn’t concentrate without having to look down at his phone, and wonder if she said something. Or was he supposed to text her? He didn’t know how these things really worked. Women had always pursued him, being the wolf for once and not the deer was taxing, but fun. He could definitely get used to this role. 

 Picking up the phone Kyungsoo called the one person he knew who could keep a secret. Who he could trust and would give him sound advice. 

 "You realize what time it is here right?“ Kai’s groggy voice on the phone. 

 "I know but remember that girl? I asked her out. Should I text her first?” DO genuinely asked. 

 He heard Kai roll in his bed, groaning as he did so. “Will a fat baby poop? You always text first. As a man, we take initiative, but also because you like her. You want her. Show her that. Women like it when men are precise and clear about what we want." 

 Kyungsoo smiled at the analogy. "You know how I am.”

 "I do. Just trust yourself. Be easy, let her have the resemblance of choices. Don’t let her be indecisive. Do you want A or B? No C. Where are you taking her?“ Kai asked, half muffled voice as if he were talking into a pillow.

 "A late movie. There’s a theater that serves food.” DO looked at a clock, nowhere near time to go. 

 "Of course.“ Kai replied. "Movie then take her home, meet again the next day, you don’t want to see like you have ill intentions.”

 "Oh I do.“ Kyungsoo chuckled. "I’m just keeping them to myself for now." 

 Kai laughed. "I don’t want to hear that. Keep it in your pants. Not all women are the same. You seem to like her, be a gentleman." 

 Scoffing Kyungsoo answered. "Like you have to tell me that. Who do I look like? Xiumin?" 

 They both chuckled. "I’m going back to sleep. Call me after the date." 

 "I will. Thank you Kai." 

 "Anytime.” DO hung up the phone, looking down at his empty texts. 

 Time to write something. 

 That night he stood in slacks and a button up top in front of his bathroom mirror. He slicked the front of his hair up and sprayed on some Dolce and Gabanna ‘Light Blue’. She had said that he could pick her up since they were going a bit far. 

She had an apartment with a friend, 10 minutes from him and so he set out a bit earlier than he intended and waited in front of her apartment. Stores in the US closed much later than they did in Korea and he stopped by one getting her some flowers. He hoped they were pretty enough. He knocked at her apartment door, and she opened it ushering him inside quickly. 

“Don’t want to let the cat out.” She pointed to an all white cat perched on the couch, swinging its tail lazily. 

 "These are for you.“ DO handed her the orchids, watching her face light up. 

"These are so nice! You’re a sweetheart. I’ve never received flowers before.” She leaned up kissing his cheek. 

 Kyungsoo felt his face redden as he watched her go to the kitchen and place them in some water. 

 "You’re welcome.“ He murmured, fingers lingering over his cheek. She pranced back to his side taking his arm in hers. 

"Shall we?” Her bubbly nature was very different from his own. 

She was naive it seemed from their texting, but positive and uplifting. She was a happy person. Not that he wasn’t, but Kyungsoo knew he was more of the subtle type. He was quiet and calculating. He was blunt and could be harsh at times. Introverted and proud of that. She talked the whole way to the theater and though that part of her reminded him of Baekhyun he smiled for the similarities. 

He lead her into the movie theater, her frame only an inch shorter than his own, he realized he never noticed how tall she was. Her long legs in her linen shorts, jeweled sandals on her feet. It was fall and her long sleeved sheer blouse covered her body, he briefly wondered if she was cold. As they sat down, DO reached out and played with her hair. 

 "It’s disastrous in the humidity. Any other time I love it. I get my curls from both of my parents.“ 

 "What do you mean?” DO asked, watching as the curl snapped back into place, the strand leaving a soft oil sheen on his fingers. 

 "My mother is black. She’s originally from Georgia and my dad is Puerto Rican. He grew up in PR, but moved to New York when he was like 15. They met at college. They both have curly hair. I have the curl pattern of my father and the color and thickness of my mother.“ She grinned, shrugging her shoulders. 

 "You’re mixed.” He stated. He didn’t know, he simply thought she was a black woman. 

 "Yes. When anyone asks me. I’m a black woman. That’s what I am. That’s what I look like.“ Her eyes seemed to narrow when she said that. Waiting as if he was going to correct her.

 "What do your parents do?” He sat back and waited for the waiter to come by. 

“My mom is a teacher and my dad is a nurse. What about yours?” She clasped her hands under her chin. 

 "My mother is a hairdresser and my father is a painter.“ The waiter appeared and he ordered his drink looking at her to make her own decision. 

 After the waiter left she grinned. "So you know I’m a college student, majoring in history. What do you do? You didn’t tell me.”

 "I’m…an entertainer. I write music.“ He looked around trying to avoid her gaze and hoping she didn’t ask for more information. 

 "Sounds cool. Are you popular in Korea?” She took her drink from the waiter, sipping her coke. 

 "My songs are liked. Nothing that extensive. So anyway, did you pick something from the menu? I love late night movies. No one is ever around.“ She didn’t notice the subject change and after they ordered, the previews came on. 

The date went well. At some points she pressed her body close to his. They saw a thriller and her fingers clasped onto Kyungsoo’s as she jumped. She left her hand there and after working over what he was going to do in his mind, he turned his hand over and grasped her fingers in his own. After the movie, he drove her home, listening to her theories on how the movie ended with a smile. 

When he walked her to her door, he knew he wanted a kiss but…what would Kai say? 

 Baekhyun came into his mind. "Just kiss her, you’re a singer. We ooze sex. Just do it. Kiss her!" 

 Sehun was next. "Why wouldn’t she want to be kissed? You’ve spent enough time around me to be charismatic." 

 Suho was next. "Be a gentleman. Hug and thank her for her time. That’s it." 

She turned around at the door. "Thank you for tonight. I had a good time." 

 His lips fumbled over words. "Can I see you again?" 

 "I’d love to.” She played with her keys, looking up at him. 

 "Ok. I’ll let you know when I’m home.“ He reached in hugging her. Savoring her smell and the feel of her body against his. She smelled like vanilla and spices. He nearly pressed his lips to her neck, but hesitated, releasing her. 

"Have a good night.” Kyungsoo whispered, reluctantly releasing her body. 

“Goodnight.” She held onto his hand, her fingers slipping through his. 

As she closed the door behind her, he could hear the squeal of her in the background. 

“Tell me everything! Did he smell good? Did y’all kiss?!”

He walked away from the door, smiling. Back home, DO got undressed and laid down on his bed, to call Kai.


“So you guys didn’t kiss? You restrained yourself.” The MC laughed. 

“It was hard, but I did. I’m not that type of guy at least I try not to be and she’s definitely not that type of girl.” He sipped at his refilled coffee cup.

“So that was the first date, and how did you feel?” 

“I was in edge, I was nervous, I was excited. I mean, I never felt that way before. I wanted o kiss her, hold her, touch her and let her know she was mine. I wanted to take her home and have her under me all night. I’ll admit it. I felt that close to her.” DO reminisced. 

The MC smiled. “Wow, something that strong huh?” 

Shaking his head yes, Kyungsoo answered. “Like, I said she was special. There was only her.” 

“Did any points of conflict come up between you seeing that she wasn’t Korean? That you are Korean?”

Kyungsoo looked off to the left, a wistful expression on his face as he did so. He thought long and hard about his next answer. “I’ll get to that.” 

“More suspense! Well thank you for coming by and sharing with us again, ladies we will be back tomorrow night!” 

As Kyungsoo sat in the car on the way home, he wondered if it was the small snowflakes or were his eyes misting over that bad? He wiped the corners of his eyes, gritting his teeth as he did so. He wasn’t going to cry over this. Not again. 

As he got home, he sat in front of his fire place, opening a wooden box under his coffee table. The smooth wooden surface, softened by hands and time. He opened it revealing a white cloth photo album. 

He stilled himself for what was inside. Turning the cover to see pictures of them together. In the woods, at the gym, arcades, in the city. His hand holding hers in artful black and white. He stopped on a picture of her face, she had turned to look into the camera as he took the picture. Lips parted, hair windswept. They were sitting on a bench, her curls wild about her face. The delicate lines of her chin, the high cheekbones, that his fingers slide down. He missed her. He still loved her. Why was everything this hard? He removed the picture holding it to his chest. Why did love have to hurt like this? A deep, aching, rooting pain that extended from your soul. There was nothing like it, and he wouldn’t trade this delicious, black agony that poured from his heart for anything. 

Chapter Three


Now, the second post about Killua’s appearance! This post gonna discuss all about Killua’s clothes.

We often always see Killua wearing baggy clothes. Hmm, in my opinion, if Killua wears tight one, he never be able to move swiftly, flawless, and fast.

His main weapon is his sharp claws. His secondary weapon is a pair of his superalloy yo-yo that weighs around 50 kilograms  from Milluki, who ordered it for Killua. It can also be flowed by electricity.

About the details, huh? Okay. Let me tell you one by one. Let’s go easy, okay?

  1. Main Cloth
    Mostly, Killua uses this outfit. He used it at all of the anime’s arcs. Hunter Exam arc, Zoldyck Family Arc, Yorknew City Arc, Greed Island Arc, Chimera Ant Arc, and 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc (This arc is now only shown at the manga. For now, the anime still haven’t reach this arc). This outfit consist of:
  2. A long-sleeved dark-colored turtleneck shirt.
  3. A white short-sleeved shirt.
  4. A dark trousers (At Greed Island Arc and Chimera Ant Arc, at the sides of the trousers there are white stripes).
  5. A pair of purple-light purple boots.
Heavens Arena Arc
Remember this arc? It’s a place when Killua was a kid, Silva (his father) just leaves him at the place and then Silva goes home without Killua without giving Killua some money. So, at that time, Killua is moneyless. His father said that he can only go home if he be able to reach 200th floor. So, he brought back 2 million Jenny and spent all of them for ChocoRobo-kun, his favorite chocolate snack. It also a place where Killua and Gon training, learing Nen for the first time, and earn some money.
This outfit consis of:
  1. A dark blue cap.
  2. A blue turquoise non-sleeved turtleneck shirt.
  3. A long-sleeved dark-colored turtleneck shirt.
  4. A dark blue singlet.
  5. A black non-sleeved jacket.
  6. A long brown trousers.
  7. A long light purple trousers.
  8. A short light brown trousers.
  9. A unique backpack.
  10. A pair of black-grey boots.
  11. A pair of purple-light purple boots.
  12. A pair of brown shoes.
  1. Yorknew City Arc
    This is when everything blows up. Kurapika’s become stronger than before, the Phantom Rouge’s leader finally can be sealed, and then Killua, Gon, and Leorio helps Kurapika to catch Phantom Rouge, or at least paralyzed the Spider. The outfit consist of:
  2. Two necklaces.
  3. A pair of long black wristband.
  4. A red singlet.
  5. A white long-sleeved shirt.
  6. A pink short-sleeved shirt.
  7. A yellow-green stripes three-quarter long trousers.
  8. A blue short trousers.
  9. A pair of purple-light purple boots.
  10. A pair of sandal.
Greed Island Arc
Greed Island, a game only for those who are Hunter. To enter this game, you must have a Nen ability, at least you can use the basics of Nen. Well, Killua really relax at the game, seriously. This outfit consist of:
  1. A light blue singlet.
  2. A dark trousers with white stripes on each side.
  3. A pair of purple-light purple boots.
  4. A 50 kg superalloy yo-yo.

Alright, that’s all from me about Killua’s outfit. About his ability and Nen power, I’ll post it later, okay? I need time to prepare it ^^”

I hope you all like it! I hope this can help you to acknowledge HUNTER X HUNTER more, especially about Killua Zoldyck. See you soon!

@cecilos-is-my-otp-4evah asked:What does Cecil really wear to the radio station?

As much as I love the fanart of Cecil in a suit and tie, that simply is not what he would wear. Sure, he may wear a suit on important occasions, such as a wedding or the opening of an opera, but for the most part, he would not dress that professionally. He has his own sense of fashion, and according to the fashion sphere, it’s a good sense.

This is the Cecil that, for a first date, wore his “best tunic and furry pants”. If that doesn’t already say something about his fashion sense, then I don’t know what is. Later on he also wore a honeycomb hat, a Hawaiian shirt, and leather pants. Therefore, I have accumulated this about Cecil’s fashion sense:

1.       He loves to wear various types of pants. Be it fur or leather or whatever else you can make a good pair of pants out of, you can be sure that Cecil would wear it. I don’t think he’d ever wear normal jeans unless they had some interesting pattern or symbol stitched into them.

2.       His shirts never “match” his pants. A tunic with furry pants? A Hawaiian shirt with leather pants? Sure, these shirts can be worn even today, but they’re usually a bit out of place and when you match them with the pants in question, they’re definitely out place. At least, by our standards. Therefore he’d wear pretty outrageous shirts depending on the pants. He’s wearing black crocheted pair of pants? Then his shirt is a hand-stitched multi-colored collared shirt with a bow tie to match. He’s wearing denim shorts? Then his shirt is a long sleeved pink cotton V-neck with black fir on the cuffs and maybe even a poodle picture on the front. The crazier the better for Cecil Palmer.

3.       He loves hats. Granted, we only know of him wearing the honeycomb hat once, but I think he’d be one to wear hats a lot. Just to clarify, Cecil did not wear an actual honeycomb on his head. A honeycomb hat is a type of pattern for a knitted beanie that one can wear. Because this strangely seemed like the most normal type of hat, I think Cecil’s hat preference would actually be kind of modern for us. No cowboy hats or propeller caps or the hotdog head of a costume. He’d probably wear baseball caps or beanies or other ‘normal’ hats that any of us would wear. It’s normalness only serves to seem out of place against the strangeness of the rest of his outfits.

( FANACCOUNT ) csat exam — 160902

woozi spotted at his old hs, dk and wonwoo spotted at sopa to register for the csat, which will be held on 161117. wonwoo wore a white shirt, slack shorts, glasses, and a black mask. dk wore a blue & pink striped short sleeved shirt and long pants with no makeup.

translation by ohmywonwoo & be_17forever
take out with full credit

thelittlehobbsgirl  asked:

could you post some nymphet clothes from Romwe :)


Pleated Pink Short-sleeved Bandeau Shirt

Lipstick Single-breasted White Shirt

Polka Dot Print Bowknot White Bandeau also in black

Heart-shaped Cutout Pink Bandeau

Faux Roses Embellished Pink Bandeau

Green Lace-up Bandeau

Crop Black Lace Camisole Vest also in white

Straps Flouncing Backless Floral Print Apricot-yellow Vest

Flower Print Layered Blue Bandeau

Sunflowers Print Crossed Straps Slim Black Vest

Straps Sunflowers Print Flouncing Black Vest

Bowknot Hollow-out Elastic Slim Sheer Black Suntop

Halter V-neck Backless Midriff Black Vest

Flower Print Layered Pink Bandeau

Barbie Print Pink Sweatshirt


Washing Fading Destroyed Lip Embroidery Shorts & here

Red Lip Stitching Distressed Blue Denim Shorts

Sunflower Print High-waist Denim Shorts

White Floral Print High-waist Denim Light-blue Shorts

Red Lip Print Split Side Apricot Shorts

Polka Dots Pleated Print Blue Shorts 

Elastic Pleated Sheer Blue Shorts

Zippered Goose Embellished Light Blue Shorts

Cherry Embroidered Pocketed Blue Shorts

Zippered Floral Print Black Shorts also in white


Heart Print Pleated Black Skirt

Sunflower Print Pleated Zippered Denim Skirt

Sunflower Print High Waist Light Apricot Skirt also in blue

Falbala Dual-tone White High Waist Skirt

Pleated Slim Sheer White Skirt

High-waisted A-line Light-blue Denim Skirt

Scotland Stripes Print Zippered Flouncing Skirt

Wool Panel Bodycon Flouncing Sheer White Skirt

Red Lips Print Elastic Black Umbrella Skirt

Polka Dots Print Black Umbrella Skirt

Floral Print Zippered Pleated Black Skirt

Elastic Waist Falbala Sheer Black Skirt also in blue & pink

Dark Blue Denim Skirt

Flouncing Light-blue Skirt

Floral Print Pleated Black Skirt

Hearts Print Pink Skirt

Colorful Holographic Material Vinyl Skirt

Faux Roses Embellished Pink Skirt

High Waist Light Blue Denim Skirt


Navy Striped Bandeau & Skirt Two Pieces

Floral Print Sleeveless Purple Lace Two Pieces


Flower Print Buttoned Embellished Pink Camisole Dress

Flowers Round Neck Sleeveless Light-blue Dress

Daisy Print Sleeveless Slim Black Dress

Cut-out Dress also in pinkblack and purple

Round Neck Sleeveless Pleated Loose Sheer White Dress

Polka Dots Print Backless Bowknots Zippered Pink Dress

Hearts Backless Pleated Slim Print Dress

Cut-out Bowknot Sheer Yellow Strap Dress

Flouncing Puff Hem Sleeveless Sheer Pink Dress

Pleated Puff Hem Sleeveless Sheer White Dress

Polka Dots Print Pleated Black Dress

Pleated Sleeveless Puff Sky-blue Dress

Sleeveless Waisted Fish-tail Flouncing Sky-blue Dress

Beads Embellished Camisole Purple Dress

Lolita Lace Short-sleeved Bule Dress

Pleated Round Neck Dress

Panel PU Cut-out Lips Print White Halter Dress

V-neck Polka Dots Print Pleated Black Dress

 V-neck Pleated Sleeveless Light-blue Dress

Heart-shaped Cutout Sleeveless Black Dress

Heart-shaped Embellishment Blue Camisole Dress

Beaded Pleated Layered White Dress

Beaded Pleated Layered Apricot Smock Dress

Retro Lapel Neck Black Dress


My first posted haul!
This is pretty big for me but I felt confident the whole time !
I don’t really know exact prices on everything
nikes $115???
Micheal kors wristlet 80x2 160( I gave one to my mother)
My new favorite jacket from cotton on was around 60
The pink legging were on sale for 25
Three gap sweaters around 55 x3 165
Clarisonic Mia 2 like 100
Converse probably another 40
Kate spade wallet 175
2 Victoria secret perfume on sale for 25 so 50
Pink tshirt 20
2 pairs pink shorts 15?? X2 30
Pink long sleeve shirt 20 ???
Gap white lace tank top 30
4 it’s a 10 products 25 each so 100ish
Bombshell gift set 25?
i home speaker 60 ( it’s absolutely terrible)
2 vs bathing suits like 40 each so 80
Madden girl x dress 50
Xoxo one shoulder dress 65
All black dress 12
10 pairs of pink under wear 26.50 x2 = 53
Pink bralette like 30
Grey Nike pants 30??
Bare minerals eyeshadow and eyeliner kit on sale for 12
3 pairs of socks from gap 10x3 so 30
Calvin Klein bra and underwear set ( no idea probably like 30??)

Not in the picture ( because I’m wearing it 😝)

Cotton on tshirt 8
Victoria secret bra 70
Matching under wear ????
Levi jeans 40???

Total saved: 🎉🎉🎉$1,700 🎉🎉🎉

anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your blog, and I was just wondering, Could you please post some nymphet clothes from Sheinside?

Sure! this will be a long post cause there are so many cute things…


Apricot Spaghetti Strap Floral Chiffon Vest

Pink Ruffle Floral Crop Chiffon Blouse

Navy White Vertical Stripe Strapless Bow Vest

Pink Spaghetti Strap Pleated Chiffon Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Floral Crochet Lace Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Hollow Floral Crochet Vest

White Sleeveless Heart Cut T-Shirt

White Short Sleeve Sunflower Pattern T-Shirt

White Spaghetti Strap Bow Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Hollow Zipper Vest

Black White Striped Spaghetti Strap Vest

White Ruffle Sleeve Bow Tie Front Chiffon Blouse

Black Spaghetti Strap Bow Ruffle Top

Red Sleeveless Back Heart Cut Short T-shirt

White Spaghetti Strap Crop Lace Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Chiffon Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Coveted Curves Top

White Short Sleeve Striped Cravat Chiffon Blouse

Black White Plaid Spaghetti Strap Sexy Vest

Black Spaghetti Strap Polka Dot Chiffon Vest

Black Halter Hollow Crop Vest

Black Sleeveless Hollow Bow Vest

Black Sleeveless Hollow Crop Vest

White Short Sleeve Lana Del Rey Print T-Shirt

White Spaghetti Strap Sheer Striped Vest

Blue Bead Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Denim Top

Pink Short Sleeve Flowers Embellished Blouse

Light Blue Batwing Short Sleeve Stars Print Denim T-Shirt

White Short Sleeve Sunflower Embroidered T-Shirt

White Cap Sleeve Sheer Lace Crop Vest

White Sleeveless Hollow Sheer Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Bow Vest

White Off the Shoulder Half Sleeve Chiffon Blouse

White Cap Sleeve Sheer Lace Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Sheer Lace Vest

Grey Sleeveless Embroidered Crop Vest also in white

Pink Spaghetti Strap Pleated Chiffon Vest also in yellow

White Criss Cross Back Hollow Crop Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Lace Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Hollow Crop Vest

White Sleeveless Lace Crop Vest

White Spaghetti Strap Floral Chiffon Top With Shorts

Blue Spaghetti Strap Cascading Ruffle Corset

Blue Spaghetti Strap Buttons Denim Vest

White Contrast Mesh Yoke Ruffle Chiffon Blouse also in pink and blue

Black White Plaid Off the Shoulder Chiffon Blouse

White Spaghetti Strap Pleated Chiffon Vest

White Off the Shoulder Lemon Print Crop T-Shirt

Black White Striped Back Bow Vest

White Deep V Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Vest

White Sleeveless Backless Chiffon Vest

Blue Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Bow Vest

Black Short Sleeve Striped Loose T-Shirt also in white

Purple Strapless Lace Embroidered Vest

White Short Sleeve Ruffle Chiffon Blouse

Blue Sleeveless Backless Bow Embellished Vest also in pink

Red Spaghetti Strap Off the Shoulder Loose Blouse

White Lapel Long Sleeve Red Lips Print Chiffon Shirt

White Off the Shoulder Lace Chiffon Vest

Red Spaghetti Strap Plaid Hollow Vest

Rose Red Off the Shoulder Floral Vest

White Sleeveless Hollow Floral Crochet Vest

Black Daisy Embellished Trip Tank

Black Spaghetti Strap Floral Chiffon Vest

Orange Strapless Polka Dot Zipper Vest also in black

Black Spaghetti Strap Sunflowers Print Vest

Black Short Sleeve Floral Crop T-Shirt

Shorts & Skirts

Blue Fringe Embroidered Denim Short

Light Blue Elastic Waist Bow Denim Shorts

Navy Polka Dot Loose Shorts

Blue Lace Rivet Pant

Light Blue Flare A Line Denim Skirt

Blue Flower Pattern Denim Pant

Red Low Waist Hearts Print Shorts

Navy Elastic Waist Pleated Denim Skirt also in blue

Blue Elastic Waist Hearts Embroidered Denim Shorts

Blue High Waist Buttons Denim Skirt

Blue Pockets Daisy Print Fringe Denim Shorts

Black and White Polka Dot Flare Skirt

Yellow High Waist Sunflower Print Flare Skirt

Yellow Sunflower Print Pockets Shorts

Wine Red Zipper Pleated Skirt also in yellow

Blue High Waist Floral Straight Denim Shorts

Purple High Waist Pleated Skirt also in navywhite & black


Blue Spaghetti Strap Lace Denim Jumpsuit

Navy Spaghetti Strap Daisy Print Jumpsuit

Black Spaghetti Strap Floral Loose Jumpsuit

Pink Spaghetti Strap Bow Embellished Jumpsuit

Navy Short Sleeve Polka Dot Chiffon Jumpsuit

Blue Sleeveless Embroidery Hem Denim Jumpsuit

Blue Sleeveless Ruffle Denim Jumpsuit


Blue Sleeveless Ruffle Top Flange Shorts

Pink Spaghetti Strap Bow Embellished Top With Shorts

Blue Grey Sleeveless Plaid Vest With Pleated Skirt

Purple Pink Sleeveless Plaid Vest With Pleated Skirt

Orange Sleeveless Floral Plaid Vest With Pleated Skirt

Black Sleeveless Floral Plaid Vest With Pleated Skirt

White Criss Cross Crop Top With Skirt Shorts

Blue Spaghetti Strap Anchors Print Top With Skirt

Navy Spaghetti Strap Sunflowers Print Top With Shorts


Black Sleeveless Chrysanthemum Print Pleated Dress

Navy Long Sleeve Plaid Ruffle Flare Dress

White Spaghetti Strap Backless Pleated Dress

Blue Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Denim Dress

Apricot Sleeveless Bead Embroidered Gauze Dress

White Spaghetti Strap Backless Pleated Dress

Mint Green Spaghetti Strap Backless Bow Dress

Blue Sleeveless Lace Pleated Denim Dress

Light Blue Strap Backless Pleated Denim Dress

White Off the Shoulder Elastic Waist Pleated Dress

Black Criss Cross Back Pleated Chiffon Dress

White Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Lace Dress

White Contrast Lace Short Sleeve Ruffle Dress

Red Sleeveless Zigzag Backless Pleated Dress

White Short Sleeve Embroidered Hollow Pleated Dress

Blue Sleeveless Vertical Stripe Backless Dress

Black Criss Cross Backless Bow Pleated Dress

Blue Criss Cross Backless Bow Pleated Dress

Black Halter Polka Dot Ruffle Dress

Yellow Sleeveless Heart Thief Pleated Dress

Blue Strap Ripped Denim Pinafore Dress

White Short Sleeve Lace Pleated Chiffon Dress

Purple Ruffle Belt Pleated Party Dress

White Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Hollow Dress

White Sleeveless Contrast Lace Embroidered Dress

White Square Neck Sleeveless Floral Crochet Dress

Pink Spaghetti Straps Skater Short Dress also in light blue

Black Contrast Collar Hearts Dress also in Polka dot & bow print

Light Blue Spaghetti Strap Buttons Denim Dress

Black Halter Sleeveless Polka Dot Pleated Dress

Blue Round Neck Short Sleeve Bow Ruffle Dress

Light Blue Short Sleeve Daisy Print Pleated Dress

White Crochet Lace Shell Cut Out Back Dress

Blue White Striped V Neck Chiffon Dress

Blue Strap Pocket Backless Denim Dress

Multicolor Criss Cross Back Loose Dress

Black Sleeveless Hearts Print Drawstring Dress

Pink Contrast Sheer Organza Flare Dress

Black White Crochet Lace Sleeveless Swing Dress In Spot

Coral Sleeveless Buttons Self-tie Cut Out Dress

Green Short Sleeve Hollow Floral Crochet Dress

Black Contrast Lace Backless A Line Dress

Pink Bead Pleated Chiffon A Line Dress

White Half Sleeve Hollow Embroidery Dress

Black Cross Halter Backless Sexy Dress

Schueberry RP


Rachel looked at the doors of the choir room. ‘Senior Year!’ She thought to herself. This is it. One more year that she had left in Lima, before she made her way to the bright lights of NYC! She walked over to the chair that was front and center. Placing her back on the floor, and pulling out some sheet music. This was the first Glee rehearsal since last May. It was September now, and the weather was getting a bit colder. She wore her signiture short skirt, and a long sleeve pink shirt. Her hair was done a bit differently than she would normally wear it. It was in lose curls that fell around her chest. She also had her makeup done. This was a new year for her. She was planning on making the most of it. Nothing was going to stand in the way of her and broadway. She knew she needed to think more about her future. She just wished she was with someone who understood.

Sunny Day Life. (Closed RP with askthomasthelucario)

Feli was sitting on a banch in the park. The girl ha planned something fun for her and Thomas, a friend of hers that she loved being with. She had planned the day just for fun and, of course, spend time with her friend.

She was waiting for him in the banch. It didnt mattered if he was late… If she got to spen the day with him everything would be just fine… But she wondered if it was alright to wear her hoddie… It was sunny, yes, but not so hot.

Her hair was tied in a side tail with a blue hairband. Her outfit was a pink short sleeved hoodie with “Love” written over the chest and a blue shirt underneath with “Caramel” writen on it. She was also wearing light brown shorts with red sneakers.

She took a book out of her bag, she started to read whule she was waiting for Thomas… She hopped that he was alright and it didnt happenend something horrible to him.