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Protective teddy bear Gta!Ryan Haywood x Reader

The fearsome vagabond. A psychotic criminal known for his rampages or mass genocide and “murder breaks” he was truly one of the most powerful and feared figure in Los santos.

“ Ryan i’m gonna go into this shop, kay?” You said walked away, the said man trailing right behind you with many bags in hand.

Today was a relax day for the fake ah crew. The day where there was no crimes planned.Now they were all at the mall uncluding their close frined y/n.

Y/n was the sweetest girl in the world.She had a big smile and an even bigger heart.Though she never committed a crime she was seen as one of the crew.

Everyone was off in one store, Ray and tina were in gamestop. Meg and gavin were getting pictures taken. (You know those places where you get your pictures taken IT’S A THING)Lindsey and michael were getting food, and jack and geoff were merely making sure everyone was okay.

And ryan was following you everywhere you go.Sometimes grabbing your hand when somebody gave you a look he didn’t like. “ You know you don’t have to come with me.” You said as you guys stopped to get some soft pretzels.

He shrugged.” I know, but i want to.” He said and you rolled your eyes.

“ Ryan, i know that’s not-”

Your statement was cut off short when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you close to his chest.Sending a glare over your shoulder to a man watching you two.

“Ryan what are you doing?” You asked in shock as your face bloomed into a bright red blush.Ryan was a gruff, straight to the point, and a bit terrifying guy. He never really spoke to you unlike the others. So him suddenly following you around and the sudden actions for affection.

“ I don’t like the way that guy is looking at you.” He whispered and you rolled your eyes as you wiggled out of his grasp.

“ Are you freaking kidding me?” You asked.” Just because somebody looks suspicious doesn’t mean you can-”

“ It’s because i don’t want you to get hurt.” He said and you stared at him.

“W-wait what?” You asked and he rolled his eyes.

“ Listen, the others in the crew really like you. And gavin accidentally mentioned you while we were in a shootout with another gang so i wanna make sure you don’t get hurt, they’d be pretty upset and i don’t want to deal with that.” He said honestly.

“ Also….” He began, this time not as confident “ i really care about you and don’t want you to get hurt, okay?” He mumbled and looked away shyly.

A big grin form on your face.” Awww Rye!” You gushed.

His eyes went wide as your threw your arms around him.” W-What the hell y/n?!” He asked loudly, causing people to look at you two.

“ You know ryan, even though you try to act all big and bad you’re really a big teddy bear on the inside.” She said and ryan scoffed.

“ No i’m no-” His refusal was cut short when you got on your tiptoes and kissed his cheeks.”W-Wha-” He stuttered and you laughed.

“ Come on my scary protector, gotta watch over me in case somebody kidnaps me while i’m shopping for cool shirts!” You called out and he rolled his eyes and began to catch up with you.

“ Idiot.” He mumbled under his breath with a pout, his cheeks tinted pink and you laughed.

“ Awww come on ryan!” You taunted.” If you keep me safe until we get home we can kiss some more…” You offered and he grabbed you hand.

“ Well i uh..uh gotta make sure you stay safe.” He coughed.” You know, there are dangerous people out here and all that.” He said and you laughed.

“ Sure rye, lets go with that.”

i hope you enjoy this fic, if you have any ideas, please request because ive been getting a bit low on fake ah crew but send in whatever!i hope you have a great day!love you bye!


Hello lovely ladies, this smut is for all of Yixing’s babygirls out there because I just love daddy Yixing and you should too

Also I haven’t posted in this blog since I first entered it so yeah… I exist
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(Just making sure that no one is thinking that I’m stealing this smut but my original blog is writerinapinkdress and I just reposted this on both of these blogs)

Warning: Kinky shit is about to happen, also smut as you can tell

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When Yixing slides the key into the door forcefully and slams the door open, I’m convinced that he is angry. I grab his coat from his hands and hang it in the closet.

“Baobei, are you okay?” I ask, trying to comfort him with my hands on his shoulders. He doesn’t say anything, instead he goes and sits at one of the chairs around the table. His chin is clenched and his eyes are like fire. He licks his lips and continues ignoring me. I find a chair and sit right in front of him.

“Are you mad at me Yixing, did I do something wrong?”

He suddenly tugs down the skirt of my black mini dress, making me almost fall from the chair. He speaks loudly, but he doesn’t shout.

“Why did you wear a dress this short?! You knew we were only having dinner with my friends!”

I know where this is going from the way he tugs at my dress. I still try to fight back, pulling my skirt towards me so I can get it off from his grip.

“But I though this dress was okay, I thought you would like it!” his eyes open from my reaction to his words, but he is still in his dominant state.

“I like it, but it’s inappropriate for a girl like you to wear such thing in front of my friends!”

I imagine the scenarios of what could lead from there, and I feel myself getting wetter under the chiffon dress and Yixing’s touch. I kneel in front of him, my hands on my lap.

“I know, Yixing.”

He tucks my hair behind my ear, and he kisses me passionately. His kiss tells me that he wants to be angry, but he is as eager as I am now to be angry at me. I notice the bulge in his pants and my throat becomes dry as he pulls back, one of his hands still grabbing my hair lightly. “Did I tell you that you can call me that?”

I don’t answer, and I don’t look at him as he lets go of my hair. I keep my focus on my lap, and I just shake my head at him. I can still tell that his face get softer even if I don’t look at him.

“Are you sorry, darling?” he grabs my chin forcefully, pulling me closer to his face. I nod my head furiously, having a dilemma inside me about not wanting a punishment but also getting really aroused by the thought of it.

He gives me a smirk. “I don’t hear you saying it. Did the cat get your tongue? Say you’re sorry.” He says, squeezing my face even harder. I’m sure his fingerprints will leave a mark this time.

“I-I’m sorry daddy.” I murmur, he finally let’s go of my face, making it fall in front of me. His face stiffens, he lies his back on the chair and speaks in a harsh tone. I know that he is getting annoyed.

“I can’t hear you baby girl, did you say something?” I close my eyes, opening my mouth as wide as I can and I shout,

“I’m really sorry daddy, please forgive me!”

He leans and kisses me roughly on the lips, sucking my bottom lip and I feel safe in his mouth for a second.

He suddenly lets go of me, leaving me breathless and eyes open with shock.

“Then show me how sorry you are.” He says with his voice deep, and he nudges at his belt. My hands are trembling and I slowly slide my hands up and down on his strong thighs.

I put one of my hands on his belt, taking it off slowly. His voice startles me. “You know I don’t like slow baby.” I gulp and nod my head, my hands are still shaking but I manage to take off his belt and pants in complete silence. He gives a moan under his breath when my fingers grab his boxers and I stop for a minute. He talks through his teeth,

“Don’t you dare slow down.”

His voice sends shivers through my spine and I feel my clit throbbing under my dress. I try to create a friction between my thighs but it doesn’t feel enough.

I obey him and quickly get rid of his boxers. His erection makes me lick my lips, I don’t want to make him wait any longer and I put my tongue on the tip of his cock and swirl it around. My tongue is moving in a slow pace, and I hear Yixing give out a moan without intending.

I move my hand across his cock, pumping it a few times and I put one of my hands on his thighs, squeezing it hard and he gives a quick breath before speaking through his teeth

“I’m not the one that’s supposed to be punished here, know your place.”

He suddenly grabs my hair with his hands and he pushes his hips towards me. My mouth fills with his cock and I can feel his precum spreading on my tongue. His cock feels warm and wet on top of my tongue, and I open my mouth more for him to thrust his hips harder into my mouth.

Yixing’s movements are fast, at least faster than me, and I moan against his cock to make him feel at the edge. I can see a few beads of sweat on his forehead, and I’m thanking myself for not having a gag reflex because Yixing really does like pushing until the edge.

Just when I close my eyes and my mouth starts to feel a little numb, he lets go of my hair and he grabs my chin again.

“You still didn’t get your punishment, even though your mouth feels so nice my baby; I’m still angry at you.”

He points to the sofa while loosening his tie. His voice makes me want to melt right at that spot and he knows his voice does me things.

“Strip and sit there.”

I quickly take my dress off, forgetting what I’m wearing underneath. He comes closer to me as his hand reaches for my ass when he realizes that I’m wearing pink matching lingerie.

He slaps my ass, and whispers just before kissing me “Look at what you’re wearing for such a bad girl. Is this for Daddy?”

I smirk to myself while kissing him back shyly. I know these are his favourite pair of underwear on me, and he’ll quit his angry side in a minute. I talk in a shy voice while putting my hands on the collar of his shirt.

“I-it is daddy.”

He knows that I’m trying to get his mind off of the punishment even though I really want his strong hands on my ass.

He sits on the sofa and gives me a look that makes me sink to my knees right next to his legs. He strokes my hair and speaks in a low voice,

“Now bend over my lap like the daddy’s girl you are, okay baby?”

I bend over his lap, my breasts squeezing on top of one of his knees, my wet core is dangerously close to his other knee.

“You’ll count loudly so that I can hear you, or you’ll have to start over again, got it darling?” he whispers into my ear as his hands make their way to my panties. He pulls the elastic of my underwear and lets it go instantly, it snaps against my skin and my legs tremble a little from the shock.

He suddenly pushes my panties to my knees, making me exposed to himself with all my wetness. His finger travels on my core, and he puts his finger, now wet with my arousal into his mouth and he pops it out of his mouth with a loud noise.

“You’re really wet for daddy’s cock aren’t you baby?” he squeezes my ass, wanting me to answer him.

I just nod my head while I adjust myself on his lap more.

“I really am daddy. Please…”

I can feel that he smirks behind me, and he slaps my ass hard without a warning. I remember the order I got before and try to shout “One!” while biting my lower lip.

“But every bad girl like you has to be punished for their bad behaviour first.”

He slaps my ass at the exact same spot again, and I choke out the word “Two”

He moves his hand around the stinging spot on my ass, and he gives it a light squeeze.

“Just like that, baby. 3 more and it is over.” He slaps the same spot again, this time harder than ever. I’m sure that his hand will leave a print on my ass. I bite my lip strongly that it becomes a dark red colour. He pinches my other ass cheek as he talks again.

“Did you say something baby? I didn’t hear you?”

I realize that I didn’t count and shout “Three” as my hands turn into fists.

Four and Five are quick, they follow each other immediately, and my wetness is almost dripping from my knees to the ground. My legs feel weak when he tucks my hair behind my ear and whispers. The way his breath hits my ear is making my legs rub to each other,

“See, it wasn’t so bad, was it baby girl? Now it’s time for daddy’s cock. You deserved it.”

This time he gives me a light slap, making me stand up from his lap and he quickly pulls me to himself, making me settle between his legs, his hard cock touching my wet core ever so slightly. He attacks my swollen lips with his plump ones, and he sucks at my bottom lip when I start to grind on him, desperate for feeling him inside me. He moans into my mouth and I press my hips harder.

“You’re a really desperate girl, aren’t you darling?”

I wrap my arms around and I literally beg to him,

“D-daddy, please, please.” I push my hips one last time, and his eyes open wide.

“God, you’re gorgeous.” And he enters inside me, my already wet core fitting so well on him.

I give out a long breath when he enters me, my thighs shakes with the sudden pleasure I feel inside and his strong hands grip my legs. I start to move my hip back and forth, while he throws his head back while occasionally swearing. He starts to move his hips upwards in sync with my movements and I hold on to his neck tighter, burying my face on the crook of his neck while moaning loud enough for the whole building to hear us.


He grabs my hair and starts to push deep inside me faster than ever without answering me. Seconds later, I feel a knot in my stomach being untied and I come with a loud moan against his neck, my fingers scratching his wide back.

A few hard pushes and words containing “You’re daddy’s girl, aren’t you baby?” Later he comes deep inside me. He sends me shivers through my spine and the familiar warm feeling inside me makes me dig my fingers on his back harder.

I stay in his lap with his arms around me and my legs covering his torso for a little while. His sweaty smell makes me feel glad that I’ve been a bad girl this whole evening.

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clary and jace for the ship thing (love your blog btw)

this got out of control really fast

  • Their ringtones for each other: Jace would have something cute like a recording of Clary saying his name and giggling. Whenever she calls him, Alec just rolls his eyes and mutters about how ridiculous it is that everyone thinks he and Magnus are bad about that stuff when there’s that. Clary used to have a normal ringtone for Jace, until he stole her phone and made his ringtone “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.
  • Their FB relationship status: ‘In a relationship’. Jace wanted to be a sarcastic little shit and put down something like ‘demon hunting baes’ or ‘thought we were brother and sister for a while, now everything’s fine and we’re desperately in love with each other’. He’s very disappointed when Clary rolls her eyes and tells him those aren’t choices. Clary starts to think he isn’t taking this very seriously, until he pulls her close and whispers that he can’t wait to change it to ‘Married’.
  • Whether they are addicted to couples selfies: Okay, the whole gang has instragram accounts and it’s all of the usual stuff, but Clary has like a ridiculous amount of couples selfies. Jace always stops whatever he’s doing and poses with her because he loves the cute way she gets excited. There are date night selfies and movie night selfies and park selfies and sleepy early morning selfies and after training selfies.
  • Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together: Isabelle. On the outside she rolls her eyes at their kissing and little giggles in corners, but really she’s just so excited that Jace finally has someone to love that loves him back. Clary has become like her best friend, so she gets so happy that her brother and her best friend love each other like that. Clary and Jace have a big fight one night and Jace goes to Alec and Clary runs to Isabelle, and Izzy sits her down with hot tea and blankets and ice cream and it seems so serious. Then after Izzy’s sure Clary’s calmed down enough, she looks Clary straight in the eye and says “Listen Fray, we did not go through years of drama and war and heartbreak for you to sit her and cry over my stupid brother and his stupid mouth. You two belong together, and I say we take our seraph blades and go knock some sense into the idiot angel boy.”
  • Who overshares intimate relationship details: Jace Jace Jace Jace, I cannot say this enough JACE. He doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, just casual mentions of, “Hey Alec, Clary and I didn’t wake you up last night right? I found out that Clary gets a little loud when I-” *alec walks away quickly*. Or “Magnus do you have anything for Clary, she’s on her period and she gets these really bad cram-” “JACE HERONDALE LIGHTWOOD SHUT UP!” “I’m just trying to help!”
  • Who steals the other’s clothes: Clary is constantly stealing Jace’s shirts to wear around the institute and lounge around in. Izzy shows her the t-shirt knot trick and she starts wearing his shirts everywhere. It gets a little awkward one day though, when they meet the rest of the gang for lunch and Alec is just kind of staring at Clary’s (Jace’s) shirt and Alec finally blurts out halfway through the meal “Why are you wearing my shirt, Fray?” Jace turns pink because he totally forgot that was one of Alec’s shirts that he stole a couple weeks ago and Izzy and Magnus freeze and Simon just can’t stop laughing.
  • Who’s the PDA fan: Jace will not stop with the neck kissing in the booth at Taki’s. Then there’s the hand holding as they walk down the street. They could be in a middle of a conversation with someone and suddenly Jace will wrap his arms around Clary’s waist and bury his face in her hair. Clary’s favorite is when it’s kinda cold outside and she’s shivering a little and instead of Jace just offering her his jacket like any normal guy would, he pulls her against his chest and he’ll zip up his jacket around them both.
  • Who proposes: Jace has been thinking about proposing for a while now. He even went to Jocelyn and Luke and told him that he wanted to marry Clary, and Jocelyn looks torn between happiness for her daughter and beating Jace with whatever she can reach first. Luke smiles and says that it’s about time, and reminds Jace that if he ever fucks up, Luke has an entire pack of werewolves that will back him up. Jocelyn finally settles that her daughters’ happiness is more important than her own past experiences, and tells Jace that she doesn’t need a pack of werewolves to help her if he hurts Clary. They’re laying in bed one morning, Clary is still sleeping and Jace is laying awake beside her and playing with her hair, thinking about all the reasons he loves her and how much he wants to hear her call him her husband. Jace is so caught up in thinking about how to propose that he doesn’t realize Clary is awake, and he says quietly to himself “I want to marry you so much, Clary Fray.”. She sits up so fast and Jace thinks that he probably just fucked up the most important moment in their lives until she throws her arms around him, “I want to marry you so much too, Jace Herondale Lightwood.”
  • Bonus: When they get married, Alec teases her about the mouthful that is ‘Clarissa Herondale Lightwood’. Magnus gets drunk at the wedding and throws an arm around Clary, “Well Biscuit, looks like you’re a Lightworm now.”

apparently i wrote nearly 3k of injured!nick and really hot massage therapist!harry all because of nick working out for a massive total of 6 minutes this morning then going on about how he HATES massages. so… here’s that

i got the initial idea from sarah styleslaurent then just kind of got carried away so THANKS PAL

also quick s/o to aimee’s nails in this one. really wanted to write at least 500 words about those babies alone, if i’m honest. i had a whole back story planned out but thought better of it last minute, so r.i.p.

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