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lolipopsandrazorblades  asked:

I really love pink, do you have any pink gemstones besides a rose quartz?

Sure do! There are actually tons of different pink gems!

Here are some (but of course, not all) ideas for you! Pink Sapphire, Morganite, Rubellite, Pink Topaz, Cherry Quartz, Hodgkinsonite, Piemontite and Talmessite.

If you want more options, feel free to check our Resources page! There are plenty of links under the “Gems” section in which you can find a great variety of pink gems!

Hope this helps!

- Mod Tourmaline

We are in LOVE!  Here we have the “Mirada” septum adornment paired with “The Rose” threaded ends! This set features genuine pink sapphire and genuine white opal! @bvla custom made these pieces for one of our incredible clients, come in today to order your dream jewelry!

 Questions? 415-621-4162 

Jasper Defeated

Can we just talk about how Jasper was finally defeated by being poofed?  It wasn’t Garnet who beat her.

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It wasn’ Lapis who defeated Jasper.

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Heck, not even Smoky Quartz defeated Jasper!

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But instead it was none other than Peridot

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Peridot, loveable character, Certified Kindergartener, and Jasper slayer! 

I’ve been growing a little fond of the idea of Sapphire have been some kind of celebrity songstress and that her songs could’ve inspired the Homeworld Gems’ armies, before Rose Quartz’s rebellion. And after that she’d inspire Rose’s army.

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Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

And of course Ruby’s reaction first time she saw Sapphire and heard her sing…

(Garnet says that love at first sight doesn’t exist, but what about feeling some kind of “attraction at first sight”? There must’ve been something to make these two want to talk with each other in the first place, right?!)





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